Thursday 14 January 2016

Multicultural Mayhem

As sure as night follows day, we return to a subject which makes a depressingly regular appearance across all media. The following is a quote from this Breitbart article: "The contradictions in the public doctrine of multiculturalism are now recognised and openly discussed, from Trevor Philips through to David Cameron and (yes) Angela Merkel. It is no longer beyond the pale to believe that it has caused more problems than it has solved.” The true contradiction in that statement is that multiculturalism has never actually solved anything; employing a stock phrase such as ‘caused more problems than it has solved’ suggests that there was a time when multiculturalisation was a necessary undertaking.

Of course, Tony Blair’s government chose to impose it as a solution to a problem of their own warped imagination, which was the ‘problem’ of British identity. Too many people in Britain were British, with British ideas about fair play and while they were ready to do the decent thing they also had too great a sense of proportion; what New Labour wanted for EU Region 625B/32, formerly known as the United Kingdom, was simply going too far. So they chose to import confusion, sow discontent, muddle the social order, interfere with indigenous rights and generally show the population who was boss.

Social and Green policies, a nonsense ‘equalities’ programme, the creation of a whole new arena of ‘hate crime’ and distorting the labour market with a bewildering array of state bribes to stay at home and breed indiscriminately - nobody asked for any of this, or at least not to the extent they were ushered in. Such things are decided at a level beyond the influence of you and me; under the new socialism the will of the majority became at all times (except maybe elections) second to the will of any minority with the voice to yell out their grievance, or with deluded cheerleaders who would do it on their behalf.

We don’t live in a true democracy, thank goodness. The will of the people can be a capricious thing and a doubtful means of mass decision-making, so we supposedly have a representative democracy whereby elected officials (they are not supposed to be our rulers, merely our agents) administer the affairs of state for the benefit of all. But this can only works if those elected are truly representative and held to account for their actions, not allowed free reign to alter society beyond recognition or reason. Do have a read of this essay ‘Unmaking England’ which tackles the myth of the ‘mongrel nation’ trope used by New Labour and its willing dupes to prolong the suffering.

It also covers Robin Cook’s chicken tikka masala con trick, “the British are not a race” echoed later by Jack Straw with “the English as a race are not worth saving” and the constant drip-drip-drip attack on Little Englishness and the promotion, always, of diversity as superior to uniformity and order.

Perhaps the biggest lie is the pensions scam – “we need immigrants to pay for your pension” – recently, disastrously spouted by Angela Merkel as an excuse to multiculture Germany into civil war. The reality, given that the majority of immigrants are unskilled, working for minimum wage or lower, is that it is British pensioners who will have to work longer to shoulder the burden of tax credits and other benefits for the new wave of imported underclass.

The wave of violence sweeping Europe as a direct result of unchecked immigration was inevitable. It couldn’t have been unforeseen because ordinary people have been telling their governments for years. But ideas have a nasty habit of sticking, even in the face of contrary evidence. Soon the term will be discredited altogether but for now they will continue to call it multiculturalism because it sounds less alarming than selling your daughters into sex slavery...


  1. A multiracial society I do not have a problem with a multicultural one I most fervently do. The former ensures that indigenous peoples rules are followed by all and cultural interaction is selective where both sides benefit from adopted the best of each others cultures. Not having one culture imposed on the other.

    The latter as you point out is a disastrous practice that will and is leading to forced changes to indigenous cultures in very harmful ways and is building resentment that will at some point boil over into social unrest and probably into violent conflict.

    Those of us who predicted that allowing a large influx of immigrants into Europe was going to cause huge problems are not racist but are not stupid either. We know that a multiracial society can only work if immigration is strictly controlled.

    The progressives, so called liberals and other lefty loons have got us into a horrendous mess with their open door and multicultural policies. What are they doing about it nothing other than run around covering up as much of their mistakes as they can by denial and suppression of the facts. Fortunately like everything else that they do they are not very good at it and the truth is being exposed.

    What can they do about it or more to the point what can we do about it. The answer is nothing because our democracy is representative not direct. Agreeing with you that direct democracy is not a practical solution as most of us do not have the where with all to use it wisely this is one time we should make an exception and take the problem away from the politicians to solve but force them to impose the solution that the bulk of the people desire.

  2. Batsby, you and Antisthenes have got this to a T. All I can add is my applause. Thank you both.