Sunday 31 January 2016

The Enemy Within

“War is peace ignorance is strength and freedom is slavery.” Thus grave the prophet Orwell. Since the publishing of 1984 of course we know those words to be only a small part of the fictions spun by those who need to distort the truth to control reality. ‘The cheque is in the post’, ‘This will not affect the pound in your pocket’ and ‘I did not have sexual relations with that woman’ have become as familiar as ‘It’s not you, it’s me.’ It has been said that the bigger the lie the easier it is to sell and few lies come easier than the one that says all who are concerned by immigration are racists.

This was the basis on which the appalling anti-white racist and serial liar Diane Abbott attempted to stir up the hatred of the ironically self-styled ‘anti-fascists’ to violence against protesters at Dover yesterday. Of course the anti-immigration crowd has its fair share of racists, nobody would deny that, but organisations such as EDL, Britain First and their ilk have generally tried to air their grievances without resorting to violence, only being let down by the inability of some of their number to behave like human beings.

Anti Fascism, however, contains a challenge in its very name and rarely fails to provoke extreme behaviour. In no way am I excusing the thugs of the anti-immigrant organisations, but those who feel they have right on their side are far from being innocent bystanders in these proceedings, various anti-anti-organisations being on high alert to respond, flying picket style, at the first hint of citizens exercising their rights to peaceful demonstration. Unite, the union, has a track record, among others, of organising rent-a-mobs to descend on such gatherings where inflammatory rabble rousing is employed to generate righteous hatred. I don’t see how this is any different from the hatred they believe they are shouting down.

Of course the anti-immigration voice has a point. It is one thing opening the doors to skilled European workers when there are shortages which need correcting. And most people see it as a human duty to give refuge to people genuinely fleeing from horrific situations. But the wave of islamic migrants of unknown provenance is neither of these things. Even the sainted Trevor Phillips says muslims are not like us and will never properly integrate: The hope that they will bring any positive contribution to the civilised world is comprehensively debunked, time and again, by the warlike scenes exploding all over Europe in our media daily.

Members of the religion of peace showing 
they pose no threat to our way of life...

But for those of a certain inclination the truth holds no appeal. Uber-Feminists find themselves unable to condemn rape because of the contradictions in their philosophy, opting instead to defend ‘diversity’. Anti-fascists find it impossible not to imitate and often exceed the bigotry and violence they believe they oppose. And abstract political movements everywhere tend to organise cynical opposition to the simple concerns of those who feel helpless in the face of change which directly challenges their way of life. It’s hard not to conclude that the real enemy lies within.

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