Sunday, 7 February 2016

Leave to remain

The ‘Remain’ campaign does oft defame,
Those who do not think the same.
But deign to claim they chose their name,
So apathy would aid their aim,
And on your head will insults rain,
As specious claim and counter claim,
Combine to shame you into stay’n...

But perpetuating people’s pain,
To stay aboard the gravy train,
Whose first class carriage preordains,
That only politicians gain,
Is tantamount to plot profane,
To bring an end to Liz’s reign,
O’er people free to say their name.
A once-proud race now run insane.

So join with us and don't abstain,
Be free-born Brits, cast off your chain.
Our island should be our domain,
To do with as we deem germane.
Let British blood run red again,
And fear not those who try in vain,
To keep us bound, I should explain,
They may as well fuck off to Spain*.

(*It rhymes, okay?) 


  1. I applaud the thrust of this, Batsby, but as a poem ...

    Thanks anyway, I'm with you -- God bless you.