Sunday 7 February 2016


An interesting article by Anne Marie Waters in Breitbart: a few days ago perfectly explains the perverse newspeak of the forces of federalism.

In Germany of all places, where the East was for so long a part of communist dictatorship they are re-enacting the same fauiled ideology.

Far right means - you and I. And the dupes of the left are encouraged to believe that a getler,more caring world of inclusivity and equality can be brought about by screaming at 'far right' protesters and threatening them with violence.

Like jack-booted Hitler Youth they believe right is on their side, while the right is vested in the hearst and minds of those who want the world rto live inpeace.

Peace is not brought about by forcefuil integration, it is eventually found by opeaceful coexistence.

As the muslim workld has no intention of coexisting with any other fauith or non-faith the right has it. Swegergartion is the key and the greater the distance between the segragtated tribes the better.

muslims are not necessarily bad opeople, but they are tarred with the same brush which colours the world of conflict today.

Pegida carried out a sielnt n=march in Birmingham on Saturday.

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