Wednesday 4 January 2012

Licensed to Panic

A startling story by the Daily Mail reveals the peril of out-of-date licence pictures. The story reckons that up 1.6 million driving licence holders have out of date photographs, rendering their licence illegal and themselves liable to a fine of up to £1000.

Crikey, I thought, I'd best check... it's been a while.

So I had a furtle, followed by a rake about and then a rummage, which got me nowhere; I needed more serious verbs. I tried a good going over, then an exploration, followed by some intense scrutiny of kitchen drawers, shelves, cupboards and under furniture. No go.

Finally, I turned to the place I was certain I'd find it.. And sure enough, there it was, with all my other personal information in my highly organised, rigidly alphabetised filing cabinet under 'DVLA Etc'. I knew it would be there because it was the last place I intended to look. I really don't know why we have to put ourselves through such a palaver; I don't know why I couldn't just look for it there in the first place, but conventions are after all conventions and where would be without rules, eh? (Yes, I know - France!)

Well, I had nothing to worry about, had I? There's my picture - as perfect a likeness today as it was when it was first taken. No problems. Can you be so certain?

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