Friday 6 January 2012


I don't care if it was a spoof. This is too funny for words:

Coming just a day after Diane Abbott's unfortunate "divide and rule" comment it spawned an afternoon's Twitter fun along the theme of Ed Miliband gameshows, such as "It'll be all White on the Night" and "Play your cards White". I confess I couldn't help myself and contributed a dozen such inanities. Almost better than the Tweet is the perilously few followers he has, considering who he thinks he is.

But I'm worried now; what have we done? As far as I'm concerned Red Ed is the best possible Labour 'leader' for the times we're in, offering not one jot of resistance to the efforts of the incumbent government to sort out the mess his traitorous party left us. We should be doing all we can to keep him in place where he can't do any harm.

I'm not a betting man, but I don't belive he can last out the month of January and then we'll end up with one or other of the harridans - Harriet or Yvette - in charge and so desperate to make an impression they'll emulate the big movie of the month - The Iron Lady - and kick some arses in the shadow closet. If we must have another female Prime Minister, dear god don't make it a Leftie.

Update: This debacle was, of course, reported in the press, with the usual suspects, the Dailies Mail and Telegraph, having a field day. But sadly, although I made use of the search facility, The Guardian seems to have missed it. Shame.

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