Friday 6 January 2012

See what telly does?

Good for Chinese television, pruning the dead wood from its schedules. It's about time some of our media channels did the same. We could get rid of all soaps to commercial channels - why should I pay the BBC tax to fund East-knowwhatImeangeezer-duckingandivinginnit-Enders? If I want visceral, lefty, social comment I can get plenty of that online without the implicit endorsement of the national broadcaster.

All forms of makeover show could also be given their own makeover - straight into the bin. Daytime telly? Get off your arse and out to work/school/whatever. That's half the problem solved, right there. And why so many BBC channels anyway? Really, 1 & 2 and the regionals, along with regional radio should be plenty. Cull 'em.

Now I have the bit between my teeth the NHS could do with a bit of a prune as well. No more funding for cosmetic treatments, unproven alternative therapies and most forms of self-esteem based claptrap. Quality of health not equality of life. We just can't afford it. You fell over? You have a bit of a cough? You don't feel like going in to work? Be away with you and don't come back until you're presenting buboes.

Helpfully, the DWP seem to be getting the hang of it and have discovered what many of us have known for years - The workshy are shy of work! Who knew? It's time we got away from the idea that benefits are some sort of right and instead recognise that for the last few decades some people have managed to exploit and distort good intentions. Give anything away for nothing and that's exactly how much respect it gets in return. Do they get the dole in China? I somehow doubt it.

Happiness and equality, equality of happiness. It's never going to be like the telly pretends it is. And as for giving a platform to the young - fuck 'em until they earn their way. Wake up Britain and get a grip.

And if you need an example of how much better your lives are than they have ever been, you just have to examine the amount of hot air expended on discussing, dissecting, vilifying and/or supporting Diane Abbott's divide and rule comments. A society with this much time on its hands has very much lost the plot, don't you think?

You all need to get a sense of perspective. If you feel you need to protest at Matt's cartoon (below) suppress that urge immediately and get back to work.

Have a lovely day.

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