Tuesday 24 January 2012


Excellent article in the Telegraph by James Delingpole. Don't you just love that, after years of being hissed at, the majority voice is at last being heard? Because, get this, James' list of things he doesn't want his taxes spent on is pretty much the list you and I have been compiling for many aggrieved years. During those years the numinous rumblings of the self-righteous have drowned out the simple reason of the ordinary tax-payer struggling to pay the heavy bills of an unrealistic and unreasonable state behemoth.

But the worm is turning and the truth is oozing out of the putrid pores of the years of national socialism posing as notional salvation:

Tote that barge, lift that bale, 
You get a little drunk and you land in jail,
I get weary and so sick of tryin',
I'm tired of livin', and fraid of dyin',
But Ol' Man Welfare, he just keeps rollin' along
Ol' Man Welfare, he just keeps rollin' along...

So, after years in the chain gang called employment will we eventually get a chance to call the shots? Oh I hope I live to see it. As well as James' admirable lists of what should and should not be funded by taxation I have a few ideas of my own which may prove popular.

Things I would willingly pay taxes for
  • Village stocks and/or manacles on every street corner, available for the use of anybody found idling in a manner I don't like the look of.
  • Police to be issued with wet towels to flick at the low-slung arses of any brat wearing trousers below waist level. (They should be grateful for actually having a waist!)
  • All OAPs to be armed with lethal weapons and given free rein to police their locality.
  • Contraceptive-laced public water supplies to all sink estates.
  • All teachers to be issued with and trained in the use of the birch.
  • And -especially for @Miss_Ranty (off of that Twitter) - free chocolate and sunshine for all.
Have a lovely revolution.

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