Tuesday 3 January 2012

Jaimini* Clarkson

Well, once again the Guardian gleefully reports complaints against stalwart, proper British bloke Jeremy Clarkson. This time it is in reaction to the Christmas Top Gear Special in India, in which the lads embarked on a comedy trade mission to the subcontinent.

I just watched it so that I can comment appropriately. It was hilariously un-PC, joyously amateurish and side-splittingly typical of all that is best from this worldwide entertainment export and global leader in its field. Even the end credits are gloriously juvenile and funny as a result.

The po-faced BBC has received complaints that the content was "offensive to India and Indian culture" and Twitter users have accused the show of "casual racism" and "racist stereotyping". Well, duh-errr! That's part of the reason why it was funny.

Obviously in pink-and-fluffy, oh-so-serious, Guardian/BBC/Twitter Land no one group of people would ever resort to the crude stereotyping of any other group. Oh, except of course for those maniacal left-wing atmosphere vacuums, so ready to suck the increasingly diminishing humour allotment out of life itself. They alone possess the sensibilities to detect and neutralise the smallest particle of inoffensive fun and would happily legislate to criminalise any form of joke that wasn't inclusive to all. 

So, here's a good one for you Guardianistas: A bulimic, black/Asian/ethnic-other [delete as appropriate for maximum indignation] paraplegic, colourblind, poor, lesbian social worker with learning difficulties was wheeled into a bar... and everybody remained respectfully silent. Hilarious, no? Well I find your smug, patronising, mewling, mealy-mouthed protestations an offence to my very sense of being and I would defend to the death (okay, I'd maybe go on a march) the right of Jeremy Clarkson to offend whosoever he likes.

So you can fuck right off.

(*Jaimini - Indian male name meaning 'ancient philosopher')

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