Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Do it now!

There is a lie which nestles deep in the disturbed heart of the welfare state. It is not an intentionally cruel lie, but it kills with its surfeit of kindness. It is a lie more deadly than ‘work will set you free’ and a lie more ubiquitous than ‘the cheque is in the post’. Worse, it is a lie that is presented as an obvious and irrefutable truth, accepted as gospel in the face of indisputable evidence to the contrary. It is so insidious that it is enshrined in the American declaration of Independence, to wit: “…that all men are created equal…”. Palpable bollocks, promulgated by those who would rule over us and accepted by useful idiots who wouldn’t see the truth if it actually palpated their actual bollocks.

Equality requires an excess of effort that would rule out any selective drive for its perpetuation and would quickly render extinct those mutants that displayed it. Look around you and say it ain’t so. But what a lovely idea to promote; and what a very clever way to foment emotional urges to feel better about ourselves. Because while competition is the real driver of progress, cooperation is one major way in which the human species has overcome the limitations of simple herd instincts. People aren’t ‘created’ equal; nothing could be less self-evident, but this doesn’t mean we can’t also be kind without coercion. Inequality and ‘social justice’ (for want of a less puke-inducing, tree-hugging, lentil-munching phrase) are not incompatible.

But I’ll tell you what is incompatible: enforced ‘equality’ and meaningful social justice will never co-exist successfully except in the minds of those who imagine themselves to be innately superior. And there is the central paradox – those who swallow the socialist equality myth think they are inherently better than those who create the wealth that allows our cooperative society to indulge their little dreams. And those same brave comrades cannot accept that, to paraphrase Sting, the Tories love their children too. So it is that without pausing for a moment’s thought, Mummy’s Little Marxists brand everybody who doesn’t need shoehorning into a charity pigeonhole as ‘baby-eating Tory scum’.

But here’s the stupid, the real, couldn’t-make-it-up stupid. Those same big competitive beasts DO love their children too and willingly cooperate and contribute to help the children of others by bearing the lion’s share of the tax burden. To label those who labour in the real world to pay for the socially engineered fantasy world of the equality of low expectations as cruel really takes the piss. To try and make people ashamed of their success and strive always to take more of the wealth they have created is a game with only one end; the final whistle blows when they take their ball away.

We'll keep the red flag flying here!
The real 'Ed Stone'

So the idea of filthy rich, tax-over-easy, famous junkie role model Russell Brand exercising his own unnatural hold over impressionable minds and coming out for Red Ed, the Unite puppet and advocate of state-control over everything is irony indeed. Hate the rich Tories? Be careful what you conclude: Don’t fall for it kids; while we’re still paraphrasing stuff remember the old adage “Tired of being hassled by stupid politicians? Act now! Get a job, pay your own bills, pay taxes then vote for Labour to take away your gains and give them to others. Do it now, while you still know everything!”

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