Saturday 9 May 2015

The Incurable Shiteness of Being… a Lefty

The use of hashtags, bringing metadata into common currency, is a curious phenomenon and prone to blunder. The latest trending tag  #ThankYouEd is a classic example; started by the garment-rending children of the left to be competitive in their bereavement, but swiftly hijacked by others to praise Ed’s ineptitude in handing the keys to Number Ten back to the man best able to use the office. For the eternal irony of the mewling left, praising Ed as a saviour come to deliver them from evil itself, is that the greater good is served by a Conservative approach to almost everything. And while bile and hatred comes naturally to the caring parties, adherents of the nasty party are more likely to just find their cringing highly amusing. Thus Ed is thanked for his valiant efforts in putting the right man at the helm. (Of course, it is all the fault of Margaret Thatcher, still, even though this time it’s ding-dong the witch is Ed.)

The thinly-disguised communist Giles Fraser writes in the Guardian “Right now I feel ashamed to be English. Ashamed to belong to a country that has clearly identified itself as insular, self-absorbed and apparently caring so little for the most vulnerable people among us. … Maybe that’s why the pollsters got it so badly wrong: we are not so much a nation of shy voters as of ashamed voters, people who want to present to the nice polling man as socially inclusive, but who, in the privacy of the booth, tick the box of our own self-interest.”

And the child-commentator Owen Jones wrote “There will be a big debate now over the future of the Labour party, and what the left does next. This country desperately needs a politics of hope that answers people’s everyday problems on living standards, job security, housing, public services and the future of their children… What is needed is a movement rooted in the lives of working-class people and their communities. The future of millions of people depends on it.“

I’m tempted to taunt with cries of diddums and in my weaker moments I confess I’m not above a bit of gloating, but the problem is self-evident; once again the privileged left-wingers just can’t see what is in front of everybody’s else’s eyes. Much the same thing happened in Maggie’s day as Kinnock’s goons just failed to understand the motives of the ordinary working man. Labour were shocked by how many ordinary workers voted for Tories, then and now. But why wouldn’t they? What most seek is a steady job, a home, a family life and as little government intervention by way of taxes and rules as possible; in other words, core Conservative principles.

Even in the heady days of union strength though, that apparent solidarity was driven by a desire for collective power spurred on by the thought of individual gain, but it was heavily enforced by sanctions. Ask any strike-breaker tarred with the tag of ‘scab’ and he will explain how 'caring' leftist ideologies are made to function. If the only effective means by which you can order society is through coercive legislation – race laws, hate crimes, restriction of speech, enforced multiculturalism skewed by privileges for the few, etc, etc - I’d suggest you look a lot more like fascists than do the Tories.

I've got it! How about, "Work will set you free"?
What we need are nice uniforms...

Meanwhile, as the Blue Team roll up their sleeves and take up, unfettered, where they left off, Labour and the rest of the raggle-taggle left will fire up their well-oiled electoral thinking engine and without any meaningful consultation with those they seek to represent they will convene insider focus groups, gather in Marxist study meetings and come up with some really pithy slogans. You just see if they don’t