Sunday, 10 May 2015

The Left are revolting...

There have been demonstrations. Is it all a protest against the oppression of a violent dictator state, which ‘disappears’ troublesome upstarts, or imprisons them for years in torture dungeons? Is it a protest against the wholesale eviction of council tenants so their homes can be flattened to build munitions factories? Is it a Jarrow March style demand for jobs, to save the shipyards, the coalmines, the steelworks? Is it, even, a resurgent CND, trying to bomb the whale, or whatever? Nope; it’s a protest against democracy. It is an outright denial of the right of free citizens to elect the government of their choice by a simple majority. How ironic that the left want to impose the values of islam, a primitive totalitarian cult which they may not criticise.

It's not fascism when we do it!
See the democracy!

“This is not the government we need!” they cry and in their hyperbole make risible comparison with Nazi Germany. “The people demand better!” But of course that is exactly NOT what the people demanded. There has been much talk over the weekend about ‘shy Tories’, people afraid to admit to their ‘progressive’ acquaintances that their lives haven’t been blighted by the coalition and don’t expect much blight in the next five years. People made to feel ashamed for not wanting to allow the parlous experiments of socialism free rein to ruin the lives of the poorest. Because it is always the poorest who suffer under Labour. Always.

But don’t worry; although the massed mobs hurl abuse and bricks the children of the left are not the legion they believe themselves to be. And they only represent themselves, a whining multitude of entitlement-whores, convinced the world exists for them alone. The best that can be hoped is that they one day grow up and leave the cult. The worst is, well, have you seen Arthur Scargill lately? The teeth of the left, like much of their character, are made from mediocre stuff and those who don’t regain sanity are to be found mewling in corners and sucking on their rusks. We’ve been here before; the left are a spent force.

Meanwhile, meet Jim. Jim dutifully voted Labour all his life because, as his dad told him, “That’s the party for us, son.” Jim is lucky to have a job and come Monday he’ll kiss his wife and kids goodbye and drive to work in his small car, on which he has only a few payments left. Jim worries about his children’s education and is saving up, when he can, to help the with tuition fees in the future. With his young family the state of the NHS is also of some concern but his experiences thus far have been all good and he pays his taxes from his average salary without complaint because we all have a part to play.

Although Jim is not a regular charity-giver he would never want to see the genuinely needy going without. The poor and the sick need help and he sees it as the state’s job to provide for those who can’t do it for themselves. But he has no time for those he knows carve out a perfectly reasonable life on benefits and see it as a right. He doesn’t blame them directly but he does blame the system which has made that an option. And although he doesn’t believe himself to be a racist and feels lucky to live in a country to which half the world’s poor people see as a dream destination, he has a niggling feeling that mass immigration isn’t helping.

Vicious, nasty, murdering Tory scum!

Jim hopes to retire with his mortgage paid off and his state pension supplemented by a small works pension he is fortunate to have. He won’t end up rich, but his children will have the best he can give them and hopefully he will have instilled in them the need for self-reliance and a civic duty towards less fortunate others. As he watches the riots on the television Jim wonders if those demonstrating actually do understand the lives of those they say they represent; the lives they say the Tories don’t understand. Jim dutifully voted Labour all his life, but this time he put his ‘X’ against the Conservative candidate. He has yet to feel the urge to stamp on the heads of poor babies.


  1. Utter Morons - my first thought upon seeing them on my telly box last night. I wonder how many of them actually voted?

  2. ( and you fretted about having nowt to write about now Ed's gone! )

    1. Haha! I am looking forward to how far I can push the racism boundaries once they make the oily Chuka Umunna 'partly' leader. :o)

  3. You mean 'Chukka-out-DeCoona?