Sunday, 3 May 2015

No Hope

How George Orwell managed to predict so many things so accurately is only a mystery if you think he was predicting anything at all. In fact he was reporting what was and continues to be business as normal in your everyday totalitarian communist regime. Those who control the narrative control the truth. And thus it is that such dogged adherence to the discredited disciplines of whatever name the Marxists are going under these days is still referred to by the faithful as ‘progressive’. In the language of the progressives, words are tools of deceit and division; love means hate, peace means war and wealth is deserved as equally by those who envy it as by those who create it.

But economic matters are too complex for socialists to understand or for the majority of the proletariat to be won over by, so ‘progress’ must be achieved by simpler, less numerical, more visceral means. Fairness, or better still unfairness, in its various disguises, is the perfect weapon. Shout ‘unfair’ or ‘racist’ or ‘bigot’ and straight away the gut instinct of their lower orders is to make placards and plan a revolution. Anybody not conforming to societal norms are outsiders and are thus to be defended at all costs against the enemy; the enemy is always the indigenous people, whose fear, concerns or observations are expressions of hate in Newspeak and they must be made to 'love' again.

And so the progressive forces of socialist inclusivity and righteous outrage at anybody promoting such dangerous ideas as majority opinion send out their flying monkeys pickets to love-bomb the ignorant into submission. And if placards and noisy demonstration doesn’t work they can call in the big guns; graffiti, vandalism and threats to personal well-being are all acceptable to these caring, lovely people and their rules of engagement allow pre-emptive strikes at the most vulnerable targets. All parallels with historical brown and black-shirted mobs will be hysterically refuted – with bricks and fists if necessary.

This is perfect cover for organisations like the ironically-named Unite Against Fascism and Hope-not-Hate to forcibly impose their will on the majority, promoting hatred and division and imagining themselves on the side of right. And so we see the union-funded rent-a-mob, hired thugs and deep fanatics organising violent action against innocent law-abidoing people expressing concern; intimidation to tell them, Lutfur Rahman style, how to vote if they want to keep their noses and windows unbroken.

Democracy in action? Or something else?

Hope-not-Hate are the islamists of the secular world. They actually believe that if you fear the foreigner you should be beaten to a pulp by one of your own so you will know what true fear really is. They believe that if you don’t hold their opinions you must be ‘educated’ until you do. And just as in Orwell’s observations they maintain their unquestioning belief by elevating their truth to be better than the truth. The police will, of course, obey their orders and in so far as it is in the interests of the establishment for a free vote to be dissuaded, I don’t expect arrests. Don’t you just hate No Hope?

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