Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Heeps of fun!

I blame Jesus, basically. It always has to be somebody else’s fault, after all… hasn’t it? I was going to rise above it all today and not indulge in the delicious bout of gloating that right-thinking people are still enjoying, most of all because of the pain it’s causing the left. I was going to find something entirely neutral to riff on, but then I heard about Rebecca Roache. Now come on, we’re better than that – cockroach doesn’t even have an ‘e’ on the end – but if some were to compare using a privileged platform to plant hate-eggs in the minds of the impressionable with, say, an infestation, who am I to say it ain’t apt? Especially as she is saying that she is innately superior because she doesn’t judge people – unlike those hateful Tories. (Stewart Francis: “My kids are quick to judge – they get that from their mother”)

Now come on everybody, she’s entitled to her opinion after all; even if it isn’t actually her opinion at all but that of the hive mind – there we go with the insect thing again – which seems to control much of the academic left. It’s as if those whose lives have been spent in the entirely theoretical have no ability to communicate with those who mine, refine, transport, shape, sell or deliver things for a living. At the heart of the current meltdown of ‘the left’ (how they hate us for using that generalisation) is the hilarious irony that their utter hatred of 'the other' is so deeply embedded they can't even see it for the bigotry it is. And watching them try to figure out why we are all laughing is simply divine.

Take the cringeworthy Guardian article by Rhiannon Lucy ‘Chicken Licken’ Cosslett in which she tells of the coming apocalypse and perpetuates the unvarying lie of the left that those who do not share their weakness, their meekness, their moist-eyed wonder at the preciousness of everything, have no compassion, no empathy and no concern for anybody but themselves. In Lucy’s world the shades surround us and darkness falls upon the earth. Well it would do if the nice people who labour to make and distribute electricity one day decided to abandon their principles of pragmatically addressing the practicalities of modern-day technology. It is significant that those who make things work almost never write articles about how unfair everybody else is.

Without the doers the thinkers would starve. And those who graft not only have little time to think fanciful thoughts, they also get to come face to face with the hard facts of existence. The left love to parody anybody who holds a different world view as right-wingers; nasty, selfish, uniformed, human-hating gargoyles ready to piss on the chips of anybody below. They are racists, bigots, whateverophobes, etc, etc etc. What’s funny is that being pragmatic and life-hardened we mostly hate nobody with which we have no personal animus and we know there is no such thing as a free lunch. We also accept that what lunch we do gather may need to be guarded from thieves and freeloaders before we get to share it with friends. We’re good friends to have.

So what’s all this got to do with Jesus? Given the level of ever-so ‘umble ‘and-wringing worthy of a whole nation of Uriah Heeps, I think we now know who the meek really are and The Big J said they will inherit The Earth.  Maybe they will, but I wonder how long they’ll get to hang on to it without the big, rough boys to see off the competition?

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