Friday 22 May 2015

Out of the mouths

The Conservatives are promising to make illegal immigration, er… illegal. It strikes me that the very term ‘illegal’ surely carries with it the explicit notion that you are doing something the law doesn't permit. It seems odd then, that they had to make another law making it ‘specifically’ illegal as opposed to, I guess, ‘sort-of’ illegal. Is this anything to do with EU influence over our jurisdiction? Or is it yet another home-grown fuck up?

Maybe the switch of focus onto illegal immigration is an attempt to steer us away from the massive problem of the 318,000 – almost a third of a million – net immigration figure of the last twelve months. Remember that is net; it doesn't reveal the real total of people coming in, which turns out to be double that at 641,000, which means that 323,000 people left the country during the same period. Some of that number will be made up of immigrants returning home but how many are native Brits fleeing the sinking ship?

Britain is changing beyond recognition, just as Tony Blair and his cronies intended, but the biggest change is not from accommodating Europeans, with many of the civil and cultural values we hold, because 290,000 of the incomers are not from Europe at all and Brexit would not help. Of course ‘not from Europe’ does not mean Canadians, Australians, Americans and others; it means overwhelmingly an invasion which has been gathering pace for some time. It means a change so significant that even children can plainly see what our leaders refuse to.

During the years of branding native British identity as shameful and not to be celebrated few non-politicians can fail to have noticed how the younger generation are being replaced. The Michaels are being replaced by mohammeds, the Alices by Aishas. A recent study reveals that the view from the playground is that muslims are taking over the country. But if you read the article in the Independent you will notice that it makes a big deal of the lack of awareness of the children. It completely ignores the reality they see around them, much as modern politics refuses to see the raging fire it is trying to extinguish with a cup of water.

You heard it in the playground...

Meanwhile, in the Middle East playground ISIS is sacking Palmyra in its unquenchable lust to return the world to a stone-age caliphate. Does anybody seriously doubt the aim of muslims in Britain to eventually dominate and impose the sharia in Britain's islamic state? Especially when vocal elements have publicly declared exactly that intent. Whatever your reaction to that statement, whatever your conditioning has compelled you to screech, it is not racist to point out that people who don’t look like us, don’t speak like us and don’t share our values should be treated with suspicion. Strikes me that the kids are all right.

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  1. CORRECT but why are people pretending its not happening