Sunday 13 November 2011

As Thick as Thieves

Oh yes, I do love it when a saying is illustrated so beautifully:  Police Beer Trap reads the headline and the article goes on to tell you what you've already worked out for yourself. None of this is remarkable; police the world over have resorted to many such cost-effective methods of getting villains to drop their guard and turn up of their own volition. Good cop, good cop, I call it.

No, what is alarming is the mindset of some of those who responded to the article. Many of the nutty, woolly-headed lentil-wearing sandalistas thought it was unfair, that it smacked of entrapment, that it was indicative of a heavy-handed police state. Well, fine then. Tell you what - let's carry on doing what your years of socialist government have reduced us to. We'll prosecute the victims instead, because they are so much easier to find and so much more trusting and so unaware of their 'rights' because they think the police are here to help them.

Reports in the more socially responsible press has, for years told us what happens to you when you dare to protect your family and possessions. Politically correct police diktat has made it nigh-on impossible to do anything other than persecute the generally well behaved. If you don't think that's true, you really should read this. (You can get it on Kindle for less than the cost of a pint)

If you choose to look or behave differently from the rest of us that's fine, that's your right, but don't expect justice to be totally blind; if you dress like a thug, there's a better than average statistical chance of you actually being a thug. If you wear the beard of a terrorist don't be surprised if you are stopped and quizzed more often than the man in a nice suit. And if you are a known criminal you simply should not be afforded the same courtesies as law-abiding, reasonable people.

Or did you prefer it when the only approach was the dawn raid with battering rams and truncheons drawn?

(I wrote this yesterday, but forgot to finish it - D'oh!)

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