Monday 21 November 2011

Currying Flavour

Reacting to the 'crisis' in our curry houses Eric Pickles, the fat owl of Greyfriars and our favourite comedy bloater has proposed Curry College. (Go on, read it.)

I love how the Guardian has to pretend it is utterly colour-blind when it says that the college "[would] train British people from all backgrounds to become chefs specialising in Indian food..."  The term "all backgrounds" of course means Bradford, Birmingham and Tower Hamlets.

I'm just a tad sceptical:

This idea is part of the government's integration strategy which apparently sees a shift in emphasis away from promoting  local community cohesion and instead moves towards greater integration - whatever that actually means. According to the Guardian article " follows David Cameron's Munich speech earlier this year when he criticised "state multiculturalism" and argued that the UK needed a stronger national identity."

We already have a national identity. Bland. Boring, uniform, humdrum, soporific monotone. We mostly prefer it like that; it's what put the 'Great' into Britain. But just now and again we crave a bit more colour and on those occasions some of us go out for a curry.

Were the nations's curry houses to employ insipid, callow youths of an Anglo Saxon persuasion, then goodness, gracious me, we might as well all be Going Out for An English.

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