Sunday 20 November 2011

Bishop Bashing

So, the clergy are at it again, supposing to know anything at all about anything at all. Why anybody would give credence to utterances from men in frocks who believe in fairy stories is beyond me, yet time and again the press behaves as if the word of the such fantasists deserves anything other than mild curiosity.

Today, the BBC News reports that a bunch of bishops are criticising the government's plan to restrict welfare payments to £500 per week per household. The report cites that the  bishops believe the cap to be "profoundly unjust" to children in the poorest families and that they have a "moral obligation to speak up for those who have no voice". Well, far from having no voice, it seems those on welfare have plenty of voice - the voice of these bishops for a start.

But what about those who truly have no voice? Those who choose to get on with it, those, in fact, who pay the bulk of the taxes to cover our over-generous handouts to job-dodging scroungers? The vast majority of those in work earn far less than £500 per week and somehow - apparently against the odds - manage to raise their families without holding out their hands to government. When will there be some form of social justice for these horny-handed sons of toil?

Remind me what it is the church have told poor people forever? Oh yes, "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth." and "Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven." You fuckers are just as responsible for poverty as anybody else, promoting your fearful heavenly lottery system and ruling by fear. And don't even get me started on the inquisition or kiddy-fiddling.

But I'm nothing if not fair and I'm all for a bit of social justice. In the United Dingdom you will be judged by your actions and not by your words and you will be judged by those you have both harmed and helped. So, if the balance of your life's doings is in your favour you should have nothing to fear. The bishops will have their day and I suspect that on that day there shall be a great weeping and rending of garments and gnashing of ecclesiastical teeth shall be heard throughout the land.


  1. Why not hand over "Welfare" responsibility to the church?
    The sale of all those crumbling under-( open on Sunday only )used buildings & clergy mansions would raise a tidy sum & they could dish out the dosh as they want. In fact, why not use the churches as dormitories at night the pews would make ideal beds and the kneeling cushions pillows. Thus reducing the welfare payments & freeing up housing for those who would like to actually pay for such.

  2. Glad to see you're thinking, Ken. And if we can seal up the doors and slip a little gas in while they're sleeping... bingo! (Oh, no, they're already been used for bingo, aren't they, the ones not selling carpets?)

  3. There's a thought for a TV program "All Gas & Gaiters" !