Thursday 24 November 2011

It's your own fault.

I saw a great documentary last night, well worth watching: "Your money and how they spend it", in which the BBC's Nick Robinson explained how successive governments have taken up the challenge of spending to stay in office. Currying favour with an increasing illiterate, increasingly needy and politically detached electorate seems to me the essential flaw at the cloudy heart of the democracy diamond. There's no point in "asking the audience" unless they understand the question.

In other news, the green tax on fuel is to increase in order, as Chris Huhne explains, to reduce your fuel bills and yet more of our dwindling tax-take is to be flushed down the continental pan as investors ditch the Euro like it's, like it's... er, like it's going out of fashion. "The Euro, dear?" they say, "Oh that's soooo last year!" (we can only live in hope) In how much contempt do our supposedly elected leaders hold us?

Well, I'll tell you how much. A letter, written by an offender, has come to light, blaming the victims for the crime. I reproduce the letter here in all its sneering, dismissive glory.

In other revelations, global warming is all your fault, Mrs Stibbings, spinster of Weymouth. Arthur Jenkins, unemployed, of Tamworth is personally to blame for the housing crisis and the culpability for the rising cost of living is laid firmly at the door of one Mr Wayne Smirk, community something-or-other outreacher, of Heckmondwike.

As future King, I am making notes.

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