Sunday 6 November 2011

Traitors' Gate

So, the gate is just there. Do we go through it, or do we check first exactly what is on the other side? No-brainer, you'd think. Yet, time after time, nobody has been allowed to question what lies beyond. Well I, for one, am sick to death of the weakness of our politicians who dare not ask us, the electorate, what we want.

Yes, most of us are pretty thick, but the truly thick tend not to vote, except for more benefits. Ask us an important question and it's a fair bet that the free-thinkers will want to answer. And I can't think of a much more important question right now than, what the fuck is the point of the EU?

Sarkozy's talking it up like it matters, but he's a Brie-devouring-surrender-primate, taking his country's alert state from 'run away' to 'capitulate' at a single bark from the Rottweiller Merkel. Has France learned nothing from the Vichy years? I bet the French people - those not too thick to vote - think differently from their president. I'm not even going to use the phrase 'jack boots'. Oh...

It's clear to me that the European project does not have, at its centre, the welfare of its many millions of people. If it ever did, those aims have long since been surrendered to the vested interests of big business. Politicians do not have the power to control the corporations in whose pocket they reside. If they did, they could hold referenda to obtain a democratic mandate.

And yet, time and again in recent years, democracy has been denied and promises broken. The only end to this must be popular revolution. Well I ain't happy with that. The population will lie down to have its tummy tickled just so many times before taking the law into its own hands. The riots of the summer were nothing to do with any of this. Those riots were about the freestyle acquisition of goods by the unworthy for minimal effort and were universally reviled by decent, working people.

The riots against the tyranny of Europe will be heartily endorsed yet regretfully entered into by a majority of honest, hard-working hard-put-upon voters, who see no point in voting when their wishes are simply ignored by the spineless so-called leaders who dare not challenge their corporate masters. This should never have to happen. but it's looking like it will.

Now, I'm not going to put my neck on the block here, but I'm thinking the wholly independent, sink-or-swim-by-our-honest-endeavours United Dingdom is looking a far safer bet in the long run than anything our current crop of ineffectual politicians can muster. The Dingdom is a vanity project, a gag, a vehicle for my thoughts alone but if I have to throw my cap in the ring, I really think we need to rethink the whole European 'thing'.

UKIP is the only party which seems to grasp how important our voice is and who will give us a choice before we take the traitors' gate. Man up. Reject the status quo and try possibly the only alternative to the Fourth Reich.

PS: I'm really fucking mad about all of this.

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