Thursday 10 November 2011

Out through the In Door

I have it, the solution to Greece's problems! Greece? You say... problems? Oh yes, that's right, last week's news. You'll remember that Papandreou wanted to have a stab at democracy, with the possible result that Greece might have opted to stand on its own two feet, adjust its currency to suit the market and make Agean holidays an affordable treat once more? But then the big kids wouldn't let them and made them stay in their team, because it was their football?

Well, the bigger boys - especially that rascal, Angela - with an attention span of, wow, look at that, have got themselves all distracted about some Italian bird called Silvia and they're all busy at the opposite end of the playground, bullying her now.

Well, here's the plan. We'll hold open the loose panel in the fence and Greece can slip out quietly while nobody's looking and come to play with us. We've got an old tennis ball we can kick around out here; it'll do for now and it's just a much fun, only cheaper. And if anybody else wants to make a quick getaway, I reckon now's the time. Come and play with us and yah-boo-sucks to Big School.

Truancy. The answer to Europe. I knew it would be simple, once I'd thought it through. (No eed to thank me.)

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