Sunday 13 November 2011

Euro Trash (2)

Phew, we can stand easy, we at last have clear and unequivocal guidance on our stance towards the Euro. The mighty hand of god himself has spoken and the way could not now be clearer. Abandon ship and get out, out, out.

Whatever the Lord Tony Blame of Shame says, we should immediately do the direct opposite. He has always pointed us the way. Just the wrong way. Wrong about crime, wrong about the causes of crime, Blair's mantra was, as always, his own personal edification, edification, edification. As a sociopath, it is easy for him to say one thing and believe in quite another with none of the discomfort an honest person would feel.

Bliar also famously said "I can only go on way. I have not got a reverse gear." Well we have and we'd better engage it right now. With that in mind I have a new symbol for the failed and pointless European currency.

Here it is:

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