Sunday 6 November 2011

Because You're Not Worth It!

Watching Sunday Morning Live with the droolorious, dribbleicious Susanna Reed* I am struck once again by this whole issue of entitlement. As I sweat and pant - I'm watching this from the gym, naturally - I hear time and again about 'rights'. The rights of people to affordable housing, adequate healthcare and freedom of speech I can go with. I'm all for not having to scrimp and scrape  to get along, although a bit of thrift would do us all no harm whatsoever.

Free speech? Of course; I'm exercising my right, er, right now.

But then it all starts to get a bit less tangible. Rights not to be offended? Oppressed? One man's oppression is another man's kinky cop-off and offence these days is something you take on behalf of somebody else. Among the loonier lower levels of our society, think-tanks are dreaming up ever more abstract ways to offend with a minimum of perceptible effort. (I'm sure even my drawing breath is anathema to many.)

We seem to have got to a state where every whim is expressed as a right. I wanna be famous. I wanna straighter nose. I wanna feel better about myself. I wanna be treated like a princess. I wanna be envied. I want 'rispeck'. I tell you what I want - I want to smash your face in, you whiny reject.

"But I'm worth it!" you wail, "I deserve it!", you whinge.

Really? What have you done today, to deserve what you have? In most cases you use your mere existence as collateral against all manner of rapacious acquisitions. You know what you've become, now? Greedy, that's what. Simple, fundamental, covetous, grasping, greed is human nature in the raw and maybe we've let it go too far.

In the United Dingdom you'll all get everything you want - or learn to accept what you have - just as soon as you knuckle down and realise that the world owes you nothing.

Right, that's the economy and society fixed. No need to thank me. I'm just doing my job.

Time for a nice cuppa. And maybe a biscuit... because I'm worth it.

(*Yes, yes, I know. But I'm honestly not her stalker!)

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