Monday 21 November 2011

It's all gone quiet over there...

Empty vessels make the most noise, they say and when those empty vessels are politicians, boy, is there a cacophony. During the recent turbulent weeks in Europe, every blogger, columnist and politico has been bellowing at the injustice of it all, proffering no solutions but plenty of banshee howls of indignation. Fair play to them.

But it's all gone eerily quiet. In the news today there is absolutely nothing noteworthy regarding the future of the European dream (or nightmare, if you have any sense of the real nature of humanity). There has been no effective voice of opposition since 'Red Ed' took up office, the Soft-Dems are happy to fall into Euro's embrace and the whips have menaced the mainstream Tories into submission, while somewhere in a locked room Merkozy's team of mad scientists are bent on creating a genetically-modified Stepford Dave.

Because, when the clamour dies down, you will learn of the backroom deals being brokered right now. But by then it will be too late.

It's as if all the shouting has cathartically expunged all the fight and after the haka all teams have left the field before kick-off. Nigel Farage, the only person to present an alternative to Eurogeddon, got six minutes on yesterday's Politics Show but was more or less sneered at by John Sopel and guests, who had already made up their minds not to rock the boat.

When our plastic Prime Minister emerges, shining from the lab, beaming beatifically, will you all meekly accept his magical conversion into an advocate of a single-Europe? I rather think you just might.

Wake up, folks. It's all going horribly wrong.

1600: STOP PRESS THIS Told you so. :-(

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