Tuesday 8 November 2011

Whose Rules?

The police do their policing by consent. If the shit hits the fan there are - as was proved in 'Nam (Totten-Nam) -  far more of 'us' than there are of them. When I say 'us' I am of course referring to you, the great unwashed of the UK. (Here in the United Dingdom I maintain an enormous police presence, cos rules is rules.)

When the numbers are not on your side you do as you're damn well told.

Which makes it all the more curious that so many are bowing before the Fourth Reich of Nicolangela Merkozy; there's only the two of 'em and they're both short-arses, so why don't we just take them on? Or better still, just ignore them and let them fuck up Europe without us?

Because that's what the crims do. Laws, rules, regulations, entreaties and pleas only work if the target audience respects or fears them or simply chooses to respond to them in the expected manner. Low-level crime is largely unpunished in the UK because the perpetrators have no respect for the law and stick the bird to the police. What chance do the coppers have? They have neither the numbers nor, now, the moral authority to do anything useful, so turn their policing to punishing the generally law-abiding by means of punitive raids on double-parking and thinking-out-loud.

So, while our so-called leaders are wringing their caps in their hands and whinging on about how we can't leave Europe and we must support the Euro, despite having absolutely no moral mandate to do so and no evidence for any of their predictions of doom if we don't, why don't we exercise a bit of initiative and simply leave? We don't need to tell them, we just go ahead and give them a good ignoring-to.

When the MPs discover the locks have been changed at Westminster and the seat of government has been quietly shifted to my living room - because I talk more sense than every last one of them - they'll have nowhere to turn because their constituents will stick their fingers in their ears, shut their eyes and speak in tongues until the politicos get fed up and wander off.

When the spineless Camerooney says he'll stick his hands in your pockets for yet more Euro-bail-out dosh, the bloke at the exchequer - probably Ken, if he fancies a go - will just 'forget' to mail out the cheque. And so it goes, because you can't forever be beholden to rules you don't respect and there's so many more of us than them that all we have to do is ignore the entire European issue and in the end it'll just have to pack up and go away.

Fight for your rights by using your numbers. No referendum? We already had one, Clegg old son and we decided not to play. As Hancock said, "Does Magna Carta mean nothing to you? Did she die in vain?"

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