Saturday 12 November 2011

Judge ye Not

They say judge not lest ye be judged. Well, bring it on!

Never judge a book by its cover? Well have a look at this and tell me you're unsure if it's for you.

Any blokes interested? Thought not. On the other hand though, appearances can be deceptive and who's to say what constitutes 'good'? Opinions differ, apparently.

Sir Jimmy Savile undoubtedly did lots of good but who can deny that if he hadn't been renowned for his charity he'd have been hearing the cry of, "Now then, now then, stranger danger!" wherever he roamed? Mother Teresa's Nobel Peace Prize was universally considered well-deserved until the sordid details of her drugged and debauched Calcutta sex-industry days were exposed (or do I just really, really want that to be true? What is wrong with me?). And if the bible is to be believed (clue: it's not.) Satan, Lord of Darkness, seems to have been at the forefront of all that is hip and happening for the best part of forever. (He also has all the best tunes, apparently.)

So, 'as it 'appens' then, it seems sometimes you can and sometimes you can't judge by appearances. Bugger. There goes a lifetime's instantaneous impression-forming prejudice.

All of which brings me to Martin-BigPig-Mor. Scary looking lad, isn't he? But, according to his Twitter update he hasn't played World of Warcraft (whatever that is) and is therefore, by all accounts a decent cove. He also looks a lot more like me - as we share a recent common ancestor - than I suspect either of us would really choose. But I am nothing if not open-minded, so if anybody gets to see one of his gigs, let me know what he's really like, would you?

I have a book he might fancy.

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