Wednesday 2 November 2011

British Sausage Week

Imagine my surprise and unbridled joy to learn we are in the middle of British Sausage Week! And what better week than one that ends on Bonfire Night?

Callooh-callay! Oh, frabjous day! The joy of sausage, the sizzle of saveloy and the sheer purple pleasure of pork, spitting on a griddle, fried in fat or bubbling in an ocean of gravy ready to anoint a mound of mash. Food heaven? I very much think so.

It is no longer the grainy nineteen-fifties. We live in the age of full-colour information and today the Goon Show's Bluebottle would not have to beg and wait for his 'sossinges'. No, he'd simply hop online and order up his links via the miracle of electronic communication.

You heard it here, folks, sausages by email from Taylors. Job done, now where's me fork?

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