Sunday 25 September 2011

Euro Trash

Every day I find more and more reasons why I really ought to be king.

I've just been reading the The Centre for Policy Studies' report "Guilty Men" (Download it here: Guilty Men) and it's as if I have been on a time-trip back to my teens. I wasn't old enough (quite) to vote against Common Market entry in the rigged referendum of 1975, but I well remember my impressions of the options as broadcast. They were:

Option One - die young, of crippling famine-and-poverty-related disease in the blackened, wizened, asthmatic last gasp of our desolate island prison. Or,
Option Two - join the common market.

That's how it seemed to me and yet, when I listened to the arguments I could discern no indisputable threads of reason in the highly vocal pro-Europe argument and many doubts from the hardly heard opposing camp. In the intervening years I have never heard any dispassionate argument for continued entry and plenty of seemingly hard evidence of the damage wrought by our membership.

My instincts were then, as they have remained, that if nobody can honestly produce evidence in favour, why should we prolong the agony of our membership?

It's never felt like a good idea to open up our borders, to lie down and accept Euro-diktat with barely a whimper, to freely hand out our money to nations we openly distrust. So, come the new order, there will be years of work for fence-erectors and wall-builders, all along the coastline (and across the northern border with our nearest enemy).

Sorry this wasn't more amusing, it just needed saying.

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