Tuesday 27 September 2011

Public Opinion

This week I have had half an eye on the Labour Party conference. Or is it New Labour? Who cares, really? Anyway, much has been made in various speeches about what 'the public' demand, want, insist upon, etc. What the public opinion is on various subjects; what 'the public' demands of its government. How in hell would any career politician - and there are, it seems, no other kind these days - know or care about what 'the public' wants?

In any case. who in their right minds would canvass, let alone listen to, Joe Public? Joe is pretty thick. Even when an individual has valid views on his world, as a member of the teeming masses his reason is swamped by the background noises of others grunting as they push sweatily at doors marked 'pull'. And when has the BBC, man-in-the-street, vox-pop been anything other than a gurning freak show?

Look at what 'the public' keep on doing:

  • Voting for the Labour Party
  • Voting for the Liberal Democrats
  • Voting for the increasingly left-leaning Conservative Party
  • Spending more than they earn
  • Believing in god
  • Reading horoscopes
  • Watching X-Factor
  • Worshipping the famous
  • Wishing on stars

I could go on, I really could, but you get the picture.

And, as if to validate this voice of 'the public', the Labour nutters gave space on stage to Labour Boy.

This pubescent bleating gob-on-legs poured out the same old left-wing manifesto of entitlement and outed himself as a proud product of the welfare state - he thought that was a good thing. Drawing on his vast experience of , er, school, he told the conference just what he and his mates thought of the nasty Tories. Labour Boy later said he would "quite like to go into politics in the future." So there you are, the ideal future politician, a snotty-nosed follower of supposed 'public' opinion.

When I'm king I like to think I'll be kind to all who deserve it. But I sure as hell won't care what you think. Now, behave yourselves and run along.

PS (added 28Sep2011) Look again at Labour Boy.

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