Monday 5 September 2011

Just do it!

I have just returned from a visit to a mate. We'll call him Robert (although his real name is Richard). Robert is practically-challenged; to him a screwdriver is a vodka and orange and  a drill is something to do with fire. So, for anything electrical, I'm his best mate and when it comes to cars he switches his affections to another, fickle friend that he is! I don't feel used, quite the contrary, I feel needed, if only from time to time.

In return he tells me about new-fangled social media technology, such as Chrome-to-phone and vice-versa. (You'll probably have to look that up now, won't you?)

Under the new regime, such a lack of practical skills in males will be officially classified as a disability and attract both mockery and sympathy in proportion to how funny or debilitated the condition renders the afflicted. Other such, mildly amusing disorders will also be classified, such as: women who don't understand shoes, gay men who don't get curtains and children who fall over a lot - now that is funny!

You see, it doesn't have to be all serious under my administration. In fact, after a time I'm sure we can classify enough personal shortcomings so that everybody will have somebody they can feel superior to. Epic win!


  1. You appear to be bored with time on your hands Your Majesty, what about having a look into rail travel ;-)

  2. What about rail travel, Ken? And aren't you in Spain?