Tuesday 6 September 2011

Squat Thrusts

It beggars belief. It does - because I say so.

Judge Fiona Henderson has ruled that, in order that squatters can more easily go about their business, Camden council must publish a list of empty properties in North London and claims that, "there was no evidence they [the squatters] carried out more anti-social behaviour than rent-paying tenants". 

No evidence? Good grief, woman! Ask anybody who has been excluded from their legally-owned property by a bunch of free-loading, drug-ridden, soap-dodging, self-righteous, thieving, wrecking, whining social rejects if there was any evidence of anything anti-social.

Things like forced entry, theft and the threat of physical violence. Things like loss of access to your own home, the defacing and damaging of your possessions and - let's not forget what touchy-feely times we live in - the devastating effects on people's psychological and emotional well-being.

Read more if you can bear it: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2033944/Judge-orders-Camden-Council-publish-list-homes.html

Do we have solutions? You bet we do. For a start, once everybody is tagged from birth we'll know exactly what you're up to - for your own benefit and that of society, of course.

And anybody rendered homeless through no fault of their own* will be legally allowed to occupy designated empty houses until such time as they are found suitable long-term accommodation. They will pay rent, keep the place clean and pay for any damage, redecoration, etc when they leave. And then they will go on to occupy their own property and have the same rights as any other resident. The right to shoot trespassers on sight, for instance.

So, in the new GB nobody need fear returning from holiday to find squatters in their house and the rights of those squatters being defended by judges like Ms Henderson. Quite apart from anything else, such judges will have long-since been removed from the system and - being virtually unemployable - will quite likely be squatting temporarily in a state doss-house while they apply for cleaning jobs.

(* Anybody rendered homeless by their own actions will undoubtedly have committed a crime of one sort or another - too noisy, not paying the rent, having a sofa in the garden, etc - and will very quickly find themselves accommodated at My Pleasure, being 're-educated'.)

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