Wednesday 21 September 2011

Tumbling on...

The latest from Dale Farm where the TGBs have not only won a temporary reprieve from eviction, but have already started to spread their particular brand of poison farther afield. Luton, I hear, has become a target for invasion.

This will never get better without drastic measures because as each year goes by there are more of them. They breed, you know. And that's our fault for maintaining a tolerant society. In fact most of our problems are brought about by our national tolerance of aberrant behaviour - why else do we allow itinerant foreigners to roam our land and steal our stuff?

Travellers are criminals because they ignore the law. They claim that those laws do not apply to them, because of their 'culture', that houses are against their 'culture' (even though many of them own houses). They litter and fly-tip and won't shit in their caravans because that's dirty, but are happy to crap all over other people's parks and public land. They work illegally and don't pay taxes and they do, repeatedly, steal from others. Yet they see no wrong in what they do because that is what their 'culture' allows them to do.

But Dale Farm has provided a solution. Along with their barricades, protesters have chained themselves to the  gates, handcuffed themselves through concrete-filled barrels and made repeated, determined proclamations that they will not leave. So why bother stopping them? In fact, why not help them to stay?

I propose that we assist all gypsy encampments to remain where they are. Exactly where they are. Until their last breath. It's so simple, it's cheap and it will eventually solve the problem. So, whenever they set up camp the local authority will immediately erect a security fence around them, for their protection. So they cannot be contaminated by the evils ways of outsiders (or tax-payers, as I like to call them) the fences should be at least ten feet high, reinforced and electrified.

We will know when they are happy with their new home because, eventually, they will stop complaining. I think this will be a popular move and those who don't approve can continue to travel, as long as that is outside our shores - which is, after all, what happened to them in their countries of origin.

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