Saturday 3 September 2011

Tumbling Grumbleweeds

Imagine my utter lack of surprise to learn that the United Nations has waded in to add support to allow the Dale Farm 'Traveller's Camp" residents to continue to breed in their illegal, filthy, shanty town. Go on, imagine it.

Well, butt-out UN and take the odious red hag Vanessa Redgrave with you. The other day, on hearing of the legal order for their eviction, after a ten-year fight by local people blighted by their presence, she described them as " a strong, wise, warm, gentle" community. She, a brace of bewildered bishops and the ridiculous UN called for "culturally appropriate" alternative accommodation to be found.

Well, I have news for you all. They already have "culturally appropriate" accommodation - caravans pulled by Ford Transits, which they use to bring misery and scorn to the lives of tax-payers and local business throughout the land.

So, they don't want to travel after all? Well we already have a phrase for those kind of people; "ordinary people". But they also don't want to abide by the laws that govern their neighbours, wherever they stop? We already have a name for that too; we call those people "criminals".

Ethnicity my arse. This is illustrative of the extent to which blinkered liberal morons will go to defend the rights of anybody who doesn't want to conform; to have everybody else disadvantaged in bending to their will. No bloody wonder so many cultural revolutions have involved the rout of the liberal elites.

So, here's my deal. You CAN travel (just like people who don't tiresomely refer to themselves as if they were a protected species). And you can pitch up overnight on any piece of land whose short-term settlement does not inconvenience or offend those who own or live near it - I don't know, let's call them "Caravan Parks" or something, whose owners may require a fee for their efforts in maintaining the facilities.And then, after an agreed stay you can move on and take your rubbish with you. We'll happily tolerate that.

But, put a foot out of line and you will face the consequences, which will include use of the new, officially politically-correct label of "Thieving Gypsy Bastards" and allow ordinary non-criminal citizens to descend on you and yours with whatever force THEY feel appropriate, while armed police defend THEIR rights.

When you pay taxes, behave decently, stop stealing, fighting, intimidating people, destroying property, defacing the landscape and defiling communities, then you will have earned the right to be treated THE SAME AS EVERYBODY ELSE! Until that happens, when I'm King, you will not be 'travelling', you will be fleeing.

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