Sunday 30 September 2018

See what you’ve done?

The permissive society exploded into the world’s consciousness in the swinging sixties. Anything goes. Make love, not war. Charles Manson. Okay, scratch that last, but nevertheless the great ills of the modern world have their roots in the way the world changed after the middle of the twentieth century. The wars to end all the wars - I, II, Korea, Vietnam, Cold – ended, and we entered the world of mass communication, the rise and rise of the consumer generations, nebulous but unrealisable notions of equality and something called social justice.

There came about a refusal to judge people for their actions; people were products of their circumstance only the class-cursed establishment would think punishment was just. Post-modernism challenged objective reality, morality became relative and even the very nature of truth was brought into question. If stabbing and raping and stealing and vandalism are a part of your cultural inclinations, who are we to say what’s right or wrong? After all, everything bad in the world is because of western imperialism. Please, formerly oppressed people, come here, enlighten us, have our stuff.

The counter-cultural revolutionaries said stick it to ‘the man’. The educators threw away generations of proven methods and adopted ideologies instead. And who says the shiny-faced, happy, well-fed nuclear family is the right model for humanity; why shouldn’t a child have two daddies, three... if the daddies want it that way? Then, possibly the greatest shackle of all, along came the human rights movement; a movement so wedded to the principles it invents on an almost daily basis that it will brook no dissent in its quest for ‘fairness’ and consider no absurdity invalid.

And where did we end up? Divided. Not into many generally tolerant little tribes, but into two massive blocs loosely described as left and the rest. If you are not of the left you are far-right, by their definition and your only purpose is to be the Eloi, to provide sustenance on which the Morlocks gorge. The majority of ordinary people go about their business, frustrated by but shrugging off the weird excesses of the latest cause célèbre. Meanwhile soviet-style show trials are held on television and across social media.

But the accused isn’t judged by a judge, instead by a self-selected international jury of partisans schooled in the mantras of ‘progressive’ dogma. Now we judge the judge himself – and of course we should – but the court of leftist opinion holds Judge Kavanaugh to be guilty until proved innocent. Better yet that he should be allowed no protestation of innocence because the new orthodoxy of victimhood decrees that the accuser (provided they are the right type of victim) must always be believed, feted even, and held above the normal standards of evidence.

Glorious socialism!

All of this hasn’t just happened; it is not a phenomenon conjured up from nothing. This now regular debacle of ludicrous moral grandstanding is the almost inevitable outcome of postmodern thought. The cultural Marxism which pervaded universities in the 1970s has trickled down into schools and the wolves in sheep’s clothing have occupied positions of power in western governments. The feedback loop created means that the tyranny of many minorities now holds sway over those who can legitimately be called normal.

But it has gone too far. The leftists have been tolerated, like over-indulged children. It’s time to put the toys away and they really don’t like it. Brexit, Trump, AfD, Sebastian Kurz, the Five Star movement are not the extremists the left insist on portraying them as, but the ordinary working people pushing back against the follies of youthful fancy given too much credence. It is not too much to call them spoilt, because this is what they are and this is what they have done. 

Friday 28 September 2018

Power to the people!*

Based on our glorious leader’s stirring speechifying, freedom fighters at my works have struck the first blow for liberty by going on a work-to-rule, They will be collecting their cards at lunchtime. Victory! It matters not what the confected dispute was about, the simple fact is that the business owner is an autocrat; his gaff, his rules. So, as a result of his annoyance he has introduced a new system. Admittedly it’s a bloody great bludgeon to crack a thin-skinned peanut of a non-problem. But while it hasn’t bothered those of us who toe the line, it has, somehow, bothered some of those who maybe don’t.

It’s much like socialism in that regard. Most people go to work, do what is required, take their pay and do with it what they want. Others seem to find time to devote more and more of their energies to being dissatisfied and given that misery loves company they expend even more effort trying to recruit others to the cause. Thus are shop stewards born and should Labour gain power under the current regime – Derek-bloody-Hatton has been allowed back in – we can look forward to wildcat strikes, sympathy walk-outs and flying pickets (everybody’s favourite was that one with the mutton chops).

Younger readers (who am I kidding? You’re all over fifty, admit it) won’t know about this, because it has been redacted from the official party history of the Glorious People’s Republik of Hackney and Liverpool, but back in the 1970s, workers in private firms sometimes came out on strike in sympathy with nationalised company workers determined to harm the country’s prospects. Unlike the governments of the time, such businesses didn’t cave to the threat, but simply locked the gates; the turkeys had voted with their feet for their very own early Christmases.

Power to the people is all well and good, but with power comes responsibility and it is very fucking irresponsible to try and damage your own place of work. Actually, in our case, I have a sneaking suspicion that it may have been a deliberately obtuse ploy to provoke a reaction. And thanks to this glorious national practice-strike, the first blows have been struck against corporate – actually one-man, private – capitalism and the first of the wounded are on their way to the dole queue. Round one winner, the boss.

Of course under the Dear Leader such actions must be made illegal; how dare private companies decide for themselves how to go about their business? Instead the outrage will pave the way for the state to decide what business you are in, how many people you employ and what you pay them  and hey bingo – full communism! Hoorah! But there is one wee snagette I can see. How will this work when the workers are given their promised shares in the means of production? How will they go on strike against themselves?

They're putting the banned back together...

A small matter, I am sure, for the beauty of socialist theory is that you make it up as you go along. Something doesn’t work? Well, it clearly wasn’t real socialism, was it? No, comrades, under real socialism what you need to do is... Keep stoking the fires of envy, keep telling people they’ve never had it so bad, prescribe the way forward to Nirvana and when people get lost tell them they just didn’t do it properly. Genius!

Power to the People = Power to the same old people, obviously

Thursday 27 September 2018

Bully For You

My, wasn’t Papa Jeremy angry yesterday? It is all the fault of those evil Tories but, mark my words, The Dear Leader has all the answers. And he knows how to deliver them, properly punctuated by table thumping, pointing and clearly enunciating how Labour will reverse the cruel austerity of the last hundred years of Tory rule. Yes, comrades, the facts are with us.

During Tory austerity over a billion people have died, the world has heated up so far that giant lizards stalk the land and plague and pestilence are only kept at bay by the last few remaining front-line nurses of the NHS, who are bravely resisting all the filthy capitalist money being thrown at them by the Thatchers in greater quantities than ever before, diluting its polluting influence by siphoning it off to management.

What we need, my dear fellow revolutionaries, is to use the enemy’s tactics against the enemy itself. Stamping on babies’ heads, literally taking food from the mouths of the homeless and labelling people from other lands as foreigners is hideous Toryism, but we must not shrink from the fray. Our people – the most disadvantaged in society – must be protected from the horrors of capitalism and until everybody is equal we will not rest.

See that fat cat employer on 85,000 ugly capitalist pounds a year? That bastard who had the gall to re-mortgage his home to start a business and employ people on LESS THAN HE EARNS? We will tax him until he begs for mercy. See that ugly, towering tall person, the one with the temerity to look down on shorter people? We will cut him down to size. See that disgusting, obese, indolent, slobbering... oh, wait, that’s one of ours; as you were.

Those inventors? They didn’t invent that; we did. That captain of industry? He didn’t turn around that ailing business; we did. Rooney? Those goals were scored by us, the proletariat, society. The Thatchers say there is no such thing as society – or at least we keep telling you that they say that – but we know that society is ALL we have. And we must each give our all to society so that we can work together to defeat the monstrous influence of capitalism which has flooded the world with wealth and brought ruin to all who acquire it.

Turn away from the gold, brothers and sisters, eschew the trappings of success and instead revel in our enlightening equality. Under the glorious new socialist project led by the People’s Revolutionary Action Task-force for Society (P.R.A.T.S) – a whole bunch of them – we will educate and mould all individuals until they blend indistinguishably from one another into one unified, obedient mass.

Glorious Socialism!

We are not afraid of the challenge ahead – we will use all means necessary to bring about harmonious conformity. There will be no dissent, no upraised voices; enemies of the state will be dealt with swiftly and finally. This time, socialism will work... if it is the last thing you do. What’s that? Well, of course the leader is different; he genuinely is more equal than the rest of us. Now, shut up and sing The Red Flag.

Tuesday 25 September 2018

A very naughty boy

The latest kinder, gentler politics kerfuffle is footage of a feckless young character called Sion Rickard, a classic example of what you get when you abandon discipline and rigour in education, suggesting that Toryism can be educated out. Don’t you just love it when the young and unemployable explain to those of us who pay for everything, who build everything, who take care of everything, how society ought to work? Sion has, of course deleted his social media presence, which announced him variously to be vacuous, flimsy, inconsequential and arty, so the vicious Tory thugs couldn’t point and laugh.

Oops, too late. If you’re going to pop up on Jeremy Christ’s stage and thump the tub for applause by trotting out the tired old dogma of the Nasty Tory narrative you ought, really, to have the bottle for the fight. He said – on education, for which he is a clearly an authoritative spokesman: “If we give them a proper Education ...we will probably have no Tories”. Cue thunderous applause from the drooling stooges; what a shame that the evidence shows pretty much that well-educated, gainfully employed people eventually graduate toward the Conservative view of life.

But hey, when you are building a movement (what the hell does that even mean?) you must never let the truth get in the way of a piss-poor aphorism. As Dawn Butler said the other day “Better to break the law than break the poor”; shame she missed the bit about how New-New-Labourism will actually make the poor. Forget the statistics, forget the polls and look at the simple reality; socialism can only ever work if everybody buys into it and that runs counter to human nature. Rickard’s naïve dream relies on the cult-like grooming of young minds to reject the family and adopt the tribe; the rag-tag rabble of ‘disadvantaged’ minorities who deem themselves entitled to a share of the producers’ output.

Jeremy Christ himself said in his sermon: “The super-rich are on borrowed time.” No, Jeremy, their time is bought, paid for and secured away from grasping states in offshore vaults on private islands. You will never be able to touch the super-rich; that’s how they got that way. Those you will go after are the lower-hanging fruit, the fruit you can squeeze, as Denis Healey gleefully announced, until the pips squeak. This was the Chancellor who presided over the economy and the political climate which brought about the ‘winter of discontent’. How did that go for you, Den? 

I work longer hours than all of my immediate colleagues, for which I get paid considerably more (don’t tell them!) I avoid tax by ploughing every penny I can spare into my pension. I expect to have work until at least 70 before being able to retire with any degree of comfort. Under a Corbynite government my thrift would be deemed ‘fat cattery’ and taxed so that others may retire earlier. You may be able to persuade young parents that their children’s interests lie in embracing punitive taxation on those who have accumulated some wealth, but try taking that wealth from their grandparents.

Jesus Corbyn, Jeremy Christ...

The conclusions from the Labour 2018 Conference? That old socialists never die and that they never learn. That the politics of envy is alive and well and stoking the flames of class hatred anew. That the false prophets of equality, diversity and multiculturalism put doctrine before cold, hard truths and bellow for the nebulous rewards of ‘social justice’ from their pulpits while having no regard to actual justice. And that there is no fool like an old fool. I think the second coming of the Messiah may need to be postponed.

Sunday 23 September 2018


To be fair to Jeremy Corbyn – and Labour as a whole – they have some lovely ideas. No, really, they do; the kind of ideas that must have crossed everybody’s mind at some point. For instance: everybody should have a job commensurate with their abilities, which pays sufficient for them to raise a family. They should live in a decent and affordable home, adequate for their needs and be able to eat good food in sufficiency without undergoing hardship to do so. And after their working lives they should be able to afford a long, healthy, happy retirement before going off to the farm.

People should enjoy quality education and encourage succeeding generations to embrace the advantages it bestows, while not denigrating good, honest toil for the less academic. A bin-man should have the same opportunity to live a satisfying life as a brain surgeon and assistance and encouragement should always be available for those who wish to explore avenues new. You should be free to pursue your lifestyle preferences just as you should respect the choices of others.

It almost goes without saying that a decent society should provide healthcare, clean air, good transport and reliable infrastructure to deliver power and communication links, water and sanitation to all. Nobody should be sleeping on the streets, nobody should be constantly afraid of violence and everybody should be able to go about their daily lives without being intimidated in any way. Those who transgress should be swiftly and humanely dealt with and everybody should have access to good legal representation.

See; who could disagree? But surely every party has the same wish list? Is there really a significant proportion of the electorate who would vote for parties which promise the opposite? The fact is that the only way in which one British political party is distinguishable from any other is ‘the plan’. And as always Labour’s plan for all these wonderful-sounding aspirations is to simply legislate for it and tax the rich. In other words, you’d better be happy, or else prepare to receive the full force of the law.

Jeremy models his outfit for 
the Glorious Leader's address

I hear nothing new from the Labour Conference (and I expect no better from the Tories next week) instead I hear only echoes of a failed past. Nationalise, soak the rich, grab the land and if Dawn Butler’s absurd utterings are to be taken at face value, bring back Militant Tendency. Labour – once a party united in its determination to represent the working class - has become bi-polar; Dr Jeremy and Mr Hyde, two personalities struggling to control the same body-politic. If you want the proof, ask any Labour MP what the party stance is on Brexit.

Friday 21 September 2018


An interesting article by Anne Applebaum in the Spectator raises the spectre of right-wing propaganda and invokes the notion of a legion of useful idiots, duped into backing a position which may be contrary to their real beliefs and harmful to their fortunes. The Tories are so addicted to Brexit, she says, that they’re making horrific new alliances in Eastern Europe and don’t realise that they are being taken for fools. Says who?

Given Applebaum’s credentials in this area do we believe her? Steeped in the study of Marxism-Leninism and being a visiting professor at that hot bed of socialist thought, the LSE, is she genuinely warning of a grave danger, or this a cheeky, sneaky foray into propaganda on her own part? Is it mischief, or is it genuine or is it – and here’s the rub - driven by her own myopia? I mean, is it more likely that there are many useful idiots, or just the one?

I’m not for one second saying that she’s wrong. The fact is, I just don’t know. And neither do you. We can’t even rely on our own direct experiences because they are seen through the distorting prism of our own beliefs. Faith, social class, education, upbringing and the political background of our formative years all play a part. Give me the child until seven, sayeth the Jesuit, and I will give you the man. Basically, when it comes to separating fact from fiction in the socio-political arena, we’re fucked.

Who do you trust? Michael Gove, from relatively humble beginnings, should resound with the hoi polloi and was probably doing so until he clumsily leapt aboard the Brexit charabanc only to then disembark in equally ungainly fashion when he saw his bread buttered on a different side. As a result he is political poison now. Boris, on the other hand is clearly out for Boris and Boris alone, nobody doubts it; yet he is somehow more credible as a Brexiteer. He has decided to cling to the charade of being a man of the people when he is clearly anything but. And it seems to be working.

It’s all about perception; and that, of course is the entire problem. Do you perceive that you have more freedom as part of the EU, or are you merely accepting restraint in return for the illusion of liberty? Or do you believe that Brussels wraps its red tape around your liberties and freedom can only come with total independence? Will we be poorer or richer outside the EU? The debate currently seems to be between those who believe they will be richer in and those who genuinely don’t care and would rather be poorer out, so long as they are out.

As Theresa May has been firmly told, there are no half measures. In or out, take it or leave it. We voted to leave, but we are now being told different stories. The older people who did so are now dead. The young demand their say and will resoundingly vote to stay. Remainers enraged at the EU’s intransigence will switch to Leave. Almost all politicians want to keep the decision making out of the hands of the populists... except for the populists. And why does the EU ‘care’ so much about whether we stay or leave?

Seriously though, who knows?

Nobody knows the future and anybody who claims to so do is a charlatan. Our own position relies not on facts, but on belief. So, do we know we are being manipulated and are happy to jog along, or do we not know and believe we have autonomy? Is the propaganda really effective, or does it only affect them, those others, the willing dupes? Or maybe, we are quite happy to let the Viktor Orbáns run the show because it plays into our hands, we who see through all the shenanigans? If you’re not confused, maybe you don’t understand the game at all. Who’s the useful idiot now?

Thursday 20 September 2018

Not normal

What do you mean, you’re not gay? What’s wrong with you, boy? Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to assume your gender. Nor your sexuality, come to that. Or, even, your lack of either. You have to feel sorry for Frank Oz, getting stick from the leftists for daring to innocently explain that Bert and Ernie are puppets, that have neither the apparatus nor the inclination to engage in the whole gender war clusterfuck that parts of our society have become hostage to.

There is an entire panoply of departures from normality which are considered not only tolerable, but acceptable in society today, with very little in the way of checks and balances. You think you are a trans-female lesbian – a man, who wants to be a woman, who wants to fuck women? Go ahead, be our guest, but you do know that the equipment you were born with is actually designed to perform in alignment with your sexual preferences.

You are eight years old; what do you mean, you haven’t selected your gender? By not only recognising abnormality – departures from the majority, the norm, the things most people identify with - but in trying to normalise it, some quarters are practically eulogising difference. Cohesive societies are founded not on difference, but on common ground. And one of the common grounds of civilised western societies is a tolerance for the minorities who don’t exhibit the traits of the majority.

But we are creating problems which barely exist, proposing solutions which merely create more problems; trying so hard to incorporate the needs, the demands of ultra-minority into our national portrait that we are blurring lines and in particular we are confusing those who most need order. This article clearly warns of the dangers: “It would appear, from these productions, that the BBC is glamourising transgenderism for children – telling them that any confusion can be easily swept away with the magic of changing clothing and hairstyles, using different pronouns and taking a few pills.

If everything goes, is there anything which doesn’t go? The worldwide Pride events are becoming more and more demonstrations not of genuine pride in shared identity but garish, almost threatening visions of a world with no rules.  'This parade and costumes designed by Hieronymus Bosch – abandon hope all ye who enter here', especially the young and impressionable. As the barriers fall, nothing can be deemed unacceptable for debate. Next up, the normalisation of paedophilia?

The new normal?

Listen, if promoting the kinds of sexuality that the more avant-garde elements of the Pride fraternity/sorority (What term to use? Even ‘family’ may offend) is deemed acceptable, nay desirable, how can you reject non-violent, consensual sex between an under-sixteen and an over-twenty? Has anybody asked Bill Wyman? Quite rightly, the law draws a line, but who is drafting the borders around gender and sexual normality? Why, those who want no lines at all. It’s bloody queer, I tell you.

Monday 17 September 2018


History is always looking for heroes but what it seeks and what it gets are often worlds apart. When Nigel Farage took the aimless and disjointed UK Independence Party from its fruitcake and closet racist characterisation to become a serious challenger to the cosy LabCon cartel, he donned the cloak and took up the sword. His no-nonsense, man-of-the-people schtick rallied hundreds of thousands and forced the referendum. Make no mistake, Ukip gave us the EU referendum and earned for Farage a brief flicker of heroic flame.

But where did he go? My generous side is still inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt; that the relentless negative media, the Farage-bashing by the established politicians, the opprobrium of the chattering classes, drove him to exhaustion. I am even prepared to believe, to a point, that he felt he had built up a movement but had seen his portrayal as holding the party back and was honourably stepping down to allow fresh blood to take the stage. I’ll give him all that... except.

The referendum result, the rise of Ukip, the standing up of patriotic people to superimposed governance everywhere, has been described in the establishment press as a racist reaction to immigration. That simplistic label is both insulting and craven. Most British people are quite happy to see Pepe, Giuseppe and Krystyna bustling away with their continental verve; keeping the wheels of industry and commerce turning merrily away; contributing to society as a whole and generally fitting in pretty well.

We are comfortable that Piotr, Lukasz and Ugne are picking fruit and packing peas, just so long as our own kids are getting a look-in. To see whole sections of formerly traditionally British towns become East European backwaters was something of a shock, a decade or so ago, but even this was manageable; European immigration was never the worst problem. Even membership of a trading bloc was not an issue. What was important, the thing which really fuelled the Brexit vote, was the feeling of powerlessness against a state which had bought into something far worse.

Standing up to the EU at times had the churlish appearance of a teenager standing up to parents who ultimately wanted the best. So, you want to make your own rules? Which of our rules do you find so bad; which would you change? All governments in the west are simply shades of socialism, which in this wider form is hardly harmful and brings undeniable benefits. But this desire to be inclusive, non-judgmental and egalitarian harbours harmful hypocrisies, not least the acceptance of an ideology which will never align with our values.

So when Anne Marie Waters’ bid for the Ukip leadership was thwarted by Nigel Farage’s championing of the insipid and ultimately useless Henry Bolton his mask slipped. Happy to garner the acclaim for bringing about the referendum result; happy to bask in the plaudits for his audacious stand-ups in the European Parliament, he balked when confronted with a real issue which simply has to be confronted head-on. Was he got at? Was he paid off? Why is Nigel Farage afraid of tackling the elephant that is islam?

You want it blunt? Let’s not call it islamism, or islamic terrorism, or islamic fundamentalism; let’s be straight and call it what it is; islam. And this is what Anne Marie dared to do; to name the beast and stand against it for which she has been vilified, targeted and framed as some sort of Nazi. In her own words, Anne Marie Waters is a former Labour member who grew up. And stood up and went on to found a movement which unashamedly says what nobody else in public life has really dared to say. Oh, except for Tommy Robinson, peace be upon him.

You want heroes? Right there; Tommy and Anne Marie stand out, towering above the gutless appeasement of the established powers. Those charged with our protection are instead protecting those who would harm us. Those we should turn to have turned away. The defenders of our freedoms and way of life are not the entitled ruling classes, not the police, the law, Parliament, but those who should better know their place and get back into their stinking hovels and kow and tow and tug their forelocks.

When the leaders don’t lead, when the concerns of the population go disregarded, when the people learn they can rely only on themselves, that is how revolutions begin. When the soft-handed incumbents of safe seats, sit in silence and refuse to listen, it is we - the rough people, the low people, the unsophisticated who are sick to death of lofty moralising and empty words – it is ourselves to whom we turn. Every parliamentarian who has dared to defy their voters should be quaking in their boots; change is coming; it can’t come too soon.

Sunday 16 September 2018

The right side of history

One must always remember that the government is not on your side; that isn’t possible, as there are far too many sides and the government – any government – can only lead in very general terms. Administrations can set the tone, convey an air of confidence and optimism (or their opposites) and generally set the scene. It is up to you and me to make the most of it. More money for education doesn’t make education better, but parents lobbying their schools just might. More money for the NHS won’t fix the NHS - as we see, over and over again – but the way we use the services just might. And minimum wage policies do nothing to improve my standard of living; that is my job.

Similarly, Brexit is a sideshow to what is really important, which is how we deal with it, because deal with it we must. Yet there are still some, who insist they speak for many, that wish to bury their heads in the sand and imagine that if it can only be stopped the world will revert to loveliness. This is naïve in the extreme. The world has already changed – it was doing so before Brexit; Brexit is just a symptom – what matters is how we shape the world in which we wish to live. And grizzling and griping about what might have been is the reaction of a spoiled child.

So it was greatly disappointing to see the glee with which the Remain camp seized upon the latest outpourings of the government’s Nostradamus Department which recently released more of their imaginings about what might happen should we leave the UE – horror - without a ‘deal’. Our driving licences will cease to function, our mobile phones will cost us the Earth, etc... Who cares? YOU choose whether to be affected by any of these things. Seriously, if the quality of your life is measured so nebulously as by whether you will still be able to purchase your favourite artisan cheese from the Dolomites I would urge you to re-evaluate your priorities.

Department Nostradamus is publishing mere conjecture, not facts; ‘could’ is not a fact, ‘might’ is not a fact. But to Remoaners this is like a sermon, a call for their cult to ascend the mountain and await the magic mothership which will save them all and transport them to the golden EU galaxy. Over the same old ground we have to tread and reach the same conclusion we must and this is that, fundamentally, Remainers did not know what they were voting for. In fact they were lied to and they are being manipulated by forces far more powerful than themselves. And they have no actual plan for remain.

Leave votes were based on forty-odd years of cold hard reality and discontent with the intransigence of the EU project. Remainers indisputably based their decision on faith – a belief, so far not founded, that the EU could be reformed, further integration could be halted and  the future would be rosy. ‘When the facts change I reassess my decision,’ Remainers love to say in support of their demands for a referendum re-run. Well, from a Leaver’s perspective the facts have indeed changed – the EU has proved itself to be even worse than we thought and far from us not knowing what we voted for, we see even more clearly how right we were.

The future?

Remainers on the other hand, read all the anti-UK rhetoric and, like cultists everywhere refuse to see it for the propaganda it is. Every pessimistic forecast is gospel; every report of our fragility is sacred lore. They are characterised by an abject lack of confidence in their own ability to survive outwith the walls of their cage; the door is open but they dare not step outside, afraid that to do so spells disaster. ‘Why would one vote to make anybody poorer?’ they ask. I say, if the continent wants to make itself poorer, if it wants to cut itself off from civilisation, from the future, then who are we to prevent it?

Thursday 13 September 2018

Oops, they did it again

I came back as a cat; resurrected using an old account we set up, years ago, when we got the moggy a wearable camera. So when Twitter didn't give me a reason why they had permanently suspended me, when Twitter was inaccessible to me in any form; when I couldn't even access their appeals page, I just casually tried dear old @wibcam.

And lo and behold it opened up, where none of my other accounts would; it was a miracle. (cue mystic light, rainbows and celestial music)

So, for the past couple of weeks I've been back in the limelight, quietly recouping a few of my followers and generally being really quite nice to people - because this is what @Jack demands; a subservient set of obedient drones who don't upset anybody.

Except, wait, that can't be true because Twitter is quite happy to allow its members to threaten, harass, bully and intimidate anybody they choose, just so long as they do it from the lofty moral heights of leftist thought. You can wish somebody dead if you are a Marxist clown, threaten somebody with rape if you are a transsexual, or just generally hate, hate, hate anybody who dared to vote for Brexit.

RIP @Wibcam 2013 - 2018

Twitter, you are revealed. You have no more interest in being a social media platform than Facebook does. You treat your customer base with contempt and like the socialist governments that have spread like a cancer across the once-civilised world, believing that you and only you are the arbiter of standards of decency and intellectual vigour. Well, guess what, you're not; not even close. And like those same governments the people you once thought you rode roughshod over will engineer your downfall.

Situation Abnormal

Ken Clarke said she was a bloody difficult woman; it seems she is worse than that. Theresa May has won again. Despite being possibly the worst-regarded Prime Minister in living memory she is still – and it seems will be for some time – firmly in post and if anything might be strengthening her grip on the party. The hideous Chequers ‘deal’ via which we tear up our membership card, but still pay the fees and abide by the rules is looming large and it seems that we are going to get a settlement which is equally unacceptable to everybody. What in the name of hell is going on?

The rebellion is over and done with, MPs putting their jobs ahead of any principles they once pretended to hold. The European Research Group has backed down and mumbled something unintelligible about it not being their job to come up with an alternative, even though that is exactly what they were telling us days ago. Ian Duncan Smith, bizarrely, came out of the woodwork and issued a weird rebuke about people being ‘silly’; it was a hideously unrehearsed, clumsy and targetless little rant which made him sound not like an authoritative figure, but a random heckler in the crowd.

And Boris, the straw-headed man, cowardly lion and clown prince of Parliament, has bottled it once again and gone into hiding. A couple of days ago we heard open talk of toppling the PM, with a challenge to be mounted even before conference. This morning we are told rumours of, maybe, an April coup. April? By April Brexit will have been fumbled, passed to the opposition and drop-kicked between the posts to score a resounding victory for Brussels. The EU problem will not have been dealt with to anybody’s satisfaction and the war will rumble on.

War? Of course; we are at war; against our leaders; against their leaders; and against their leaders... and those who tell them what to do. If only we knew who any of these people were. This is what the whole Trump/Brexit/AfD/Front National/Orban rebellions are all about. Divide and rule, they say and boy have they achieved that. Here we are, pitchforks at the ready and we don’t even know which way to march but, blood up, we want to blacken a few eyes. Those orchestrating the madness are relying on us turning on ourselves and it seems to be working.

Under such circumstances the disjointed, inconsistent, hypocritical rainbow coalition of leftist causes is busily seducing the disenfranchised; anything must be better than what we’ve got, yes? Despite the Marxist rallying cry, the power has not been with the people for a long time and Jeremy Corbyn’s inclusive cant conceals the contempt of those in power towards those ruled - government is for the few, not for the many – and always will be.

Trust in nobody

It can’t be too late, surely, but it is clear that the New Tories will never deliver Brexit, Old Labour has no intention of doing so and nobody else has the teeth. There seems little point in trusting ANY political body to work for the good of the country so, once again we learn that we cannot rely on government. In or out of the EU, in peace or war, in sickness or in health, the only reliable mantra remains: every man for himself.

Tuesday 11 September 2018

The Time for Talk is Surely Over?

As the clear and obvious threat to Theresa May from her own back benchers looms large, suddenly Michel Barnier comes out to fight her corner. A deal IS possible, he says, while still not actually budging an inch on negotiations. Mrs May is doing a great job trying to reach an accord with her close European partners. We must do nothing which breaks the bonds of our deep friendship, while each doing the very best for our citizens. Schmooze, schmooze, kissy kiss-kiss, look how close we are. What a steaming crock.

This stage managed farce has gone on far too long. It is no accident that these soothing words come as the Swedes have begun to register just how close they are to demographic breakdown; as people are stabbed in Paris; as Londoners go in fear of violent gangs... as Europe begins to rot from the inside, having left its wounds untended, allowing infection to spread and become near untreatable. Even as organs such as the BBC are desperately trying to run their ‘rise of the right’ narrative, people are making it clearer than ever that they have had enough.

South Yorkshire Police, desperate to provide ‘evidence’ for this rise have even gone so far as to solicit false evidence of hate crime in this ridiculous tweet from yesterday: “@syptweet
In addition to reporting hate crime, please report non-crime hate incidents, which can include things like offensive or insulting comments, online, in person or in writing. Hate will not be tolerated in South Yorkshire.” There is no purpose to this request other than to encourage the inflation of alleged hate-crime incidents and signal to the establishment how complicit they are willing to be in the selling out of the UK to a warped ideological vision.

Multiculturalism has been the EU’s great failure; the narrative about how immigration only ever enriches us and is a necessary antidote to the indolence of our indigenous is staggering in its audacity. It is hard to discuss what has been done without using the word treachery: betrayal of trust. We trusted governments to put our needs first and instead we have been betrayed. And how do these governments behave when the failures of their policies are held up in stark relief? When people are being bombed, stabbed, shot and run over on our own streets? Why, it is our fault, of course.

Ooh, look, it’s the neo-Nazis! They are exploiting your naïve distrust of foreigners to persuade you to ignore their beastly ways. Far right terrorist plots have been foiled; it’s not just the muslims, you know?  Odd then, that only those of a certain faith ever seem to break through. If anybody is being exploited it is the useful idiots of the left who will believe such claptrap. Bombarded on all sides by BAME voices telling us that BAME voices are not being heard, they believe the rhetoric and not the fact that visual media is pervaded by the new order; all families are multi-ethnic, all women are empowered.

To watch BBC’s Bodyguard it is clear that the women are in charge throughout, yet the same broadcaster gleefully tells upcoming generations how women are kept down by the male, pale and stale. We are being fed self-fulfilling bullshit with extra helpings standing by, heaped up on groaning trollies. Public organisations are bullied into hiring for diversity rather than for competence and all the time it is the white, normal British who are pushed to the back of every queue. Normal; how dare I use that word? I dare because it is true.

The idiots have a bigger megaphone...

It is time for talk both plain and coarse. It is time a spade became a spade once more and it is time that what normal people see every day is recognised, accepted and confronted. We all know that Boris has only one objective in mind and that is the deification of Boris, but if we have to use him as the blunt instrument to bludgeon democracy back into Parliament, so be it. Our leaders have betrayed us; they must be punished and if it takes the breaking up of both Conservatives and Labour then so be it; it is time to take out the political trash before they trash the country altogether.

Friday 7 September 2018

It’s not right

Another day goes by and once again the world of social media solves all the world’s problems to their entire satisfaction. I have been watching the war of words for a long time now and I think it is safe to say that nobody has the answers; at least nobody ELSE has the answers. To this end we can more usefully divide people into two broad groups, not simply on left/right lines but into dependent/independent camps. And yes, there is some correlation between left and dependent and with the right and self-determination, but when it comes to defining the right there still appears to be some confusion.

It’s not right-wing to use violent mobs to achieve your aims. In fact mob disorder, civil disobedience and its attendant, out-of-control looting and vandalism are pretty regular features of the now almost routine disruption of the capital’s smooth functioning by almost exclusively leftist groups. Antifa are a particularly noxious example of a supposed anti-right movement engaging in all the intimidating behaviour of which they accuse their nemesis.

It’s not right wing to want firm borders to control immigration and to oppose the imposition of third-world mores in a country once revered for its high standards in public life. In fact it is those communities most often described by their saintly protectors on the left as ‘the most vulnerable in society’ who are disproportionately disadvantaged by mass immigration: wages, welfare, housing schooling, social services and on and on are negatively impacted by the flood of non-contributing incomers.

It is not right wing to be happy to pay a reasonable amount of tax, but not to be milked. The only people who clamour for tax rises are those who don’t pay it, those who won’t be disadvantaged by it, or those who are outside the reach of the taxman. Plenty of higher earners with left-leaning principles enjoy the privileges of tax avoidance in one form or another. The Archbishop of Canterbury could set an example by redistributing some of the church’s untaxed wealth, but of course, they will need that money to protect the men in purple frocks from future legal action...

It is also not right that some, many, people are not willing to accept that the country is leaving a leftist bloc whose behaviour towards us during ‘negotiations’ has not been that of a friendly ally but of a deadly foe. A form of Stockholm syndrome, a weary submission to higher authority seems to have possessed those in the Remain tent. Not for nothing do they dismiss Leavers as belonging to ‘the far right’, invoking some association with the rise of Hitler. Populism, they say, is the destructive force when it seems to me it is the opposite; who wants to be unpopular?

Now the evidence is in, they insist, we need to put it to another ‘people’s vote’, by which they mean they’ve convinced themselves they will win this time. If there is evidence of anything it seems to be that Remainers will do whatever it takes to make Brexit a failure, if not in reality, at least in fable. It seems then that it is Brexiteers who are optimistic, excited and eager to get on and make a success of life beyond the EU.

In the world after Brexit, is there really any point in continuing to trust those who would do us down and blame every setback on we lumpen proletariat who dared to wish for better? Do we want a country run by angry, bitter losers, determined to prove their doom-laden thesis, or do we need to look to the optimists, the pioneers and those who have a real vision for a future unencumbered by the dead, lead weight of Brussels?

Is there a third way?

If you want to blame Brexit on the rise of the right then go ahead; nobody is listening any more. The pessimism, the mistrust in the electorate, the mundane, lacklustre mediocrity of those politicians who cleave to the dependency of leftist institutions should be consigned to history. Wanted - we should advertise -  a new political class who believes in Britain, believes in the British and will put the UK’s interests ahead of those of unaccountable Brusselseaucrats. It’s the way ahead folks; it’s only right.

Wednesday 5 September 2018

Unrepresentative Democracy

Few successful companies are even remotely egalitarian and no empire ever was. The organisational structures which have brought the greatest human triumphs have not – including the few instances of individual genius – been collaborative, inclusive collectives but dictatorial, hierarchical and about as far removed from democracy as it is possible to envisage. A few employers exercise a form of benign stewardship of their workers’ welfare but in the main the drive for that concern has to come from above.

Worker’s rights exist not because of the innate goodness in all employers’ hearts but because governments have imposed laws and monitored standards. But wait, from whence do governments get this authority? Traditionally, via hereditary roots, or bloody coups, but in the west, in the main, via the illusion of democracy. True democracy cannot exist beyond small groups of people with aligned interests; a trades union, for instance or what has become the unspeakable evil that is the nuclear family.

Interestingly, the very people who were despotically responsible for the downfall of powerful unions are also the destroyers of traditional families (except, of course, for certain culturally enriching family models whose sovereignty is inviolable). Because democracy is dangerous, as we are finding out at first hand. Direct democracy, when it fails to produce undeniable majorities is divisive, especially when it lays bare the stark differences between those who have benefitted from the current system and those who feel they have lost out.

We call the current system ‘representative democracy’, but who does it represent? It is abundantly clear that the fabled man-in-the-street does not possess the knowledge, the expertise or the interest to make objective decisions, or form valid opinions about almost every likely subject which is the normal concern of government. How is it possible that Josephine Bloggski could have a hand in shaping, say, foreign policy? How can a semi-literate be allowed to contribute to the education debate? And of course, how dared the former Prime Minister allow a democratic ballot of these unfit participants over EU membership, especially when it returned ‘the wrong result’.

Well, because, in this case, the pressure coming from this same demos forced his hand, but this was a rare event and may have spelled the end of referenda in the west altogether. The ruling classes (for they increasingly come from entitled origins) across the western world have looked on in horror at the Brexit debacle. If the birthplace of representative democracy could suffer this embarrassment, they wonder, could it also befall us? Of course, some quarters have not abandoned pretend direct democracy yet; they are calling for the referendum to end all referendums, because a ‘People’s Vote’ that returns the correct result would be the mighty door that shuts out the format forever.

But who does ‘representative democracy’ actually represent? Not the voters, for certain. This is one reason that proportional representation will never again be considered, at least never by those who gain from first-past-the-post. The referendum outcome is re-enacted every five years in every marginal constituency with the result that whoever charms the larger number of voters then has five years to ignore their slim majorities in favour of whatever Parliament decides.

As long as this system exists, be prepared for huge discrepancies between what governments say is happening and what people see is happening. Just one, simple example of how yawning that gap is this: Ruth Davidson has just said that wearing the burka is no different from wearing a crucifix. How astonishingly naïve is that? And how astonishingly ignorant of the fears and concerns of those who put her in post. Brexit, Trump and the so-called ‘rise of the right’ are all democratic reactions to the increasingly undemocratic way our world is ordered. Can’t you feel the strain?

Monday 3 September 2018

Owen Knows

The other day Andrew Neil had a pop at Owen Jones, the pipsqueak polemicist. Unlike everybody else Neil probably won’t get blocked; Owen earns far too much from being ridiculed on air by the master to cut off his nose like that. But after a few years of everybody saying “Oh bless, the wunderkind is saying complicated stuff on the tellybox” even the left is starting to get fed up of him.

He does still have fans, of course, but then delusion runs strong in the more gullible sectors of the general population. But nobody deserves the endorsement of a proven liar: Mehdi Hasan tweeted on Sunday that “@OwenJones84 has more intelligence and integrity in his fingernail than most of his British media critics put together”; this on a typically whiny thread about his journalistic expertise. So I imagine it rankled when Jennifer Williams at the Manchester Evening News questioned his actual credentials. Hey, if the left can denounce Katie Hopkins, who has written for many fine organs as not-a-journalist... sauce for the gander.

But then if the left has ever been supreme at anything, it has to be hypocrisy. Yes, we are all guilty of it, but people like Jonesy take it to a whole new level, Denouncing anybody who dares mention uncontrolled, mass immigration in a negative way as indulging in ‘dog-whistle’ politics, Jones and his bedfellows whip up their flock into a frenzy of outrage via a knee-jerk necessity to invoke the spectre of Nazis rising from the past to sweep across Europe and bring darkness to the land.

To OJ the BBC is a tool of the ‘hard right’ ‘cruel Tory’ establishment, denying left wing voices and trampling on free speech. Owen, who is never off the box, blocks anybody on Twitter who disagrees with him, then uses his many media appearances to simply tell lies. Of course, they’re not lies to him, in much the same away as fire and brimstone preachers must either believe every image of hell and damnation they foretell or else be barking mad... or malevolently duplicitous.

But Owen does it from a self-identified position of loveliness. By sounding reasonable - we should be fairer, we should be kinder – look at me, see how kind I am... I’m adorable! How could I possibly advocate harm to anybody? But them; they are the enemy and as much as we abhor their methods – look at them, the far right, just look at them with their... their... tattoos, and their... their jobs! To the left the ends have always justified the means, but to assuage their dissonance they tell themselves they must resort to using what they believe the right’s methods against them because nothing else will work.

But when we slaughter, we do it in the name of kindness. Did you know that Jeremy Corbyn’s middle name is kindness? Well it is, and if that doesn’t tell you something... I’ll find something which will. And this, of course, is Squealer’s job, to make the message fit the events, to make words written after the fact appear to predict the fact; to re-purpose outright lies as inviolable truths. A famous person in history – and one whom Jones would denounce – used exactly the same tactics Owen uses every day.

The political compass of Owen Jones

Here is Owen – Goebbels – Jones performing to the gallery and attacking Frank Field in the Guardian. Really, Owen? Frank Field is now a Tory? In his final paragraph he kindly, gently absolves Momentum from any part in a forthcoming general election defeat for Labour. It’s the media, he says; the media is against us. We are the victims; we are the good guys. Yes, Owen, you keep telling yourself that.