Thursday, 18 October 2018

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Once again a British Prime Minister has been to Brussels. Once again a British Prime Minister has been sent away with nothing, without even supper on this occasion. This ludicrously choreographed farce of Brexit-In-Name-Only is served up on a regular basis like a dire seventies sit-com, sans plot, sans imagination, sans entertainment, sans laughs. The PM barges on stage, her knickers fall down, the audience groans; we’ve seen it all before.

But wait, what light through yonder window breaks? Is it a new dawn or just the same old dreary daybreak? Suddenly, although the answer is still “Non!” as it always has been, we are told that there is a new body language, a new hope that maybe, just maybe, if we make yet more concessions... Body language? The only posture the slope-shouldered Theresa May now seems capable of is abject prostration at the feet of her masters. The UK electorate, you mean? No, it is clear who is in charge here and it is not we great British unwashed

We are told that the talks are ‘delicately poised’. Bollocks they are; the ‘deal’ was arranged months if not years ago.  All the rest has been obfuscation and delay and the Irish border question – as utterly irrelevant as it is – has somehow become the headline act. Nobody is here to see the bloody Irish border; we bought tickets for ringside seats at the battleground and instead have ended up in a bizare and unintelligible fringe event. This is nothing other than a stitch up.

There never was going to be an acceptable deal. We actually voted to leave behind all such arrangements and the EU has no intention of offering anything of any value, something it told David Cameron three years ago. We already voted on that no-deal, why are we being led down the garden path only to arrive at exactly the same point?

The EU – and by its naïve complicity, our own government – has done its best to make the whole Brexit process a thing of misery and fear and not the optimistic new wave of entrepreneurial energy it should have been. Our whole political class has behaved like despots desperately trying to cling onto the powers supposedly bestowed upon them by us and in the process utterly disregarding their proper allegiance and misunderstanding their place as servants, not masters.

When the whole sorry saga finally grinds to a halt and the bitter end is reached – and my god is it going to bitter – there is going to come a reckoning. In the meantime, how much longer is it going to take and how much more humiliation is Mrs May prepared to face before finally admitting what millions of us knew from the outset? The only response to the intransigence and mockery we have had to grin and bear is to leave the table and say “On yer way, Barnier”.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Just a matter of time

If we ignore it, perhaps it will go away? This might at first glance appear to be official government policy on islam in Britain, but you don’t have to look very far to see this is not true at all. Not only is the government – and the opposition – not looking away from the very clear muslim problem, it is actively conniving with the muslim brotherhood and its various subsidiaries to overthrow what is left of British identity.

There really is no such thing as a British muslim, as there are British Jews, British Christians, British Sikhs and British Hindus, because islam tolerates no other form of society once it has the power to impose its own totalitarianism on a conquered people. It is what it has done throughout its history and as far as the UK is concerned we are pretty much at tipping point. It may already be too late for our supposed leaders to turn around this oil tanker as it heads for the reef called sharia.

And it is happening across the civilised world; the barbarians are not only at the gates but streaming through, those portals held wide open by the forces of idiocy in authority driven by what I can only assume is a misplaced hope that the traitors will be beheaded last. There was no place for islam in the west until the west made one; past conflicts ensured that. But now, with the willing complicity of governments across Europe the mullahs look down upon beleaguered natives and see that the time is ripe. The EU has done their work for them:

First, create a supranational government and berate all who opposed it as narrow-minded xenophobes. Recruit the morons of the left who see all forms of pride – except of course the holy gay pride – as practically Nazism. Normalise the perverse, abandon the traditional and then open up your borders, usher in the invader with all his distasteful practices and barely veiled hatred of western culture, invite them to set up breeding colonies, protect them as if endangered species and to hammer home the point make judicious examples of all who object.

Import non-English speaking imams to set up jihadi groups and propagate hatred and then use native law to protect their headquarters from any attempt to discover what happens within. Object on cultural grounds to any attempt at restraint and assimilation. Subjugate the police to fawn at their feet and likewise bring in the infidel children to prostrate themselves at allah’s door. Build giant mosques and keep on breeding, keep on building and keep on taking, taking, taking the kuffar’s gold.

Replace native traditions with islamic ones. Make the celebration of Christmas an insult to islam and insist on parity for your minority traditions. Insist on ‘cultural sensitivity’, take over the food chain and make the vassals pay to have everything they eat certified halal. Cry racism and islamophobia at every turn... and keep on breeding.

This week Anjem Choudary is back on the streets, recruiting. The cost of monitoring him is hideous, yet  for fear of being called barbaric ourselves not a hair on his head was touched in jail, unlike others who have gone to prison at the behest of the government’s muslim masters. The police are already lost, the armed forces are rapidly being brought into the same line. Soon the only recourse for the citizen under siege will be direct action, for which they will be vigorously pursued and prosecuted. 

Storm coming

Statistics this week show an increase in the newly fashionable 'hate crime'. It matters not that much of this is perceived injustice and confected nonsense. In particular there seems to be some alarm and surprise that there is a supposed doubling of anti-islamic incidents. Nobody is surprised but the government. But nothing will be achieved by continuing to do nothing, other than facilitate what appears now to be inevitable. Religious war is coming. And we are not ready for it.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Every day is protest day

Gina Miller is calling for yet another march against democracy. As if it is not enough that every single week since the referendum there has been some form of whiny protest that the big boys voted for Brexit and ran away. Writing in the Independent she says “I can't imagine that Brexit – a dogma that is so obviously against the national interest – would ever have been allowed to get as far as it has by the gutsy, morally robust wartime generation. Why can't we pull together again?” We did, love, we did; and the vote didn’t go your way.

She’s not alone, though. Every such commentator – Alastair Campbell, Anna Soubry, Jolyon Maugham, AC Grayling, et al – adopts the position that they are entirely reasonable and that the 17.4 million haters who voted for such national self-harm are childish, gullible, naïve and propagandised by clever and manipulative intellects to vote against their own interests. Oh but wait, if the leave legions are so damned clever how come they didn’t win the argument in the first place and how come they didn’t spot all the Russian interference and the stomping Nazi jackboots ahead of their big humiliation?

They, the anti-Brexit bullies, are the antagonists here. They have insulted, derided, belittled and berated Leave voters with every sneer they can summon at every conceivable opportunity The punditry is pungent with pejorative as night after night the newsrooms, the chat shows, the political platforms are packed with a parade of the great and the good, all of whom imagine that their groupthink is unassailably right and the illiterate rabble of populist malcontents must be put back in their place. The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

We used to say ‘the students are revolting’ because such perpetual protest used to be seen as very much the province of the young, the foolish, the self-absorbed and it was an unedifying sight. But that was back in the days when the grown-ups knew that eventually the children would grow up, take on responsibilities of their own and discover that if you want something you have to go out and earn it; demanding somebody else do it for you only cuts it until the aprons strings go twang.

But with the advent of kidults this notion that the world owes you seems never to have left some, especially those who are employed in the many non-productive industries that have replaced the traditional sources of our former wealth. The only people who ‘profit’ from the human rights industry, diversity proliferation and ‘vibrant’ multiculturalism are the parasites who self-define and aggrandise their roles. My bet? The overall national happiness and equality quotients would increase if we could rid ourselves of the freeloaders who promote antipathy in order to pretend to themselves they are fighting against it.

Some things you have to figure out for yourself

Maybe if they had real problems in their lives they would get on with solving them. Maybe if they spent less time worrying about what other people thought of them they could spend more time improving what other people thought of them. Maybe if they took responsibility for their personal welfare, the welfare of their local communities would also improve? And maybe, if they really cared about any of this, if they really cared about the future of the UK, they would have vote for Brexit.

Sunday, 14 October 2018

I am Womxn hear me Roxr

There has been some hilarity this week over the Wellcome Collection’s backing down over the use of the alternative, unpronounceable and numeratively unclear spelling of a formerly inoffensive collective noun. “‘Womxn’ is apparently a relatively common term on US university campuses, as it ‘allows space for individuals who identify as genderfluid, genderqueer, gender non-conforming, or non-binary,’ according to the Daily Dot website. The ‘x’, we are told, ‘opens up the free-human-woman concept to include trans women’, since, of course, ‘woman’ excludes such people.

Lucky people, eh? Lucky? Well, if the most important thing to you is whether you are politically correct enough, inclusive enough, diverse enough, accepting enough and you have the time to thoroughly steep yourself in gender studies and other confected fripperies, you probably have it pretty good. I guess when all your material needs are met you just need to complete the tick-list of fulfilled spiritual wants and you’re good to go. Please go.

Then there is the BBC’s intention to challenge ‘heteronormative’ culture at the corporation. Whaaaat? You want us to wear badges now?  You need special shorthand so that you can identify fellow sufferers, sympathisers, friendly non-combatants and what, the enemy? Should all the straights perhaps wear yellow stars, would that make it any easier? I have no problem with people expressing their desires, their differences, their hopes and even their crusades, and badges are as good a way as any other, but the problem with minorities these days is they will not rest until theirs is the majority view.

If a minority who perceives it has been persecuted can so arrange things that the majority are punished for their ordinariness how the hell does society ever manage to come up with a set of rules that are fundamentally fair to all? This whole business of identity politics is a symptom of the madness of atomised thinking, fractured societies and the breakdown of traditional structures in the quest for inclusivity, diversity and equality – all of which are singularly incompatible with each other.

You patently cannot have diversity AND equality and the wearing of badges strikes me as more exclusive than otherwise – or should we wear multiple badges. How about we wear no badge and perhaps judge people – for judge we must – on whether they’re a dick or not, rather than whether they have a dick or not? Why does everybody have to come out and declare an allegiance or worse, be forced into adopting an apparent allegiance they simply don’t feel? Can’t people who work at the BBC or go to university just be allowed to be who they are without having to constantly bear colours?

Karen White - because 'she' says so.

I blame Freud, with his crackpot mummy/daddy issues and somehow legitimising the hocus-pocus of cold reading as settled science. And once again it began with the chattering classes – the devil makes work for idle hands and all that. We used to have unwritten codes of behaviour in Britain which meant difference was largely tolerated. Now we have actual written criminal offences which demand they be obeyed. Can anybody spot the differxnce?

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Eight days a week

I have been thinking about John McDonnel’s proposed four-day week. Obviously, I’d have got this piece out yesterday except it was one of my down days. I’m guessing the same excuse would become commonplace with clients demanding service – how dare they? The possibilities are endless: The production line, dispatch, delivery drivers, warehousemen, wholesalers, retailers - take your pick – were on their extra day off... consecutively. Complaint, madam? I’ll put you through; oh, wait, they’re not in today..

And what about that time off; how would you use it? No, I’m not talking to you, you outward bound, gad about town, charity volunteering, hobbyist sportspeople and all round good eggs that you are. It’s ‘them’ I’m addressing, the ones Johnny Mac is aiming his vote harvester at. Those who spend half the weekend pissed and the other half recovering, those for whom a hangover is an active, budgeted portion of their leisure. Downtime costs, whether you are active or indolent and particularly if you list ‘chilling’ among your hobbies.

Chilling is just look-how-cool-I-am slang for idling, slacking, doing nothing; if you were doing something of merit you would be too busy doing it to spend time tweeting pictures of your slippers, hangover face, over-priced coffee or trashed living room. When did sloth become so fashionably relatable? When did thrift and enterprise become so denigrated?

How about teachers, John? Would they also work a four-day week? Given a reported 20% adult functional illiteracy rate how would this help? Going for 40% maybe? What if some of those who do find work might not be able to read and understand their terms and conditions; how does that stack up for human rights, John? Mind you, if a four-day school week meant that educators (we don’t call them teachers any more, do we?) would have to cut out the do-goody-good diversity bullshit we might actually get somewhere. Perhaps they could ditch mindfulness, so maybe there are some real positives?

Now I’m not saying that total collapse on the couch isn’t a perfectly valid use of your non-working time but have you ever studied the habits of successful people? They don’t really have downtime. If they are not at formal work they are doing all those little things that keep a roof over their heads: fixing, cleaning, building... possibly even literally putting that roof back over their heads. But there is still the question of remuneration. Companies making use of automation will simply keep their savings on wages as profit for shareholders. Maybe we could all become shareholders, John?

The robots are coming!

Of course, there you go, you want that as well. But who is going to pay for it? Quick recap then, for those still paying attention: Four-day week, lower incomes, reduced output, lower GDP, less tax, more welfare demand, downward spiral of supply chasing reduced demand, credit mountain, personal bankruptcy; migration to citizen’s basic income to cover up the failings, descent into Venezuela territory, capital flight, total collapse of the economy. Maybe, John, politicians could do a four-day week... but I doubt many of them would welcome the overtime.