Wednesday, 7 April 2021

The Wisdom of Youth

When I was young I believed in Father Christmas. We didn’t do the Easter Bunny, but the Tooth Fairy pursued a roaring trade in our household, brought up, as we were, in the era when losing all your teeth by the age of 40 was practically the norm. Naturally, at an early age we discovered that these founding myths of our childhood were just that. But it’s not as if we weren’t susceptible to adopting new mythology in place of the old.

In the nineteen seventies, ghost stories were big business. The Exorcist and its cinematic sequel preyed on the natural inclinations of god-fearing folk to believe in the flip side of the good and evil coin. The devil was real and he was in your child! But as that faded, the fads of the eighties formed around spontaneous human combustion, the shenanigans of poltergeists and those pesky crop circles. All bollocks of course and all beliefs we outgrew as real-life priorities took precedence.

In some, the juvenile beliefs persist; to this day there are adults, some now in retirement even, who still believe in the supernatural, in benevolent faeries and malign goblins, and forces beyond our control. But if you really want to gull large cohorts into singular irrational beliefs in general you have to aim at the young. And the younger you get them the better. Throughout history extremist regimes have pursued the mass indoctrination of young people; willing armies of unthinking drones.

No wonder then, that on learning of the BBC’s Project 17 I was immediately both curious and uneasy. The UN has set what are compellingly called Sustainable Development Goals, which are an easy sell to the naïve, schooled in the lazy language of human rights. Like the Midwich Cuckoos they eagerly parrot the learned responses to the articles of faith, chanting in unison the catechism, with little understanding of what they demand.

Ending poverty, halting climate change, bringing about the nebulous and ever-shifting goals of ‘equality’, and in talking about rising sea levels no doubt intending to turn back the tide itself, there is something other-worldly about their ambitions. But at that age, and especially in the current climes, they have been brought up to believe they matter, that they are the solution, that they are the future.

But children are no more ‘the future’ than are their parents and grandparents. The future contains all of these groups, with the older battalions far better placed to bring about real change. Every child eventually becomes an adult, leaving behind the follies of youth and learning about the realities of responsibility, not just the fantasy of entitlement. If there is hope for these young idealists, it is that they grow out of their myths sooner or later.

You will believe...

There are reasons we have minimum ages for voting and there are reasons why political movements on the left wish to lower those ages. Call me cynical but as I have aged I have rejected, on the evidence, pretty much every daft belief I may once have held. In a blatant piece of plagiarism, I repeat a joke I stole from Twitter today: A socialist, a climate change warrior, a neo-Marxist and a Project 17 advocate walk into a bar and try to order drinks. The barman tells them: "We don't sell alcohol to anyone under 18.

Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Testing, testing?

Two tests a week, they are now saying. Take two lateral flow tests per week and report your findings via the government website. What could possibly be more reasonable than that, some may ask? But why would anybody buy into it? It’s okay, I guess, if you can work from home, and isolation isn’t an issue, but where does that leave the hands-on wage slave who simply can’t?

And quite apart from all that, given that so many people are convinced the entire Covid thing is either a sinister plot (to what possible end?) or else an overblown reaction to a perfectly survivable ‘flu’, what sort of participation rate do they expect? If, as the conspiracy theorists repeatedly claim, this has all been about controlling you, the idea of voluntary self-testing is the very opposite, given that it is so open to abuse.

Where are the controls to prevent you from simply reporting negative results? Or, even if individual tests were identifiably and traceably allocated to an individual, what is to stop a negative-testing family member from taking the swab? Is there even a way of telling whether the test was taken at all? And as for follow-up testing, would this only apply to those who reported positive? If negative reports were to be similarly investigated, I could see millions just not bothering.

Surely the time for testing was last year, except that a swathe of anti-government propaganda relentlessly poured cold water on the process. It has already cost a lot of money for test and trace to fail; why throw good money after bad? And what incentives do asymptomatic carriers have to possibly risk their livelihoods by getting involved? I, for one, would not readily wish to incriminate myself over a sniffle or a cough.

I am genuinely unafraid of being infected by the coronavirus – I fully expect my body to deal with it as it has dealt with everything else over the last sixty-odd years – but I have watched a lot of formerly sane and rational people thoroughly lose their minds over it. My natural phlegmatic approach to much in life finds the hysterical over-reaction almost amusing and more than a little curious. It’s certainly not a British way to go about things.

I have steadfastly refused to adopt a position on lockdowns, travel restrictions, vaccinations and the like because I freely confess to being largely disinterested and materially unaffected. I have had my first jab because, why not? And I will happily offer up my arm for the second. But testing twice a week? Not if it might affect by ability to make a living, no. No, thank you.

We have it! The cure!

And back to the conspiracies. I fully expect somebody to arrive at the conclusion that the offer of a testing regime is there as an alternative to carrying a vaccine passport, given that they are convinced this is all about making you jump through hoops. (Again, to what possible end?) But isn’t it probably closer to the truth to conclude that in the government’s urgency to return society to safe normality this is more likely simple desperation?

Saturday, 3 April 2021

All White on the Night

We need to be more white, a recent report concludes. The report, after extensive research into the socio-economic make up and multi-ethnic structure of the United Kingdom was commissioned, by me, to shine a light on the routine discrimination faced by white people. The findings are based on observation, careful interrogation of tribal narratives and scrutiny of the falsehoods spawned by a vested interest in obscuring the truth; or what used to be referred to as the bleeding obvious.

Open your eyes and look. The bleeding obvious is, well, it’s bleeding obvious, isn’t it? Given that nobody is going to defend white people from the relentless assault on our ethnicity, one could be forgiven for wondering whether it is worth even being white, but it turns out there is little we can do about it. I very much doubt that blacking up would help, in the current febrile climate, so don’t do that. Instead, it’s time to start actually celebrating the wonderful white diversity we bring to these islands.

Whiteness is nothing to be ashamed of, in fact it is something to salute. Although a search through the modern history books reveals little, it turns out that every single historical building in the realm was designed and built entirely by whites. Every last one. The roads and railways and canals which were central to creating wealth are towering and enduring achievements of raw white muscle. The law, education, etiquette and the general civilised functioning of society; all white.

They have Black History Month, we should celebrate White History Millennium. The galleries, the theatres, almost all literature and the massive majority of cinematic wonders are wrought by white minds and hands. When we are brought together we can achieve things that those of other ethnicities can only gaze upon with envy; flight, ocean navigation, personal transport, gainful employment, communication, computers, space exploration, world trade... Almost nothing we rely on in the modern world would exist if not for the white people who created it.

There is much talk of de-colonising the school curriculum, of blackwashing history, of dismantling systemic white bias in everything. But, you know why there is systemic white bias? Because we fucking built everything; one would think others would be grateful. Instead they are hypocritical because, while demanding we change all that – in their analysis – discriminates against non-white faces, they also insist that we actively favour black over white in every respect.

They’re not redressing any balance, they are systematically dismantling a civilisation developed over centuries and replacing it with a ramshackle collection of ill-thought and discriminatory knee-jerk polices. And worse, they are aided and abetted by those white people who are far too clever, and far too ‘well-educated’ to see what is right in front of their noses; the absolute annihilation of their race.

Where's ours?

So, this Easter weekend let us take a moment to consider how very fortunate we are to have been born into one of the entire world’s most tolerant, intelligent, thoughtful, inventive and industrious peoples. Without the greatness of Britain, built entirely on white endeavour, the world today might be a very much poorer place to live. But let’s not be too ostentatious in our celebration; let’s instead spend a quiet minute to appreciate our true glory. In short, let us be wonderfully white about it.

Thursday, 1 April 2021

Witch Doctor

Pleasingly, the predictable response of the new left – by which I mean the identity-driven, proto-communist, useful idiot left – to the report from the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities, is to scream Uncle Tom at every non-white person on the panel. Ash Sarkar helpfully tweeted “A government who doesn't like it when people say institutional racism exists appointed a panel of people who don't believe institutional racism exists, and they've produced a report which argues that institutional racism doesn't exist.”

Shame that the same degree of scepticism wasn’t levelled at the ‘Nope, no anti-Semitism here!’ inquiry into the Labour party which then immediately whisked the whiny Ms Chakrabarty off to the House of Lords. Not a murmur of dissent, not a raised eyebrow, not a single challenge to the elevation was heard. The left at least know how to stick together, defending each other against the indefensible.

The disgusting racist, Shola Mos-Shogbamimu , a lifelong black supremacist decided that the chair of the commission, was a ‘token black’, a charge which, had it fallen from white lips, would have attracted censure, outrage and possibly violence. And this is the difference, isn’t it, between ordinary people who genuinely wish to rub along nicely and fantasists like Shola who thrive on conflict. People whose entire raison d'être is to foment hatred.

Because the real racism, as we have learned over the last few years, is not the discrimination by whites against persons with different ethnic origins, but a concerted attack on whiteness. You can’t open a newspaper, watch an advertisement, search the internet, or quietly try and absorb television or radio without being aware of it. Under the pretext of trying to attract a wider audience, white culture is being ostentatiously removed from some forums.

White people are to blame for all the world’s ills, but never to be praised for all the world’s ability to function. It is not enough that we created the means to alleviate poverty and donated it freely to the developing world. We are now to blame because the developing world has failed to explore the paths we cut for them. We are to blame because instead of using what we showed them they decided, instead, to beat a path to our door and demand we do it for them.

None of this is about equality, or white racism; there is no white supremacy to be found outside a few small cabals of idiots who are just as much despised by the white society they do not represent. And for all the clamour, for all the fawning over by media outlets, people like Shola Mugabe Umbongo and ‘Tash Sarkar do not represent the black community either.

Doctor Shola will see you now...

‘Doctor’ Shola might like to take a leaf out of another doctor’s book and instead of forever trying to perpetuate the hate industry she has partly created and from which she profits greatly, start to judge people not by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character. At Easter, a time of renewal, a time of forgiveness for betrayal, she might, for once forego the thirty pieces of silver and try instead to just be a decent human being.

Monday, 29 March 2021

Boris Bashing

Over the weekend a conversation at work was had regarding the Batley situation as, once again, the nation of islam, by not denouncing the cavemen protesters, tacitly stands behind them. A colleague said “You can’t blame muslims; that’s ridiculous and wrong. Christians in the USA are just as bad.” Fair enough I replied, I hereby denounce all Christians demanding the beheading of non-believers. Then knowing said colleague is a former card-carrying communist and long-time hard left Labour supporter I asked where he stood on the Jews.

“That’s completely different” he opined, “It is well known that the Zionists control world trade and banking and oppress the people of Palestine.” And there we have it; this is at the heart of many of our problems in public discourse. Too few take the time or have the mental capacity to examine whether some of the qualities of those they hate so much are actually of any merit. Thus, if you hate Boris Johnson, nothing – not one thing – the man does will elicit anything other than opprobrium from you.

I don’t know Boris Johnson personally, but, in common with many, I have in the past, found him a shallow, ego-driven, faux-eccentric, manufactured, buffoon-like figure, who periodically bloats into to a balloon-like figure of foppish mediocrity. There; for the avoidance of doubt, like many who have never met him, I imagine he is not my kind of guy. Yet I can’t help but recognise that were this entirely true he wouldn’t be where he is today. I can appreciate how he lights up a room in a way that most people who seek public approval never do. I mean, take Ed Davey… no, really.

I doubt that Boris and I would get on, but whatever my personal impression of the man I simply cannot countenance the ludicrous portrayal of him as some sort of Machiavellian overlord. I was blocked on Twitter yesterday by somebody expressing their considered opinion that by heading up the government which has recently extended the coronavirus legislation, with the democratic approval of almost the entire House of Commons, he was ushering in a dictatorship. Dictator? I checked: “…a political leader who possesses absolute power.” Hmm…

While not a fan of personality cults, I feel bound to point out that few world leaders and even fewer dictators are routinely and almost fondly referred to by their first name. Boris. Hardly a stand-out British name is it? And yet there he is, a duly elected Prime Minister about whom everybody has an opinion, few of them flattering, who seems more concerned that people should like him than that they should fall on their knees before him. For a dictator he’s not doing an awful lot of quality despoting, is he?

Dictator? Oh, come on!

But there they are, the detractors; the anti-lockdown, anti-mask, generally anti-Tory brigade, and they do rather go in for a spot of hyperbole. But where does that get us? I mean if Boris is ‘Literally Hitler’, as somebody actually tweeted yesterday, where do we put Jeremy Corbyn – literally Mao? And as for Keir Starmer, why, he makes Corbyn look positively charismatic. Perhaps we should insist all future PMs have the presence of, say Herman Van Rompuy. Who, you ask? Exactly.