Tuesday 29 June 2021

This is War

Batley and Spen, an electoral constituency unknown to most, pre-referendum, yet now pivotal in the fight for… for what, exactly? Of course, Labour will court the muslim vote because Labour is the party of islam, fully signed up as it is to the demands of the muslim Council of Britain. The mCB [lower case intentional] has a series of pledges which, while intended to sound innocuous, spell the end for white rule in the United Kingdom, as sure as mohammed is a savage, goat-fucking, child rapist, presumably the model followed by far too many of his adoring fans.

Some of those pledges explained:

1. Tackle racism and islamophobia – this means, define perfectly normal fears of displacement as racist and keep on playing the race card despite every rational attempt to explain that islam is not a race.

2. Religious liberty - Defend the right of muslims – and people of all faiths – to express their faith. This is disingenuous because islam has exactly zero concern for people of other faiths.

4. Safety at places of worship – as with pledge 2 this means to confer special privileges on muslim communities so they can play the adhān at all times via vast PA systems and let the British know, in no uncertain terms that they have been conquered.

6. Refugees – oh yes, and more and faster. Not any old refugees though, but those ‘fleeing’ the countries they turned into shitholes, so they can turn this country into a shithole. And,

10. Ethical Foreign Policy – fucking Palestine, every time.

So, of the bigger challenges which face the modern world in the coming decades there is one more existential than all the others and it is the prospect of the death of the west at the hands of islam. But not from any marauding horde storming the beaches and scaling the heights. Instead, under the guise of multiculturalism, successive governments have refused to address the islamic elephant and have instead punished British people for speaking out.

And by British people I do mean non-muslims, because there can never be any allegiance before islam for the inbred savages who use the rape of young girls to demonstrate just how untouchable they are. This is not asylum seeking; they are not escaping from islamic persecution, but quite deliberately colonising in the name of islamic barbarity, as their faith demands. Never forget that islam means submission, for there will be peace only when every dissenting voice is silenced.

Batley & Spen is one place where they have openly shown their intentions and bared their teeth, daring to threaten even the party which supports them. It is one of many but watch as the process accelerates. There is now a barely sub-critical mass for the caliphatisation of this country and emboldened by the total lack of action, they will rise up everywhere they can bring their numbers, secure in the knowledge that the police will protect them from British resistance and punish those who refuse to submit.

The mCB and its soldiers are intent on punishing Labour for disobeying their orders; they now feel confident enough to win even without Labour, for whichever party gets in, that constituency will still be controlled by the sheiks. And this isn’t just the start, it began in earnest over two decades ago. In fact, worse than that, it started when islam itself cast its dark shadow on the world. This is war, it always has been; and there really is no other word for it.

Monday 28 June 2021

Jam tomorrow?

Throughout the whole Covid thing I have been a sceptic. Medical affairs have never interested me anyway and I always zone out whenever such things are discussed. Cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer’s… the maladies of the age hold little fascination for me and I pretty much take my chances; I don’t go out of my way to invite illness and I do as I am advised whenever – which is rarely - I am afflicted.

But for some, health is a lifelong crusade and the NHS and its reaction to epidemics has always been a political game for a significant number of the population. Many parents, I observe, have become so used to the recent idea that freedom from all illness is some sort of human right, that some abrogate all responsibility to educate their charges, relying instead on the machinery of state to fix everything. Others are so consumed by the spectre of future guilt that government funded prophylactics are rejected out of hand.

This is not to belittle parental concern, more to set up the thesis that there is no single right answer; as with all matters human: “Yes, we are all individuals”. I have never thought the Covid threat particularly serious, having survived similar infections on many, regular, occasions. And as for the implications that it is a sinister killer disease unleashed to decimate the population, well, they’re going to have to do better than that. A current counter-rumour is that is just a re-branding of seasonal illnesses – hay fever, influenza, etc – in order to instil alarm and fear. To what end, I ask?

But anyway, we have far bigger threats than Covid – immigration from the third world is set to overwhelm the welfare systems of Europe, systems which are already creaking at the seams trying to cater just for their own citizens. And governments are cocking a deaf un at entreaties from those same concerned citizens, afraid that their rights are to be reduced to mere subsistence after centuries of progress. Import the third world, get the third world, they say and it certainly seems to be happening in every major city.

As a direct result, the general breakdown of law and order stretches the authorities who, once again, seem powerless to control the proliferation of knife and gun crime at street level. Meanwhile, we are told, organised crime such as drug and people trafficking, modern-day slavery and fraud are reaching epidemic proportions of their own. And what is demanded of us? Tolerance for ‘different cultural sensitivities’.

And then there is climate alarmism, driving governments to adopt policies which will prove ruinously expensive for the vast majority. When personal transport is unaffordable and public transport is a knife-crime lottery, when low level work is exclusively the province of the slavers and many high-end jobs are off-shored and devalued, what then? Where will we be in a few winters’ time, when people are unable to feed their families and heat their homes and go to work?

It is hard, when you consider such things to not conclude that our governments hate us. But I fear it is worse than that. If the government truly hated us it would be all too apparent and the seeds of revolution would surely be shown. Instead of a visceral loathing I believe the ruling classes quietly despise us, as obstacles to reaching their idealistic goals.

As a result, it is all too tempting to simply leave us out of the equation. Western governments seem to have ‘evolved’ from management to management advisers. They have taken the man out of management and replaced it with algorithms that have no regard for humanity. Long ago, the time and motion men took the reward out of skilled craftsmanship; now they are extracting the joy out of life itself. Jam tomorrow? Even that hope has gone.

Sunday 27 June 2021

Hancock’s Half Hour

Matt Hancock has resigned because he got caught, not for any other reason. Like human beings everywhere he had both strengths and weaknesses, and a weakness revealed ended his tenure as Health Secretary. Most of us would not lose our job over an affair, but in his case the hypocrisy of telling the nation to maintain distance while he indulged in the most intimate of contact was just, frankly, taking the piss.

But Boris Johnson was typically weak; he should have sacked Hancock as soon as he knew. Saying it’s all right, mate, we’ve got this, was not good enough. Abruptly declaring the matter closed was so naïve as to suggest that he, also, is now occupying a position he doesn’t deserve. Being quick is not the same as being decisive. And the price we all pay is the appointment of the insipid Sajid Javid to Hancock’s former role.

But it’s all over now, surely, the pandemic; if not actually, then for all practical purposes. Javid will get to preside ineffectually over a crumbling abandonment of lockdown restrictions, rather than an organised return to normality. On the back of Hancock’s handiwork, millions will just ignore the rules, regardless of any risk.

The government has rather suddenly become that supply teacher who can’t control the class. And rather than the touted ‘building back better’ the Johnson team will more likely have its hands full just trying to go back to what we had before. So much for the great reset; it was more like a two-year pause, just when it looked like we were finally crawling out of the ten-year sub-prime recession.

But a pause is what we need right now. The dash for net-zero will cripple many already poor families as energy prices soar and personal transport becomes too expensive for the masses. Instead of seeking to show off at COP 26 this autumn, with whizzy initiatives to lead the world, a sober government would be reflecting on the difficulty in controlling the behaviour of the masses when they can’t even control the behaviour of one randy individual.

Project Boris was already something of a circus – send in the clowns, indeed – but it says much about the country when the best that was available was a posturing fool with a penchant for Latin and a history of debauchery. And the alternative is Labour, a party which is desperate for power but has managed to alienate every part of its voter base.

Britain deserves better than this, or do we? Looking at the moral makeup of the nation, the unruly and the feckless, the greedy, the grasping, the idle and the entitled, is it any wonder that we ended up with a governing class which looks every bit as useless as we do?

Friday 18 June 2021

Rule Breakers

My mate (I know, I was surprised, too!) was looking at golf club membership. “Wow,” he said, “it’s only £66 a month and you get unlimited golf!” I patiently explained that this didn’t include green fees. “But it says ‘from £66 a month – unlimited golf’. It says it right here.” He passed over his smartphone. A judicious search revealed that if he played three full rounds a week, every week, it would work out cheaper than paying the higher rate of guest fees.

Undeterred he went on to say “Ah, yes, but I’d be a member!” And of course, I then asked him why he would want to be, at which he was a little stumped for an answer. Priority booking? Yes, but then as we generally play twilight rounds after work and it was rare that we couldn’t find a tee time, this was hardly the decider. Eventually he concluded that maybe membership right now wasn’t that big a deal but later, on retirement, it might make a lot more sense.

And this is the world we inhabit, we humans. A world where assumptions can lead us to bad decisions. Or where too readily accepting at face value something we are told, either directly or by word of mouth, can lead us to erroneous understanding. But we don’t always have an inner voice, or indeed a human sounding board, to caution us against those hasty assumptions.

Which is why I was somewhat bemused to see a Tweeter assert, unchallenged, that Matt Hancock had literally said that if you were not vaccinated you would not be eligible to be treated by the NHS. Now, I have no idea what was actually said, nor do I care, but I do know that such a statement would be an absolute end to anybody’s political career. I mean, despite all the calls over the years for it to be otherwise the NHS will still treat you for all manner of self-inflicted maladies; smokers, fatties, the stupid…

They are certainly not going to deny you treatment for an aversion to taking a prophylactic, no matter what your reasons. After all, they will even fix you up after you have made serial botched attempts to fix it yourself – homeopathy, crystals, diet fads and the like… even blind faith – all of which can sometimes make the original disorder magnitudes worse. So let’s have no more of this nonsense (he said, naively).

But here’s the problem. It’s all about ‘freedom’ and for some they imagine they grew up in a free society, where everybody could pretty much do as they pleased without restraint, up to the point where their behaviour infringed other people’s liberties. I don’t really see all this as any different, it’s just that the boundaries of where your activities affect others has changed. Today even words can wound, apparently.

As with many other issues in the time of covid, I am not going to adopt a position on so-called vaccine passports; I am merely going to ask, why not? We carry a licence to drive, a passport to travel and various other identifiers which allow us access to money, public transport and boozers; if such activities demand assurance of our credentials, is it wholly unreasonable that some businesses might want to scrutinise who uses their services?

As with the golf club, full membership confers rights which turning up uninvited does not. In fact, to keep out the riff-raff, why would you not want a high bar to entry; what’s wrong with a bit of exclusivity? It strikes me that we could apply this general notion to society as a whole. In fact, we once did; people understood the rules, generally played by them and trusted people in authority to exercise their power, if not always wisely, at least evenly.

Of course, there is that tiny issue of trust in power to be dealt with; over the last few decades people have grown more and more suspicious of government intentions, even as governments have paid more and more attention to how they are perceived. Demands from some quarters for more government involvement in society are often at odds with the same people’s demands for this nebulous idea of freedom.

Nothing is ever as simple as those demanding action think it. Freedom from vaccines is traded with fear of illness. Freedom from hurty words comes with a duty to watch your own language. I have no specific solution to offer; I know that what suits me won’t suit everybody. I merely point out that we trade freedom for security and safety all of the time. And this isn’t just about covid; it’s about everything. Whatever it is, don’t join the club if you don’t want to abide by the rules. 

Thursday 17 June 2021

Feeding Frenzy

We’re marching for freedom! Freedom, you say, freedom from what? Tyranny! Oh, okay, fair point… but, er, what tyranny exactly? We are marching for freedom from this oppressive government who are trampling on our human rights! Your human right to protest, for instance? Don’t take the piss, mate; our human rights to live free! Free from death? Don’t twist my words; I know where you’re going with this – you are just another useful idiot for the government!

And so it goes. The marchers, the protesters, the placard-carrying anti-maskers, anti-vaxxers, anti-everything brigade are out in force again. And for what? When did protests on the streets of London make any difference? Poll Tax, you say; okay, I’ll reluctantly grant you that. That protest did reverse an eminently sensible policy, poorly sold. But in general all marching really does is reinforce your already cemented beliefs.

Beliefs in quack science, or quack politics; belief that a lone attention-seeker with a simple theory – no matter how questionable - offers a more credible truth than a battalion of scientists, with all their annoying nuance and subtlety and complexity. Conjure up a few barely credible expert witnesses and whistle-blowers and enlist the odd high profile media figure and your alternative version of reality suddenly has wings.

Yesterday, a social media mob of the self-regarding virtuous was out in force, enthusiastically promoting one of their causes célèbres with their annual embarrassing mournfest. The death of Jo Cox, a largely unknown MP from a substantially unheard of constituency, was a godsend for the forces of chaos. And just as with the various confused messaging of the we-won’t-stand-for-this-even-though-we-don’t-really-understand-what-it-is lobby, the anniversary is always hijacked for political point scoring.

In the case of Cox it is the regular airing of an unproven fear of the rise of the far right. Voltaire said that if god did not exist it would be necessary to invent him, and so it is that supposedly modern man still finds it necessary to concoct tales; comforting, simple lies that detract from addressing the uncomfortable, inconvenient truths. The far-right bogeyman is so risibly absent of evidence that it may as well be regarded as a mythical beast, whose many imagined heads are utterly toothless.

One thing has become very clear to me over the last few years of watching polls and politics and seeing the antics of various factions: Mankind does, indeed, seem to need an idol to worship and enemy to abhor. For quite some time now, the fairy-tale believing forces of the left have had an unprecedented tilt at the pragmatic majority of the population, unaligned as most of them are with any particular ideology. Nature, they say, abhors a vacuum, so what better way to fill it than with vacuous soundbites and meaningless slogans.

Repeated often enough, a fabricated assertion that the never-materialised far right threat is far worse than actual exploding islamists, that the cure is worse than the disease, that the left are the saviours of social justice, that the government of the country is somehow in open warfare against its citizens… takes on a credibility that it has not earned. But do I detect signs that the influence of the perpetually offended is on the wane?  

There is more than a hint of desperation in the attempts by the pedlars of lies and political fictions to persuade advertisers to withdraw from the new platform GB News. So terrified are they that people may get to hear ‘things they should not hear’ that it has all become something of a joke. Even as woke PR departments knee-jerk react to the calls to boycott, formerly disengaged customers are suddenly hearing that their preferred brand has a political agenda. Nobody wants that from their skincare supplier; nobody wants that from their flat-pack providers.

Maybe it is a forlorn hope on my part, and maybe I am more optimistic than the reality warrants, but maybe – just maybe - the relentless influence of the left is starting to wane. The lockdowns have given more opportunity than usual for people to reflect. Some have been driven to madness by it all, but many have also become informed and possibly enlightened. As the leftist causes have shambolically engaged in the propaganda feeding frenzy of the last year and a half, are we seeing them truly begin to eat themselves?