Sunday 17 December 2023


I keep hearing about how, despite the media coverage and the constant re-drafting of initiatives like the Rwanda plan, that immigration is not a top priority for voters. Higher than this issue, they plead, come the cost-of-living crisis, the housing crisis, the NHS crisis and the multiple crises which comprise our public services. Then there’s the climate crisis and the unaffordable cost of Net Zero, the purpose of which seem only to make the poor poorer still.

But wait a bloody minute, will you? Wherefore all these crises, if they are not the result of decades of failed policy in every area you care to mention? The well-heeled can always buy their way out of any problem: poor state education? Go private. Poor healthcare? Likewise. Net Zero? Just put another Tesla on the fire, there’s a dear.

For the rest of us, every single one of the pressures we currently face would be markedly less severe with a lower overall population, especially one which was balanced in terms of age distribution, educational attainment, and employment structure. Well, have a look around you. Every city has ghettoes teeming with immigrant communities subsisting almost entirely on welfare; for every sub-minimum wage ‘worker’ you get an extended non-working family of ten or more.

But it’s worse than that because by substituting British workers for lower paid foreign workers (who are then granted citizenship) you are also fuelling the expansion of the state-dependent indigenous. Import cheap labour and you get no gain whatsoever, except for the short-term profits of companies who have to compete by importing ever more cheap labour. Every immigrant who does not bring wealth with him/her is a burden on the country as a whole.

Everything comes down to who we allow to live in our country and, yes, you can argue that a hard working Pakistani cleaner is worth more than an idle Brit, but why is the Brit idle in the first place? Because you replaced him with somebody from a country which has little truck with human rights such as a decent wage. But, you must also factor in the likelihood of either one of them blowing himself up in the name of a sky-faerie.

Overcrowding on our little tract of land is not going to be made any better when the immigrants you import are from ethnicities with high birth rates. The more sprogs you squirt out the more school places you need, the more hospital beds you have to create, the more houses you have to build, the more food you need to grow, and the more police and prison places you need to provide.

And all of this puts pressure on all the aforementioned resources, or lack of resources. The country needs an educated aspirant population which regards itself as having common values, which can see mutually beneficial goals and a future worth striving for. And this is the thing most threatened by wanton immigration, fuelled by a demand for cheap things in order to win elections.

So, no, the number one concerns of the British population, regardless of what Guardian polls and government unthink tanks believe are not the climate, housing, cost-of-living, inflation, or law and order. These are not causes but symptoms. The cause, ultimately is bad governance, and the means by which all of these thing have been brought about is the sheer lack of imagination and resolve embodied in the senseless importation of ever more people. It has to stop.

Thursday 14 December 2023

Coming to town

 I'm making a list, checking it twice, and it turns out that folk can be both naughty and nice. The fluffiness of love for Palestinian 'refugees' (even though they have declared themselves permanent victims and have fled nothing) comes hand-in-hand with outright hatred for the most persecuted people in the world. Despite having the exact-same ethnic origins, the Arabs are brown people and thus belong to the BAME camp, while Jews, however dark their skins, are categorised as white, thus making them oppressors and colonialists. If anybody is a refugee here it is the Jewish people, who the lovely left wish to eradicate.

Then there are the gender-benders (no, you fuck off!) who in being nice to poor confused adolescents pander to their fantastic delusions of inhabiting the bodies of the opposite sex. We have watched in horror as trans ideology has become mainstream despite afflicting a miniscule proportion of the population. In order to achieve clout, organisations like Stonewall have oh-so-nicely included them in their list of Alphabet People who, collectively, can still only claim around 5% of the western world, at a pinch. And see what nastiness they have caused.

The judiciary have been spectacularly naughty of late, in their perpetual quest to become the de-facto rulers while pretending to nicely defend simple justice. Justice, of course, means different things to different people. So when they release a violent rapist called Abdul back into society to re-offend, we, the ignorant hoi polloi, must try to understand that Abdul's right to a family life with his belatedly and conveniently discovered little cat-buddy trumps any freedoms which we naively believe belong to lone women late at night.

It's a bit naughty, most would agree, to interrupt the daily lives of ordinary people, merely trying to get to work, or go about their day. But it's for the planet, you see. It's for the children, and their children. Just stopping oil is an obvious and immediate requirement if we want the human race to survive its own self-destructive tendencies. It's nice, really, when you think about it. But wait, do they really mean stop oil? Now? Full stop? No more clothes, furniture, building materials, food cultivation and delivery... the list goes on forever. It's not very nice to deny the survival of people who rely on hydrocarbons - that's every last one of us - to get by. Not nice at all.

Permanently on the naughty step, of course are the grown-ups, especially the white ones. Extra-especially the male ones. Über-extra-especially the older male specimens, those hate-filled legions who made everything which once worked. Why, when we can all live off love and joy unconfined in our new freedoms do do and say as we are instructed, should we give a fig for their fate. Bloody boomers, who built the world, what gratitude do we owe them? Superannuated parasites, with their pensions they saved for and their houses they bought. How dare they even breathe?

And so, as we lurch headlong into the festive season and contemplate the year to come, I aim to bring a little cheer and joy to the bleak midwinter. Remember, when the idiot children tell you what to do or say, that they know nothing, exactly as we once knew nothing. When they turn their noses up at the meat feast of Stephen, grab an extra portion of protein for your own plate. When they preach about some offence caused by Christmas carol lyrics of yore, sing out all the louder. And, come the new year, resolve to ignore the holy fuck out of the lot of them.
Merry Christmas and gawd 'elp us, every one.

Saturday 2 December 2023

Wokey wokey!

I have tried, many times, to get back on 'The Twitter', which is still a far better name than 'X' will ever be. I hear stories of pardons and resurrections of old accounts but it appears I am still persona non grata on that platform. Instead I have taken to the comments section of certain national newspapers online, but it's not the same.

But if X survives, and if I am ever able to post again, I fear the blockers and reporters will be there in a matter of days to take me down. Why, I really don't know. I can still read Twitter on my laptop if not my phone,  but I can't respond. (I frequently like a post, only to see the count go up by one, then immediately revert to the original number. I do this as a means of checking whether I still have any functionality at all.)

Meanwhile, the world around me appears to be woker by the day. I just read an article about publishing houses and the deservedly dismal sales of various woke volumes. 'Elliot' Page's transgender journey, for instance, for which 'he' received an advance which far exceeded any  possibly royalties from the few thousand sales. At least the reader's have a vote and they can take their book tokens elsewhere.

But the flimsy pretexts of the various strands of woke idiocy - race theory, gender benders, social justice, mental fragility - as clearly flawed as they appear to us normies, continues to gather their advocates. From high court judges to influential politicians, from sports stars, film stars, soap stars and some of the loudest people on the planet there seems to be no corner uninfected by the disease.

And yes, I get it, if you are trying to sell a book, a movie, a business, even, you can't afford to alienate your audience. But those genuinely afflicted by faulty imaginations are tiny in number. Why, if you gathered them all in one place they would amount to a few hundred thousand, in comparison with the billions on the planet. They are insignificant, and they are not normal, by any definition.

But ordinary people are idiots, too, and the woke flag is flown by those with the power to influence the purchasing decisions of millions. And beneath those big-ticket blowhards are the teachers and preachers who can't possibly all believe everything, but all they need to believe is that their own jobs are on the line if they don't toe it. 

I'm guessing the same applies to Twitter employees and bots who sent me the reply above to my latest request (today) to review my suspension. To this day I don't know what 'hateful conduct' I engaged in, but the chances are it was something utterly innocuous unless viewed through the woke lens of today's anti-normal society. 

Well, they can all fuck off.