Thursday 23 May 2024

Things can only get... worse

The government has been consulting on the problem of political violence and trying to find a way to curb the idiocy of outfits like Just Stop Oil, Extinction Rebellion and the like as they go about inflicting real harm to ordinary folk going about their business. I listened to an interview on PM on the drive home the other day and heard Lord Somebody-or-Other repeatedly use the phrase ‘liberal democracy’.

Intrigued, I continued listening in the hope of elucidation, but clarity came there none. Wherewith this democracy? And what does liberal mean these days because I see nothing either democratic, nor particularly liberal in a system which gives free reign to the ultra-minority of the revolting classes but quickly stomps on those who represent the needs of the masses.

Democracy, to people like Michael Heseltine, for instance, means mob rule, which would never do. Oh no, the little people need to be told what to do and how to behave, what to think and how to vote. As a result, politics has been reduced to a popularity contest, driven by attractive but meaningless soundbites. A Prime Minister tries to sell you something you already have but pretends it is something new. And in the case of defence spending, the miserly increase to less than what it was before they took office is up there with 1984's ‘increased’ chocolate ration.

The Potemkin village model has been used in every area to dress up disaster as triumph. We have drastically cut carbon emissions – by closing down industry. We have grown GDP – by increasing the population to unsustainable levels. We have improved A-Level scores – by reducing the exams to a memory test and rehearsing the answers in advance. And (hoorah!)  inflation is coming down – but of course prices keep on rising.

As for liberal, which used to mean accommodating, laisse faire, do no harm, rub along chaps, it is more often used today linked to ‘lefty’ to describe the worst of our society. Yes, the pious, holier than thou, community warrior demanding obeisance to their cause but decrying all others. There is nothing liberal about clamouring for the annihilation of Jews in Israel, no matter how many rainbow colours in your keffiyeh.

What was I saying about meaningless soundbites? Oh yes, Titchy Rishy has called a general election, but the Conservative Party couldn’t even get that right, shoving the PM out into the pouring rain to look like a drowning Roland Rat. His speech was also drowned out by some moron blaring out ‘Things can only get better’ from a mobile speaker somewhere obviously out of reach of the police (who were probably dancing to it anyway). Something of a damp squib, then.

But it all means nothing. In a world where ‘progressives’ ally themselves to the least progressive causes on the planet, where self-reliance is labelled ‘far right’, where the forever failing NHS is revered as a religion, what is the point of voting for more of the same? The meagre offering on July the 4th (stated in the correct, British English manner) is mediocrity with a red rosette or more mediocrity with a blue rosette.

Rishi Rat calls a general election

Current prospects for an enthusiastic turnout are not high. As a result, the Labour Party could enter into government with a majority of MPs but possibly their smallest ever vote count. The election will not be won in any meaningful way but is likely to be lost simply by the absence of a Conservative vote, leaving the country to be governed by a party with an absolute minority of ballots in their favour. The modern world has gone mad. It should be confined to an asylum and left to rot.

Tuesday 7 May 2024

Murder Mystery

The cadaver lay prone, face down in a ditch, with its trousers around its ankles and its now swollen buttocks displayed for all to see. The boys egged each other on to get closer, and did so until one of them poked the left cheek with a stick torn from a nearby hazel tree. A sudden fart erupted from the exposed anus, the flabby flesh warbling with the gust. The boys ran away and hid behind the nearest vegetation, panting and laughing as they recovered.

“I suppose we should call the police,” said the older child. But neither of them moved, wondering if there was more sport to be had. Deciding that there probably wasn’t – making a corpse break wind was almost certainly as funny as it got – they turned away from the hedgerow and set out for home. It was getting late anyway and they would be missed if they didn’t make it home before dark.

Their discussion ranged far and wide, but kept returning to the scene. If only their parents had let them have smartphones, they could have made a viral TikTok. I mean, who wouldn’t find a fat, windy, dead arsehole hilarious? Should they tell their parents at all? Maybe they could get their TikTok moment of fame if they kept quiet and returned the next day with a friend who had an iPhone and take it from there. Surely it would keep another day.

The next day the body was still there, still bloated and still face down, although the expanded gases had caused it to inflate unevenly and overturn slightly so instead of its face being planted wholly in the mud, it looked more like it was turning a cheek. Maybe this was it turning the ‘other’ cheek, forgiving its slayer and seeking Christian redemption? They poked a buttock with a stick but this time, instead of a fruity fart, a trickle of yellowish fluid ran down the crack of its buttocks to float on the mud of the ditch.

The smell! That this was a very dead individual was affirmed by the stench in their nostrils. They all retreated to a safe olfactory distance and considered their next move. Revival was an option long since gone and none of them fancied a closer look, to see if they recognised the face. But it was clear that this was an unloved body. Nobody here to care for it, there were no marks of a physical struggle. The simple truth was that whoever it was he had been involved in sex-play, a used condom was discarded nearby. They made the call and waited.

The wording on the headstone

The police arrived and cordoned off the area, and paramedics and forensics staff began their deliberations. The clothes were searched, and no means of identification was found on the body which just lay there, lifeless and disgraced. But formal ID was not necessary. Back at the station the chief investigation officer summed up the open and shut case. “Fucked in the arse, abandoned for dead, nobody to speak up for it,” he said, “there is no doubt that this is all that remains of the Tory Party.”

Monday 6 May 2024

Nothing New Here

 You don’t hear much from the Nazi Party these days, do you? And the use of their symbology is a criminal matter in Germany. But once they were the dominant force in German politics. In fact Nazism was embraced early by students with the support of their tutors and in 1926, seven years before Hitler’s election, the ‘National Socialist German Students’ Union was formed. And we all know how that went on to play out.

Today, we hear commentators talk about the rise of the far right and invoke visions of a new Kristallnacht as the neo-Nazis try to impose their will on the unbelievers. But, as everybody knows, the ‘far right’, as invoked regularly by leftists is a wraith, a virtual fiction these days, the label really being appropriated to condemn the least desirable in society, not as it did in 1930s Germany describe captains of industry, the patriotic working man and, community leaders.

Today, of course, the term ‘community leaders’ attaches to only one ‘community’, united in a common cause and hell-bent on domination. Assisted by the useful idiots of the left (it’s always the left, isn’t it?) the current mob-rule is driven by one thing; islam. Do you see any other group acting as a mob, wearing a clearly identifiable uniform, waving flags and symbols and aggressively demanding the extermination of any particular culture?

In a bid to make islam mainstream one Dr Taj Hargey of the Oxford Institute for British islam said that there had been an awakening among British muslims that just as not all Germans were Nazis, not all Jews are Zionists. But Zionism isn’t a crime, far from it, and a recent survey found that around 80% of British Jews consider themselves to be Zionists. That is, they believe in Israel as a home for all Jews who wish to make it so.

But in any case, just as ‘the far right’ is not rioting and smashing up businesses – we leave all of that to Black Lives Matter and their friends – there is precious little evidence for Zionsists doing the same. Yet all around the world a pervasive, creeping political force, founded on mythology and superstition seeks to promote a superior race and culture, even though its practice of cousin-marriage hilariously does the very opposite.

The supposed ‘Green’ councillor elected in Gipton and Harehills in Leeds let the mask slip when he yelled out “allah’s snackbar!” on his victory and began gabbling on about Gaza. And, yes, there he was in the full regimental regalia of the soldiers of allah, pyjamas and all. Let’s see: uniform, symbols, a fanatical devotion to a whole lot of made-up stuff… Jew hatred. It’s all there; the new Nazis are in full view and about to goosestep down your streets.

muslims for Hitler: SS Handzar Division 1943

Hopefully, they have played their hand a little too soon, and equally hopefully, people are beginning to wake up. Just as with the first Nazis their insurgence began small and grew as hatred was spread against ‘the other’. But here, today, they are the other and the are visibly not a part of this country’s heritage or traditions. Our tradition has been our tolerance, but surely that must be at breaking point now. Just as it is illegal in Germany to be a Nazi, one day, we can hope, it will be illegal here to be a muslim.

Saturday 4 May 2024

Spoiled Ballot

 So the votes are in and the dismal display that is local elections, especially in a general election year has done nothing to enlighten us to the likely outcomes of a national ballot. Voter apathy in all areas except the muslim vote denied to Labour over Gaza going to George Galloway's rag-tag army of radical islamists. The ascension of the Submission Party is surely just around the corner.

Happy to use the useful idiots of Marxist Labour the keffiyeh-clad warriors for allah have infiltrated all areas of British society, building their numbers and awaiting their chance, but they may have jumped the gun here. The clever move would have been to bolster the Labour vote, work even harder to dominate the party and then, once in power, slowly kill the host and begin the transformation of the UK into a caliphate.

Starmer is a charisma-free, atmosphere vacuum. He brings not a single ounce of charm or guile to the table, and he will be easy to depose at a time of the imam's choosing. Angela Rayner, for all that some kinky types claim to be sexually attracted to her strident, low-intellect charms, has no chance of winning over Sir Kneeler's supporters. But by then it will probably be too late anyway.

The election after next might well be announced by the muezzin from the minarets of the thousands of mosques which stand ready to defend their alien faith from the weak and feeble kufr over whom they will have dominion. Within two generations there will be no need for elections any more; instead the ayatollahs will police the will of their wild-eyed cult-leaders posing as the will of their imaginary deity.

Or maybe not? Who knows whether there is yet any fight left in this country. In Sweden they have held a public burning of a koran and a Palestine flag. Displays such as this would be heavily repressed in the UK with the riot police baton-charging anybody who dared to fly a flag of St George, or hold aloft a bible. But one day the crusaders may be better prepared and out in numbers. 

This chimp is now your future

Until that day, however, expect to see more and more muslim names on your councillor lists, as your regional mayors, running your madrassas, I mean schools, in the news, in uniform acting against you, in every part of public life. Unless ordinary British people take up arms against the islamic threat and do so very soon, their dominance will become all too apparent. "What did you do in the war, Daddy?" "Son, I did the only thing I could. I bowed my head and faced mecca, then got on my knees and prayed."

Thursday 2 May 2024


 Palestine? I genuinely could not give a fuck for the ham-arse supporting, sky-pixie-worshipping, stone-age barbarians. Nor for any muslim anywhere on this planet. Good luck to the Chinese and Japanese with their ethnic cleansing of this scourge of humanity. I'm saying this while I still can because despite the stirrings of clarity emerging from the Humsa Yuseless affair and the Cass report, the 'next generation' appear to be in thrall to a dozen different kinds of gullibility.

It is easier, they say, for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Well, they would say that, wouldn't they? It's medieval for 'give the church all your wealth and we'll pray for you'. Well, in allah-world all they have to do to enter that fictional kingdom is to murder a kafir or two... or preferably, blow up a whole stadium full of them. At least the Christian lie didn't involve gruesome killing.

King Charles, the current spaniel-in-chief, sees himself as defender of the faiths, plural, but no religion should be respected when it refuses to countenance the existence of another. Just as predicted by millions of ordinary people (people not gifted with 'expert' wisdom) predicted, the muslim population is nearing critical mass. And they are testing our resolve daily with these shows of both force and coercion. And they are winning the battles.

The time is long past for appeasement, which has never resulted in relief from persecution, the time is nigh for some good Old Testament, pre-Christian smiting. Turn the other cheek? Bollocks to that. Rather, unto him that dealt the first blow shall be delivered the last. islam must be resisted with every fibre of our being because islam will not bring peace but subjugation. Convert or die, or be enslaved. Is that really where we are heading?

A bunch of the same kind of unemployable Marxist useful idiot that islam exploits to march against Israel has today been blocking the progress of a coach loaded with illegal immig-rats who are  being removed from their taxpayer funded London hotel to a taxpayer funded barge, the Bibby Stockholm, where conditions are still much better than what they were afforded in the last few entirely safe countries they travelled through.

The religion of peas.

And what are the police doing? Trying to reason with them, trying to persuade them to allow the bus to proceed. Trying their very hardest not to upset their muslim handlers lest they unleash even greater civil unrest. Contrast this with the recent police treatment of a few patriotic St George's Day revellers donning the flag of England. It is very clear who the police are afraid of and that, by my reckoning, is as sure a test of who rules over us than any other... and it really isn't the idiot King Charles.

Friday 12 April 2024

No Right

As a former critic of the European Court of Human Rights, I have to say I am impressed by the recent expansion of their remit. In granting themselves godlike powers to overrule national sovereignty they have opened up shop as the go-to destination for travellers on the grievance highway. No slight, no inconvenience, however trivial must in future be endured because they are there to fight your cause and bring much wonga raining down on your violated person.

I’d like to be taller, so I reckon the ECHR should sue my long-dead grandparents for not providing me with taller parents and the means to feed me a protein-rich diet in my developing years. Also, as it has rained almost every day since September (in my memory) my enjoyment of the golf course has been interrupted. This is climate change at its most extreme and I must be compensated for the poverty of my existence.

After all, if it is good for the elderly Swiss ladies who have just given the impetus to the ECHR’s overruling of the democratic principle, it’s good enough for me. Concerned that hotter summers meant a challenge to their lifestyle in wealthy, orderly, tidy, safe Switzerland, these ladies successfully elicited a judgement from the kangaroo court of clowns, that this was an infringement of their right to private and family life.

That’s right, the very same carriage of the ever-expanding human rights gravy train has been applied to climate change in the same way as having a pet cat allows them to block the deportation of violent sexual criminals. Only last week the deportation of a convicted Afghan flasher in London, a repeat offender, was blocked because such a crime would bring greater punishment in Afghanistan. Really? I would have thought that a regular tormentor of women would be right at home in a shithole that weaves wife-abuse into the very fabric of its meagre culture.

The court has decreed that governments have a legal duty, enshrined in international law, to not only protect their citizens from the effects of climate change, but to halt that same global phenomenon. Switzerland, they decided, had not done enough to reduce carbon emissions. Switzerland, that industrial titan of several billion inhabitants, all spewing toxic filth into the air day and night… the filthy, dirty bastards!

Over here in the UK a Brit is now in on the act and suing the Government for breaching his human rights because coastal erosion claimed his home. Kevin Jordan has been quoted as saying, “I am now what you call a climate refugee. I lost my home with no compensation. I am now in local authority accommodation. My lovely sea views are reduced to a ground floor flat looking at cars going past.” Well, boo-fucking-hoo. Have you ever heard of insurance, Kevin?

But in any case, so bloody what? Can we now sue the British government because climate change is causing millions of economically unviable, potentially dangerous sub-Saharan Africans to invade our shores? The ECHR has become an expensive joke, propped up by the abject fear of governments to challenge its rulings. The duty of lawyers is to apply the law, not to modify it, pervert it and use it in any way they see fit. Does the electorate have a human right to sue itself if it brings in a useless Labour government later this year? Not enough parking near the doors at Tesco? Surely, I have a human right to park as close to the store as I desire?

Leaving the suffocating embrace of the ECHR, and the clutches of all such over-arching international human rights legislature should be an absolute priority for any sovereign nation. It is yet another post-Brexit failure of our government to use our departure from the autocracy of the EU as a spur to develop genuine independence. Citizens of sense should be rising up against the asininity of the law and saying, proud and loud: “You have no right!”

Wednesday 10 April 2024

Mediocre, at best

 Haven’t you just had enough of mediocrity? Strive hard, practice, and keep on going when all is against you. “If you want to be the best, if you want to beat the rest” Roy Castle sang on Record Breakers as he tap-danced and played a multitude of musical instruments to enter the hallowed pages of the Guiness Book. Athletes, actors, musicians, authors… all must have the winning formula of talent backed up by knock-down-surmounting resilience and stick-at-it-ness to succeed.

Architects, engineers, carpenters, bricklayers, and as many other occupations as you can mention have to go through training and assessment, gaining qualifications and experience. And still, in order to do well, they have to care deeply enough to maintain their standards, compete for work and stay ahead of the herd. Hell, even the mugs auditioning for reality shows or hosting Tik-Tok channels have to bring something to the table which holds value for the clientele.

But not so much for politicians. Where have the big beasts gone? Where are the supposed representatives of the electorate to be found? Why is there not one single ‘name’ in British politics who can be admired, rather than just endured? Sunak is just a tight-trousered lightweight, Hunt is lacklustre and uninspiring. Starmer is a man full of adenoidal rhetoric but absent a single policy, likewise his partner in Crime, Gromit, I mean Wallace… I mean Reeves. Rayner? Don’t make me vomit. And William Wragge? The snidey little poove suddenly embodies all the feebleness of the current Tories.

Michael-fucking-Gove has become a dribbling imbecile, embarked on a mission to inflict misery on the very people Thatcher would have lauded. And David-sodding Cameron has this very week been licking the anus of the orange gorilla over the pond. Everywhere, politics is infested with gutless cowards, aimless imbeciles and parachuted-in ‘safe’ candidates who understand nothing, do nothing and stand for nothing. What are they good for?

Eat up your greens, sit up straight, practise until you can, then practise some more until you’re good at it. The message from every decent parent to their offspring is as it always was; work hard, stay decent, grow, work, save… and plan to amount to something. What must the ageing parents of our current crop of trough-swilling political fucktards think of their legacy? Meanwhile other parents see a bleak future for their progeny: home ownership a distant dream, secure employment a virtual impossibility. As for retirement, death may soon be the only reliable way to ending your working life.

Well, I have had about enough of all this. I’ve had my ups and downs, but I have always got back up, dusted myself down and fought on and upwards. But what’s the point now; what is there left to work for the next generations? What is the purpose of this country now we can no longer feed ourselves, fight for ourselves or even reasonably order ourselves without fear of censure, or worse, from those who rule from on high?

What example has been set by modern governance? Incompetent by design, they pretend to stand on manifestos they have no intention of honouring, they cheat and lie and then elevate themselves to the upper house with a slap on the back and a pension for life. They disgrace themselves then utter scripted non-apologies and carry on, barely feeling that bump in the road, all the time in thrall to loftier interpretations of their purpose.

For many decades people have said of their politicians, “They are only in it for themselves,” and few MPs have even attempted to deny this or demonstrate otherwise. Hiding behind the diktats of higher powers – the EU for two whole generations – they claim that nothing can be done, and they ignore the entreaties of the jobless, the homeless, the sick. Even if you are in work and have a roof over your head your security is perilous, yet still some get ever richer on the proceeds of causing all of this to happen.

Nobody is looking out for you any more, as they once were. Nobody with the nominal power to change anything has any intention of doing so. All that matters, it seems, is to appear to fall in line with ‘International Law’ and supranational consensus. But it is neither the consensus nor the will of the people to do follow those lines. I honestly think that a seismic shift in the national ambition is needed and that it cannot possibly come, any longer, from above. It is either every man for himself – anarchy – or bloody revolution and a new republic. Anything to rid us of the sheer awfulness of the mundane.

Wednesday 3 April 2024

Eggy Omelette

 ‘Aid worker’ is a loaded title. Saint or activist? Morally pure philanthropist, wanting only to alleviate suffering, or cause-supporting terrorist sympathiser with an agenda, who knows? But the fact that a non-combatant group has been caught in the crossfire should surprise nobody, and the outrage that has been generated – not least by our own dodgy Foreign Secretary ‘Lord’ Cameron – has to be seen for the posturing, attention-seeking, performative nonsense it is.

Should we call for inquiries for every single civilian injured or killed in war? And how many non-coms are supporting, if not harbouring the darker forces within their midst? The world has seen the behaviour of hamas, yet many excuse it as a necessary evil in order to survive. Hamas frequently kills its own, by sheer incompetence, or by design when launching missiles from schools, hospitals and mosques and inviting counter attacks. Human shields? Cannon fodder, more like.

Israel is bent over backwards by the impossible demand of wets like Biden and Cameron and other ‘leaders’ who demand warfare without consequence, ostensibly to further the cause of peace. But hamas has openly declared their intention to keep on attacking until every Jew is dead or gone. It is true, more than ever, to say that if the arabs laid down their weapons there would be peace in the Middle East, but if the Jews did the same there would be no more Jews.

And let me be clear, it is not Israel which is pursuing genocide but the Gazans and their elected leaders, and all their idiot marchers in the west. Polluting the capital city of England – England, for fuck’s sake – every week with their rabid calls for wholesale removal of the Jewish state. But they are peaceful demonstrators for an end to war, they declare. Yes, and the aid workers are in Gaza for no other reason than to ease suffering. My arse.

In making an omelette, eggs must be broken, but there are more ingredients in an omelette than just the eggs. The Middle East is a grotesque omelette of all the leftover gunk in the fridge. It is a hideous mess of conflicting ideology, contradictory history, malevolent pseudo-religious dogma and pure hatred. It is a war that needs to be over, but only two paths to victory are available and both paths end up with a one-state solution.

Everybody has taken a side in this conflict, some from many years of conviction politics – Jeremy Corby springs to mind – think that the Palestinians can do no wrong and are sinned against, rather than sinners. I genuinely don’t give a fig either way about the fate of either side, but I tend to come down more favourably for the Zionist cause; there hasn’t been much Jewish terrorism around the world, after all.

So, while the west impotently demands ‘reasons’ for the unfortunate incident over the Easter holiday it may be worth a moment to reflect on the fact that these aid workers volunteered to be there, in a war zone, knowing that civilian casualties are an inevitability in war. When it comes to the omelette analogy, these eggs threw themselves in the pan.

Saturday 30 March 2024

Easter Getaway?

The news today seems to be obsessed with the great Easter getaway and how 'Storm Nelson' is making it difficult, with ferry crossings canceled or delayed and some flight rescheduling. But, who cares? What is this modern obsession with the human right to have a holiday? My last away-break was in early 2019, and the one before that in 2014. Don't get me wrong, I like(ed) to travel, but I have to cut my cloth to suit, and my pocket, and work schedules don't leave much room to manoeuvre. 

The naming of storms seems to me just another symptom of the narcissism of modern times. I must have my strolling coffee, my coffee-to-go. I must have my own neuro-diverse diagnosis. I must have all of my human rights, including those to which I am not really entitled because I don't posses the correct set of protected characteristics. My neighbour has an SUV (which never leaves the town) so I must have one, too. And why should storms miss out? Once we name them how long before some awful nut job demands we respect their rights?

Okay, I know, but it really does grip my shit when people with so little to offer the world demand so much of it. When talentless foetuses, SPADs fresh out of Oxford, get to call the shots in politics, and in 'the meeja' and nobody calls out their incompetence. When politicians deem themselves fit to make life changing decisions about education, defence, economics, healthcare and the entire structure of society without ever thinking to ask anybody who might be affected by it.

Yes it's a rant, but I am merely exercising my human right to have a rant. And on that note I'm off to enjoy what's left of my Easter - sorry Ramadan - weekend.

Friday 22 March 2024

Hate Crime?

No matter how much the crazed Caliph of Holyrood might insist it is so, there is no such thing as ‘hate crime’. Hate is a base emotion, and not worthy of a truly intelligent person, and is definitely an accelerant for certain types of criminal behaviour, but hate itself is not a crime. If hate were a crime then so too could love, joy, despair and misery be legislated against. Preposterous, you may think, but this idiot country is in danger of proscribing all of them.

Delight in seeing your own nation’s flag flying is already, it would appear, bordering on the criminal. But that’s patriotic pride, as opposed to the ‘new’ pride, which is a bonus point on your social acceptability score. You are expected to celebrate the joy of being abnormal, in an absolutely correct sense of the word, yet love of your own tribe is definitely a prosecutable offence if that tribe is white, and especially if it is white and male.

And what if you ‘hate’ Hitler? Is that a hate crime? Who gets to define what kind of antipathy is actionable and which is to be applauded? Loving Hitler is definitely going to see you in court at some stage, as will any mention of final solutions to intractable ethnic problems. Is a love for Hamas a hate crime… or a love crime? And while we’re on the subject, how’s that Labour kinder, gentler antisemitism going for you?

The way the nutters who run this asylum are leading, misery is set to be criminalised by the widespread abuse of the mental health excuse for not working. Now, some might say that the control of and promulgation of misery is already the business of government as it hounds and harries landlords, taxpayers and indeed anybody who makes a positive contribution to life in the UK. In contrast, those who contribute nothing and spend their lives with their begging bowls held out must not be miserable, by diktat.

It all springs from the nebulous and shape-shifting definitions of ‘human rights’, whereby the human rights of some are deemed more important than the human rights of others. If, for instance, you are a law-abiding taxpayer who goes the extra mile to put food on the plate and fire in the hearth you will be milked forever to provide what you have to those who never lift a finger. You don’t even need to belong to this country for your human rights to trump those of the indigenous.

Suddenly, after only, oh, half a century or so of being told all this, the morons posing as representatives of the population are beginning to point out the idiocy of ‘equity’ and ‘diversity’ and to question the wisdom of seeing everything through the lens of critical race theory and all the other crackpot dalliances of the simplistic Marxist children. Something must be done, they demand, seemingly unaware that the power is theirs to so do.

But it is all too late. (Maybe this is why they suddenly feel able to spout off their platitudes.) The damage has been done and the sheep have been groomed for the coming slaughter. Your emotions are no longer under your control but are legislated by the state. You will be happy, sad, triumphant, dismayed and disappointed when you are told to be. And woe betide those who have the wrong emotion at the wrong time, or for the wrong reasons. 

The left has longed for a time when they could tell you that you were happy, and you would accept it. Or tell you to get angry and you would obey that command. At the drop of a hat, the gays march for Palestine; at the click of a finger, those made comfortable by cheap energy glue themselves to roads to end it all. "You will own nothing, and be happy." But for now, ladies and gentlemen, please turn your attention to the telescreens in readiness for the two-minute hate.

Wednesday 20 March 2024

Labour has a plan?

 Rachel Reeves, Labour's putative Chancellor of the Exchequer has donned the sainted Margaret Thatcher’s free market mantle and declares that she will bring about the resurgence of Britannia. Draping herself in the flag which has never rightly been Labour’s to fly she promises that the incoming Labour government – a near certainty, given the parlous state of the Tories – will create growth.

Like all political promises this is long on rhetoric but desperately short on policy. How will this growth be brought about? By improving Britain’s desperately poor productivity. But how will this be achieved? By attracting investment! From whom? From companies and individuals wishing to invest in British know-how and technology. But why? Why? To make profits, of course which will create more wealth for all.

Ask how these attractive investments will be persuaded to come and the answer is that Labour will bring about growth, by attracting investment and improving productivity. It is a circular argument which poses one gigantic question; if it was as easy as wishing it into being, which seems to be Labour’s entire plan, why has it not been done before? Seriously, if there was a way of magicking up a nation-saving productivity plan, why has nobody yet come up with such a paradigm?

Well, for a start, nobody – least of all Labour – has the balls for the level of fight which will be needed. We need a US-style protectionist stance and the guts to say no to industry’s demand for cheap foreign labour. We need to reject demands for yet more NHS funding without any apparent improvements. And most of all we need to take a very long, hard look at society as a whole; everybody needs a good kick up the arse.

Of course, those for whom a kick up the arse would work have already delivered said kick to themselves, gone out and worked longer hours, scrimped and saved and kept the wolf from the door. A lot of them will have left for more friendly climes, possibly too ashamed to admit of their British origins for fear of ridicule. As ever, once the sturdy crew leave the sinking ship, all that’s left are the rats and the ne’er-do-wells…. and other assorted vermin.

Does Britain even have left a population worth fighting for? When the USA besought ‘your tired, your poor, your huddled masses…’ they would have quickly changed their tune when they saw the miserable wretches lining up to see what the New World was prepared to do for them. The welfare state that is HMS Great Britain is a tawdry, lacklustre tramp steamer ready to strip any charitable undertaking of every last shred of its philanthropy.

Rachel, dear, you haven’t a chance. Once you have seen that the idle British, who have grown fat on the fast food of benefits culture, have no intention of  being any part of your solution, you will do exactly what the current, nominally Conservative, government has done. As your industries struggle you will open up the borders to ever-lower calibre immigration and lie about it. And when you give the vote to children, too callow to see through you, you will drive the final nails into the coffin of state.

Gosh, why didn't we think of that?

RIP England, RIP, disunited kingdom. Would the last Brit out please turn off the lights? Oh, wait, no need; the grid will have failed long before the end of your first term in charge. Politicians, may you all rot in hell.

Sunday 17 March 2024


MPs, we are told, are being threatened by the pro-Palestine mob who have no difficulty in using violence to claim they want peace in the Middle East. Ugly groups of islamic sympathisers gather to intimidate anybody who disagrees with them and do so with impunity. Their numbers are swelled by the useful idiots of the professional protesters who will turn up to anything which looks like a rejection of law and order and common sense. No banner is too nonsensical for these fools to fly.

The police stand quietly by, knowing that they have neither the numbers nor the political backing to act, instead arresting any counter protester who dares to challenge the genocidal call for Israelis to be exterminated. Because, make no mistake, this is the stated aim of hamas, who hide behind women and children, launch rocketry from schools and hospitals, and believe in no sanctity for human life. Quite the opposite, in fact, as martyrdom is considered a high calling; taking one for the team is baked into every jihadi mindset.

Rishi Sunak’s cowardly act of defiance has already been forgotten. While he stood there, denouncing extremism, and taking care to include the practically invisible and largely fictional ‘far right’ he must have known what we all knew. That nothing would be done, not one thing. When India was partitioned it was done precisely because muslims reject all other models of society. They will never integrate. And what did our governments do? Why, we invited them to come here and destroy our own country as well.

Every incoming government puts on the blinkers which allow them to pretend that all is well, that all will be well if only we were, you know, just a little bit more tolerant to muslims. Don’t succumb to ‘islamophobia’ the muslim brotherhood orders our government to tell us. The very notion of ‘hate crime’ and the fact that only whites can carry it out has been fuelled and spread by an insidious refusal to name the enemy and commit to action, even as prominent and influential people have urged such action for decades.

No society in history has survived islam without bloody resistance, and Europe, it feels, has not the stomach for the fight. We have even lost the ability to mock and sneer and come together in common antipathy to a foe, unless that foe be the Conservative ‘government’ which deserves nothing short of oblivion come the general election. But that will let Labour in and all the ‘friends of hamas’ will be further emboldened.

To every common citizen, especially those in former industrial towns, the enemy has been within the gates for generations. The enemy has openly boasted of conquest without bloodshed by simply outbreeding the indigenous. There can be no such thing as a ‘British muslim’, the two identities are incompatible, but soon all the people who live in Britain will be subject to islamic rule. It’s coming, you can feel it, what are you going to do?

Thursday 7 March 2024

You're barred!

 Well, it's happened again.

I long ago gave up on the attempts to regain my Twitter account; if I have to use clandestine means to get back on the platform 'now known as 'X'' what's the point? When I've done that in the past I have had to gradually reveal myself to followers to gain enough interaction to make it work... and then along comes a lefty to block and report and a 24-hour suspension quickly becomes a permanent fixture. So, no thanks.

I thought I would be in better shape on the Daily Telegraph. Yes, I took out a subscription because I was sick of the wall of advertainment with which one is bombarded on any free news sites, but now, guess what, I'm banned from commenting for 48 hours. On top of that, my subscription doubled overnight a few months back, which small-print threat I may have overlooked.

At first it was just the news, but after a while I found I was allowed to comment on pieces, so I dipped in my toe. Polite, measured, occasionally contrary, but never rude and steering clear of 'banned' words. Soon I learned of the merciless nature of the DT algorithm after composing a particularly 'precise' response to another post. "This post has been removed", the stern admonition read. Why? No reason given. Try again and replace that word with something innocuous. Nope, same thing, try again...

After a few such sorties you learn that the particularly crude AI which trawls the forum for non-approved opinion leaves no room for debate. If you really want to make your point you have to couch it in terms some readers may have difficulty comprehending - a bit of Latin helps - but did you want to entertain those readers anyway? So, no loss; there are a small number of right-of-centre posters who do come over as a little bit sub-optimal in the thinking department, but on the whole you tend to get a civilised debate.

And yet there are still things you may not say, for if the AI (Average Idiot) doesn't delete your post there is still the anonymous 'report' function, of which it seems I have fallen foul. No post removed, so far as I can tell (It's not like you have your own timeline, so it's hard to check) no warning for verboten wordage, and no indication of which post, or what sentiment has attracted the ire of the ever-stalking bedwetters. Just a ban.

But why not educate me? Why not tell me what I wrote to offend? At least X-Twitter used to allow you that courtesy, and even give you the chance to delete the offending missive. But in the Telegraph, no. So now the experience is very much degraded; being able to react to misinformed opinion columns, correct factual errors, or just to rub along with the like-minded, all have been denied me.

The thing is, I am really not an extremist. Most of the working population (those who have not had the sort of 'education' that exhorts the to hate everything Britain represents) have very much the same views as are belatedly being made public by some Johnny-come-lately political figures. Even the PM has seen fit to sort of indicate that we might have a problem with certain sectors of our population. Obviously he has included in that problem group certain non-existent threats, for fear of upsetting the ones really responsible, but it may be a tentative baby-step in the right direction.

But with outlets like the DT effectively being led by the same forces which drive The Guardian, the voice of the majority is not being heard, except when it is neutered and tempered with false moral equivalences. Once again it looks like I am left with this blog as my only outlet. This lonely outpost may yet receive my attention more frequently than it has of late. Thanks for reading, and if you have been affected by any of the issues there's probably a helpline, but frankly, who cares?