Thursday, 6 July 2023

Totally Zuckered

It was nice, this morning, when I casually logged into my blog account, to find a trio of recent comments variously suggesting that they had heard I was back on Twitter, that they wished I was back on Twitter, and even that I may have been missed by the good folk on Twitter. A shame, then, that no matter how many times I have set up accounts on Twitter, the block bots quickly dob me in and shut me down. I had no idea before all of this that my views were so viciously ‘far-right’ as to require automatic censure.

Since the permanent suspension, however, I have discovered that Twitter really is a seething hive of nasty, vicious killer bees without which I am doing quite nicely, thank you. I refer, of course, to the virulent strain of hatred that is in the very blood of ‘be-kind’ leftists, whether they tweet, blog, or just smash up buildings and burn police cars whenever the mood takes them, which is whenever anybody disagrees with them. Only today I read about the Landry/Schmitt case against the Biden administration for trying to suppress free speech via social media, in direct contravention to the USA Constitution’s First Amendment rights. It has chilling echoes of China’s reported social credit regime.

Everywhere you look, the idiots are winning. Soon, your children will need to be taken from you at birth to avoid the toxic intervention of parental love and guidance. Instead, if the forever creeping remit of the state has its way, infants will be suckled in special baby farms where the correct attitudes and behaviours will be inculcated from the very start of their lives, in preparation for those attitudes and behaviours to be forever monitored and adjusted by edict from on high.

And who will get to decide what is correct? Why, second-rate, failed politicians such as Donald Tusk, now trying for high office in his native Poland on a platform of keeping out immigrants – oh yes, his principles are just as much for sale as any other notable EU types. Types such as Ursula Fond-o-Lying, the abject failure of an ex-defence minister in Germany, who will likely head up NATO in the near future, supported by that same Senile Joe Biden. It all rather stinks, doesn’t it?

But don’t worry, nature will out, and the natives will revolt; they know nothing else. Across Europe the precincts are burning because imposed political diktats have created societies so fractured that the only outcome possible is martial conflict. And no matter how far our mediocre leaders want to believe that we are all the same, the differences between us are all too apparent.

Meet the new boss...

Once those differences are noted it can be near impossible for them not to become dividing lines. And either side of those lines, opposing motivations appear; all competing for the same scarce resources. In 1984 Oceania is always at war with Eastasia, in the world of tomorrow, everybody will be on a permanent war footing with everybody else. Oh, and Twitter will have been buried by Zuckerberg.

Sunday, 7 May 2023

It's Time...

 Lots of whingers and whiners out and about yesterday, moaning about the existence of a monarch in the first place, the cost of the day, and perhaps most of all, indignation at the arrests of the Republic protesters. As a former allegiant to HM QEII, having been a member of the armed forces, I am ambivalent to the reign of KCIII and take only a passing interest in matters royal. But as an Englishman I have no problem with the continuance of the institution, just so long as it has no problem with me.

But the shrieks of indignant calamity, along with cries of “Police State!” and “Welcome to the UKSSR!” are just performative ‘look at me’ nonsense. The right to peaceful protest is an apparent and oft-repeated cornerstone of democracy, although I have never felt the need, but surely in a democracy the will of the majority should prevail. And I’m pretty sure the majority would have felt the demonstration lowered the tone. I doubt they will be charged, but to be arrested and removed was probably the right police action in this case.

Protest is one thing but being an annoying prat and spoiling the party is just infantile. It’s only a shame that the police can’t exercise the democratic rights of the majority not to be continually harassed by the legions of misanthropes out there, who would deny us all we enjoy. The world outside that of ordinary, hard-working people just trying to get by, seems to be crowded out by the assorted miserabilists of the age:

Just Stop Oil, plying their insincere trade mere weeks after Drax have been chastised for their biomass operation being not only more polluting than coal, but more expensive, funded by the taxpayer and having the effect of actually increasing carbon emissions. Extinction Rebellion and its offshoots, hypocritically intent on bringing about the extinction of the human race, or at least the enjoyment of human life. And all the other causes-du-jour with no aim in their lives other than ruining everybody else’s.

So, the coronation is over; Charles can crack on and dabble with his favoured causes, and it’s time for the country to get back to work unhindered by the pseudo-science and psychobabble of the new-age seers who imagine themselves as Cassandras, but invariably turn out to be Nostradami, whose prophecies only appear to come true if you twist the facts beyond reason. Ignore them, resist their entreaties and resort to the one paradigm that has propped up human society from the start; every man for himself.

Let's get back to work...

Sod the planet, let’s save the nation. Reject the globalist for the local. Family, community, town then county. Get that right, restore a bit of personal, then family pride and national pride will surely follow. Don’t expect help from the state, look after your own, and things should fall back into place. Fight your fight before you take up arms for others and most of all, don’t fall for the bullshit. It’s time to get his shit sorted.

Saturday, 6 May 2023

Long to Rain Over Us

 A propos of nothing in particular, the other day I found myself watching a short film clip of London in the 1960s. As I bathed in the warm nostalgia it occurred to me to wonder where they had put all the black and brown people while they did the filming. The clip was a montage of shots and didn’t appear to be a highly organised affair, so my conclusion could possibly be that here this was documentary evidence that my memories are not false after all.

Yes, readers, despite being told for decades now that Britain was built, actually built, by ethnic diversity this is simply not true. For people of my generation – late boomer, for reference - there really was a golden age, when people of Britain knew who they were and where they had come from. And not only were we white, we were fairly homogeneously white at that, the majority of the population coming from a stable ethnic mix over the last thousand years.

I distinctly remember how you could easily spot a foreigner; they just looked different. A swarthy complexion, exaggerated features, something about the way they dressed, the way held themselves… and of course, their accent. You could instantly discern, almost without thought and pretty accurately that somebody was ‘not from here’. Nowadays, any such assumption would condemn you as a hideous racist.

The various affiliations which can all be accurately assigned to a lumpen ‘the left’ are naturally proud that we no longer know who belongs here and who we can trust. Everybody is equal, they claim, when the clear evidence of everyday life is expressly to the contrary. Britannia ruled the waves and with this confident certainty we all clung to a belief in the rectitude of our national morality and the fairness of our national conversation.

It wasn’t perfect – far from it, of course – but we knew who we were as a people and we were invested in, if disorganised about, a better future for all. Sure, we welcomed incomers, especially where they imported skills, attitudes and intellects which benefited the whole. And while we were uneasy about the displacement of some formerly white working classes by incoming and different ‘communities’ we recognised the instinct to live among your own and dutifully moved out of those areas.

But it has continued and accelerated and with the coronation service today being, by the King’s wish, a multi-faith, multi-community, multi-ethnic affair it is being enshrined in our unwritten constitution. By royal approval. To speak out about it is heresy, or even a crime. To deal in facts is to deny the new history, being rewritten openly, right in front of our eyes. As the late Sir Roger Scruton observed:

 "Take any aspect of the Western inheritance of which our ancestors were proud, and you will find university courses devoted to deconstructing it..."

"Take any positive feature of our political and cultural inheritance, and you will find concerted efforts in both the media and the academy to place it in quotation marks, and make it look like an imposture or a deceit."

Pennies from heaven? I think not...

The heavens have chosen to rain on the coronation parade today, after a decent spell of calm, dry weather. For those of a prophetic leaning this might be taken as an ominous sign. Is Coronation Day going to become some sort of St Swithin’s Day event? Has the sun forever set on all that we were? It certainly looks like it. Even the optimist will find it hard, given the apocalyptic events of the last half century, to imagine today marks a new beginning for all but the King himself. Long to ‘rain’ over us?

Friday, 5 May 2023

Wolf Man

When we are lectured by luvvies who make their living by dressing up and playing make-believe we can normally remind ourselves that saner and more rational heads prevail in the realms of science and engineering. So, one would imagine that a programme called Inside Science might want to present us with the ingenious solutions to whatever challenges face us. But no, yesterday’s edition on BBC Radio 4 embarked on a farce of let’s-pretend using that ghastly pseudo-science term, a thought experiment.

The 30 by 30 policy, agreed at COP15 in November is a commitment (thus far unpromulgated to the huddled masses who will have to pay for it) to turn over to nature 30% of the Earths land mass by… wait for it… 2030. Well, this is the first I have heard of it, yet instead of Inside Science giving us a proper appraisal of the task, the way ahead and the rewards it would bring to all, it did no such thing.

Instead, it presented a twee, imaginary look backward from the far-distant future of 2030 (yes, just 7 years away) where the whole of the United Kingdom is a green and pleasant land, in harmony with a newly burnished nautical world teeming with fish and fowl and … wolves. Oh yes, in just seven years we will not only have re-introduced wolves, they will also have successfully bred and perfectly culled the deer population, allowing mature forests to grow on former heathland.

Furthermore, the entire population having become devout vegans, cattle and sheep grazing on upland slopes will have ceased and the tree line will have climbed well above present levels. Every man, woman and child will live in bucolic splendour with space to breathe in the newly clean air, enthuse by a new love of walking and conservation. Foreign holidays would be undreamed of – why, tourists would flock to Britain just to see the wildlife.

The ridiculous wolf enthusiast, George Monbiot, delivered a caricature of his already caricatured self, along with a clutch of breathless, infantile imagineers. In this so-called ‘experiment’ – teenage daydream would be far closer to the mark – they posited a world transformed and led by a 22-year old Prime Minister. Well, duh-err, obviously the world of the incredibly-near-future will take all its direction from people who are currently swotting for their GCSEs.

The intentions of the panel may have been to show how, with a determined mission, we might entirely transform this country, but it was as fatuous an attempt as is the government forever setting new targets to be missed. The idea that, outside a cosy tea-party set of comfortable, educated, middle-class Greenies, anybody really gives a fig for 30-by-30 is illusory at best and downright laughable in reality. Worse, it is an insult to those families struggling to pay the bills, worrying about the cost of getting to and from work and fearful of future winters where heating is an impossible dream.

If the chattering classes really cared about the human population one bit, as opposed to beavers, bears and wolf packs, they would push for a proper cost-benefit analysis of going all out for net-zero. Is it even achievable at all, and if so, at what cost? Is it possibly the case that in doing nothing at all we may end up in much the same situation and merely have to adapt to any environmental changes? Or is the truth somewhere in-between, in the unexplored cracks between all the disparate proposals? In the absence of proper inquiry and subsequent, coordinated guidance we are, effectively, where we are now anyway.

Welcome to your future home...

You want a prediction? By 2030 the headway we may have made in wind power, solar, electrification of transport and heating, will already be showing signs of strain. We haven’t the will or the manpower… or the money, to do anything on the scale that the government’s unachievable targets demand; far from it. I predict that electric vehicle introduction will falter and the deadline will only get pushed back at the very last minute. I reckon that heat pumps will quietly fade from the headlines as more and more find they can neither afford to buy nor run them. And as for the wolves? You may as well be howling at the moon.

Tuesday, 25 April 2023


Yesterday, I sat in on a webinar about sustainability and the green environment in relation to training the upcoming generation of apprentices in the construction trades. The presenters were earnest and sincere in their desire to promote awareness of the impending – some would say already present – climate crisis. The trouble was, though, none of them were expert in the field, having been drawn in from various, more established disciplines. Nevertheless, this is the way of the brave new world.

Coincidentally, this morning I read in the Spectator about the Unesco’s latest interference in this world: Education for Sustainable Development, ESD for short. It seems that the Unesco is not content with their current levels of alarmism and seek to embed ESD throughout the young people, expressly to encourage political climate activism. The programme states that ‘Empowering and mobilising young people of all genders… is a central part of ESD implementation’. Of all genders? Was it really necessary to trumpet that particular bit of virtue?

Anyhoo, if you were worried that young people are indoctrinated enough in our schools and universities the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization does not share your fear and wants to impose top-down mandates that every curriculum be re-tuned to harmonise with its political goal to ‘climatise’ every waking thought… and probably your dreams as well. Lest you also think you can maybe just ignore all this, the UN has taken the BBC’s stance on balance and central to the imposition of ESD is that ‘the educator has the duty of not being neutral’.

What this means is that, much like with diversity training, every lecturer, every teacher, every curriculum leader will be themselves re-educated to trot out the egregious drivel of the environmental protest movements. Whether they are concerned or not, whether they have the ability to understand ‘the science’ their jobs will be incumbent on toeing this line. And why this is worrying is because they will be fed the  Greta syllabus whereby every shower of rain is climate breakdown and every hot day will be an extinction event and your children are going to have the bejesus scared out of them.

There is the chance that those studying engineering and physics and other related STEM subjects will have the ability to see through the worst, but what of those reading the arts? Relying on the greater wisdom of your tutors used to be a safe bet when in search of the truth, but how reliable is going to be the externally moulded opinions of those with little or no training in critical thinking and the scientific method?

Is this where the Marxist infiltration of our establishments has brought us? From those hippies who became teachers, who rebelled against rigour in education, who embraced whatever new-age claptrap was in the wind and thus influenced the next generation of teachers, and so on. The UN is now questioning and challenging the very purpose of education and making decisions to leave out anything which does not contribute to sustainability, even as it redefines to its own end what sustainability itself means.

This is a war on civilisation, nothing less. And it should be met with a resilient rebuttal at every opportunity. Whenever your offspring seek to ‘educate’ you about your part in humanity’s downfall you need to be ready with more than just a ‘yes, dear’. But I don’t know if common sense can prevail, for this has in effect been happening for many years and many graduates are already approaching positions of power and influence. As far as this brave new world war is concerned it may not be just the beginning, but the beginning of the end.

Friday, 21 April 2023


Sitting here, working from home (during my annual leave, I might add) I can hear James O’Brien in the background embarking on a ridiculous schoolboy-style rant. Is he berating his parents for carrying out their scared duty to protect him from his own idiocy? Is he frothing about some monstrous injustice levied on his favoured left-wing causes? Nope, he is going on and on and on about the resignation of Dominic Raab.

Furthermore, he is behaving exactly like the small-minded, tin-eared bully he, and many of his right-on comrades, actually are. The words I hear come from a face one could surely never tire of punching. On so many counts O’Brien is on the wrong side of opinion, the wrong side of common sense and especially in the Carl Beech affair, the wrong side of the law. And as always, being of the left, he possess the ability to overcome the cognitive dissonance of having authored at least two books to the contrary.

But O’Brien is inconsequential. What is more important is the background to the accusations of bullying as applied to Dominic Raab. As he says in his resignation letter: "In setting the threshold for bullying so low, this inquiry has set a dangerous precedent. It will encourage spurious complaints against ministers…" He is right, I believe. Not, I hasten to add, that bullying is acceptable, but in that what is perceived as bullying is something we have probably all done at some time in our lives.

Where does this threshold lie? Sarcastic comments, the raising of an eyebrow at an idiotic suggestion, an expressed expectation that employees take their duties seriously, a sharp intake of breath? Every boss has had occasion to make his or her dissatisfaction clear, to admonish a colleague, to take issue with a proposal. Everybody has been exasperated with somebody else’s lateness, their lack of effort, their incompetence. Why should it not be permissible to get it out in the open, confront the elephant and then get on with business?

I’m really sorry that everybody has not the spine to take such criticism on the chin, but this is the brutal truth of the matter. Maybe if your efforts fall short of your employers’ expectations you are in the wrong job. Maybe if this is a regular event in your life it is not the boss who needs taking aside, but yourself. If high standards are not what you spire to, then don’t be part of the running of the country. If you can’t take the heat, etc.

Sadly, this is where the rise of the ideology motivated social justice movement culminating in the pre-eminence of the HR department has brought us. A Police ‘Service’ dedicated to justice for the criminal. Minority terrorism from the likes of the trans movement, the alphabet people and the various heads of the hydra posing as environmentalism. And government driven by the desire to be liked.

Well, sod it all. I want hard-headed police force and hanging judges. I want the intolerance of indolence and the rewarding of achievement, rather than the acknowledgement of mere, half-hearted participation. I want there to be losers as well as winners and I want it to be absolutely clear which is valued the more. I want bosses to be allowed to boss, and I want an end to the culture of anything goes, something-for-nothing, reward-for-failure and indulgence of hurt feelings. In short, I want my country back.

Monday, 17 April 2023

Go Figure!

Rishi Sunak is back on his maths obsession, but like so many others he is entirely missing the point, The reason we are so far behind other ‘advanced’ nations is that the political will to point at the whole herds of elephants in the room is absent. And this is by design. Education is still the path to future prosperity, but not for the nation. The way we are going we will soon be world leaders in mediocrity and identity politics.

The HR tails has been firmly wagging the dog for decades now and nobody with the power to hire, to shape the demography of the workforce, believes in merit any more. What matters most is a virtuous blend of the diverse. As long as a corporation can field a team of multicoloured, multicultural, neuro-diverse, gender-fluid incompetents it will be hailed as the pinnacle of human achievement even as it achieves the square root of fuck-all.

For years I have declared that while 20% of UK adults are said to be functionally illiterate, the other third are bad at maths. This used to get a chuckle; now it is met with silence and blank incomprehension… probably because fully half of UK adults have the numeracy of a six-year old, so can’t put two and two together. Rishi Rich wants to address all of this by making maths compulsory in some form until eighteen.

Too late, mate. Back in the bad old days of bricks in the wall at least each school-leaver entered the workforce with a role to play. Now, they don’t want to be bricks but identify instead as decorative planters, as corporate performance art, as influencers, copycatting other influencers in their turn. Children are no different from seventy years ago, they have just had the wrong thoughts put into their heads throughout their lives. Nothing wrong with being a brick – at least those bricks could read a bus timetable and add up their overtime.

Without bricks you just can’t build any walls at all. Only a very few have the talent to lead, to innovate, to design, to plan; the rest of us would be far happier just getting on with our own tasks and leaving the hard stuff to those who can do it. But no, the modern ethos is that you can somehow earn a living by not fitting in at all, and then altering society to look like you. Again, however, a tiny few will do the influencing and the lumpen masses will just follow them… over an economic cliff.

We need doers. We need plumbers and wiremen, builders and road-repairers. We need drivers and waiters and cleaners and shelf-stackers. We need doctors and engineers and scientists and entrepreneurs, too, but we will always need bricklayers if we ever want to build a wall. If you think about it the old bricks ended up being wonderfully diverse, simply by pursuing what they could. The irony is that by pursuing diversity above all we end up with herds of useless, bland, self-declaring morons without a talent between them.

Friday, 7 April 2023

Undeveloping World

The west is dying. In front of our eyes the developed nations – or at least, the leaders of those nations – have made conscious decisions to do absolutely nothing of value for fear, it seems, of upsetting people. So ashamed are they of progress, we are ‘undeveloping’. Instead of using the skill and ingenuity and the purposeful dedication of thrusting entrepreneurs, western governments have embarked on a series of self-harming measures which would have any individual immediately sectioned.

Net-zero; the method by which we roll back centuries of industrial progress and wealth creation and impoverish the masses to assuage the climate guilt of a minority of the concerned, but incompletely informed. The acolytes of St Greta of Thunberg would return us to caves without a moment’s thought, with all the human suffering that would bring about. Life spans without sophisticated medical care and nutrition would plummet and we’d be back to only having one generation of grandparents at best. Meanwhile, the third world would continue belching out smoke and COas they continued to strive for what we gave up.

‘We’ are still banging on about the slavery we abolished while our new idiot king is about to bill the taxpayer for reparations for things his ancestors really didn’t involve themselves in. Every museum exhibit, painting, play, movie; every bit of vernacular, street names, buildings, statues; every country home, every surname is to be rigorously interrogated for links to a trade nobody in 200 years has experienced. Oh, except for in many black and brown countries, which will of course be excused, as to accuse would be racist.

Our everyday life has been hijacked by the squeakiest of minorities, Nike being only the latest of famous brands eager to please only the genderqueer. Soon the very idea of a nuclear family will only be associated with memories of the atomic-bomb stand offs of the Cold War. Mummy and daddy? Wash your mouth out, child, and bring me my hormone blockers! How soon, one wonders, before it all becomes compulsory?

In the name of freedom, everybody will be able to occupy their own unique group identity… but in a group of one where are your allies? At least there once was a way of elevating oneself from the dreary lottery of birth right. Decent, respected teachers in a properly structured education system was that lifeline, and grammar schools – despite all of Labour's denials – landed many a pauper’s child a decent living as adults. These days we seem intent on preventing any child from even reaching adulthood.

As many have commented for many decades now, it is as if the keys to the asylum have been handed to the inmates. And, talking of asylum, why on earth do governments refuse to tackle head-on the mass importation of undocumented, unskilled, unwanted, aggressively anti-Christian immigrants and pretend that they are seeking asylum. I wonder if the incomers realise that all they have been told is false and there is no escape here from lives of crime and squalor. Indeed it is to be the new normal quite soon.

The UK, most of all, has the right, outside of the EU to reform all of this, but we won’t. Instead our judges and teachers, our police and armed forces, and most of all our useless parliamentarians will cling to the dead weight around all of our necks as if it were a life raft. Not waving but drowning. If ever we needed the little boy in the crowd to denounce the emperor’s nakedness, that time is surely now.

Wednesday, 5 April 2023

Bring on the AI

I’ll be blunt. I am suspicious of muslims, and of islam itself. Nothing less than total subjugation of the world population to the will of allah will satisfy them. Where they are dominant they are truly dominant and where they are the minority they quickly establish special status as victims of islamophobia, then use that victim status to gain privilege, to protect their own as they proliferate until their minority becomes capable of exerting power and influence over the indigenous population.

I am suspicious of those who convert to islam; converts to extreme beliefs – religion, supremacy, gender recognition, net-zero – are usually zealots, and almost always useful idiots to the cult. Adopting a quiet spirituality and living a life informed by nature, the cosmos, Gaia, compassion and doing no harm is fine, but what does a belief that you and only you are god’s chosen people say about your true motivations? Plus, you know, suicide bombs and all that…

So you won’t find me cheerleading for people like Sadiq Khan and Humsa Yousaf, both trumpeted as ‘First muslim [enter title here]’. I would far rather see them acclaimed as ‘Last muslim [whatever]’. Defining somebody by their religion is akin to defining them by race and we call that racism. So when black leaders make a great deal of their blackness we know that they see whitey as a problem to solve, a foe to be defeated. Humsa Yousaf is playing with the full deck of victim cards.

He is a racist, white-hating, Tory-hating, communist bigot, and he is about as Scottish as I am a Saudi. It says much about the Scottish National Party that they would support such a character at all, let alone as leader. But wait, the members didn’t elect him, instead the Left’s long march through the institutions has achieved its ambition of taking democracy as far away from the demos as possible. The certain decline of the SNP will be a joy to watch.

We used, as humans to progress from a state of helplessness, through childhood where normal values were instilled, then onto the world of work, of opportunity, of freedom to explore who we were and what we wanted from life. Some among us with more mature attitudes and charisma became leaders and then went on to become the wise elders. Now, it seems, all wisdom resides in the young and whatever they wish the adults must serve.

Stomp those eggshells all you like!

Aren’t we all just a bit fed up of being bullied by vocal minorities? Take the new head of the National Education Union (NEU) as a further example. The Marxist, race-baiting idiot, Daniel Kebede has stated that the teachers’ strike is not about pay but about "taking back control from a brutally racist state". Good grief, spare us the slave sermon. Are we sure he is a teacher and not a child? In any case if, as he says, it’s not about pay, I see no good reason why we should stump up any more cash. Maybe it will be better when Artificial Intelligence takes over, after all.

Sunday, 2 April 2023

More Fool Us

Spotting the April Fool story in the day’s papers was always good sport, but these days you might be excused for imagining that every other report, on any given day, is just taking the piss. Very much so with the Wera Hobhouse sponsored Worker Protection (Amendment of Equality Act 2010) Bill which appears to have been waived through Parliament while the government was too busy applying sticking plasters elsewhere.

The amendment would impose a legal duty on employers to protect their staff from harassment by other employees and now also by members of the public. In law such harassment means “unwanted conduct relating to a protected characteristic” (i.e. age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation) where that conduct has the purpose or effect of “creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment”. This would include being offended by overheard remarks.

The idiots really are winning. This ‘Sneaks Charter’ would bring about a rash of actions without merit to further clog up the already overburdened legal system. And how hard would it be for two colleagues to arrange some specious insult, witnessed by other staff as a basis for suing their employer for damages? This is the sort of nonsense that should have its proposers put in stocks for judgment by the public, who are never currently consulted.

Critical Race Theory, the idiotic insistence that people who have never owned slaves owe anything whatsoever to people who have never been slaves, the notion that one can change gender by a simple declaration, child-centred teaching practices, recruitment for diversity… all of these are symptoms of a grand madness that has afflicted the developed world and will bring about its downfall. Are our leaders just fools now?

 Take that diversity in recruitment issue; a recent report decries the finding that fewer than 20% of  engineering undergraduates are female. So what? Do we see similar wails and gnashing of teeth when we discover that hardly any ‘men’ give birth? And isn’t that the very point? While there are some exceptional women in engineering and the sciences – and hurrah for them – why get all pissy about something which the supposedly uneducated populus can explain in a very short sentence?

 Naturally, the report authors also seem unduly concerned that in a country with a white majority population our engineers seem to be predominantly white males. Outrageous, they seem to say, we thought we were well on the way to eradicating this toxic species. It is almost as if they have never encountered an actual human person; that they have never considered asking them what they think; that they believe polls designed to elicit pre-ordained results are the only source of truth.

It has often been said that MPs should not only live in their constituencies, full-time, but that they should have held an ordinary job for some qualifying number of years. Not a think-tank internship, nor a special advisorship (And how come so many spads are so very young? It’s like the cult of management consultancy whereby actual experience is trumped by having gone to the right university.) I’d go further and ban graduates with an Oxford PPE degree from entering politics until at least the age of 40, with those years spent grafting in the dirt among the rest of us.

Not just April...

That such stupendously worthless legislation spouts like vomit from the over-indulged mouths of the monumentally privileged and feted suggests that the overhaul of Westminster is long overdue. The House of Lords is, likewise, crammed ever more full with useful idiots. And the media aids and abets their vandalism of the national psyche at every turn. It is little wonder that popular revolutions often begin with the slaughter of the intelligentsia. For all their supposed learning, they would be fools indeed to think that time is not coming.

Saturday, 25 March 2023


 “Mummy, mummy! Why is that man wearing a dress?” Years ago that remark would have elicited a different response from today, probably. “Don’t stare, dear, he’s just playing dressing up” might have been the reply, followed by a hurrying away from the freak. Others may have been less tolerant and minded to challenge, but in the main people would have quietly gone about their business and made no more about it.

In the past, a man wishing to be a woman was regarded as an oddity, who nonetheless deserved to be allowed to act out his fantasy only so far as it did not infringe on the rights and sensibilities of others. Such activities would never have extended so far as allowing such a man to associate with children or use women-only changing rooms. They may have sought out the company of the like-minded, or else lived lives of social solitude. Or, indeed, kept their predilections entirely secret, as so many did throughout their lives.

A man in a dress was always seen as less acceptable than a woman in comfortable man-clothes, and the reasons are not difficult to contemplate. A male-inclined woman tends not to present a physical threat to other men, whereas a six-foot, sixteen stone rugby player in a bad wig is a sinister, imposing presence, so out of place that it screams threat from the very top of the lungs. Wolf! Run for your lives!

But transvestism is not the issue. Cross-dressing has been normalised by the pantomime dame and the drag queen scene. Indeed, the majority of men who dress up in female garb are doing just that; dressing up. They otherwise lead perfectly happy male lives and pose no threat to anybody. Actual transexuals are another thing altogether, and so very unusual is this phenomenon that the only way their presence becomes statistically significant is by joining the alphabet soup of LGBTQI+++ to then claim to  be a very small, single-digit percentage of the population at large.

In other words, if you are a transsexual then, by the very definition of the word, you are not normal. Normal: conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected. So how did such a vanishingly small minority obtain such powers as to unseat the Scottish First Minister, and be likely to bring about the demise of the next? Why is the Labour Party unable to define what a woman is, for fear of censure? Why are the arbiters of what is right in society incapable of doing what pretty much anybody else can do with ease, which is discern not only what somebody is, but also what somebody isn’t? Man, not-man, man-in-a-dress, man-who-wants-to-be-a-woman, threat-to-women-who-don’t-want-their-exclusive-spaces-to-be-invaded.

You can feel as sorry as you like for the genuinely distressed transsexual, who finds both the transition and later acceptance difficult, but beyond common decency and the same human rights as everybody else (which are far fewer in reality and sense than many in the human rights circus would have us believe) we owe them nothing. All of which is why the witch-trial hounding of Posy Parker in New Zealand is beyond abhorrent.

Mummy, why does that man look funny?

So far down the trans rabbit hole have those who seek to speak for society been dragged that they are every bit as much the problem as are those rapists who hanker after being incarcerated in pens filled with vulnerable prey. So dangerous are the proponents of Newspeak that it is they who should be held up to scrutiny and proscribed. In fact they have done for the rights of peaceful transsexuals to live their lives unmolested much what Pol Pot, Mao and Orwell’s Ingsoc did for the nuclear family. Being transsexual is not a crime, but you abandon all rights to dignity and acceptance when you demand that others treat you as ‘normal’.

Tuesday, 21 March 2023

As You Were

The current culture war – selfish, individual identity versus national cohesion – is quite bad enough, all by itself and threatens stability for all. The LGBTQIP+++ alphabet people are aided in their assault on reason by the parallel war on intelligence, waged over at least the last half-century, which churns out ever more dependent, ever dumber, ever biddable young volunteers to the cause. Meanwhile the judiciary appears to have turned on the majority law-abiding in favour of the disrupters.

Banking is broken, the globalised Ponzi scheme of growth by consumption has feasted on the ready supply of lowest-common-denominator immigration, and we are, it seems no longer able to hire for merit, being driven by the diversity agenda to hire by skin colour or gender or disability. The great and the good, from their altar at Davos have proclaimed that we will own nothing and be happy.

Well, the first part of that certainly appears to be happening, owning nothing that is. Our roads are riddled with potholes, our rail infrastructure is creaking, public services everywhere are physically breaking down when they are not merely on strike, and the chances of getting a doctor’s appointment are close to zero. Zero is the theme – it seems to be the end goal of every policy, every administrative effort; it may as well be in the main parties’ manifestos.

So it seems uncannily timely that the latest orders from the seat of world government, the UN and the IPCC, that despite the impossibility of achieving the already ridiculous Net-Zero targets, developed nations must hit that unachievable milestone ten years earlier than pledged. 2040, they are saying, not 2050, and lest you be in any doubt, 2040 is effectively tomorrow. Emissions are still rising, they wail. Yes, they are, because the unseemly dash to achieve ‘not-zero’ by 2050 is creating industrial output on a scale not seen before… in China. Using coal.

You could not invent a fiction worse than this reality. Cleverer heads than me have worked out that not only do we not currently know of sufficient mineral resources – raw materials for batteries, wiring, electronic components, etc – the extraction of these resources is despoiling vast acres of the natural landscape while also emitting ever more CO2 into the atmosphere. It doesn’t even matter where you are on the anthropogenic climate change debate, 2050 was problematic, but 2040 is far, far worse.

Some are even calling for – and brace yourselves for this – 2025 (yes, just 20 months) to get the ball in that back of that impossibly small net. If Greta Thunberg wasn’t bad enough, prepare yourself for your kids to come home and denounce you as murderers for daring to have them, clothe them, keep them warm, transport them and feed them. Oh yes, food, that’s something else we are going to have to learn to do without, apparently.

Who is going to pay for it all? Yes, you guessed it, the taxpayer. We are. Again. No matter what the cause, no matter what the cost, the sacrifices will not be made by those making the policy. But here’s their problem; in order to muster the will and the resources to do things on the scale being demanded, you have to herd the sheep along a single path to the slaughterhouse. And for that you have to get some form of buy-in from the sheep. What’s in it for us, we ask?

As it stands, nothing. We get nothing in return for the pain which will be inflicted on us. Worse, we will be berated as ignorant and bigoted (and no doubt, racist) for resisting the reduction of our living standards to that of the third world and the payment of reparation to that same third world so that they can experience the industrial progress that dragged us out of the gutter. It is the same as seeing your hard-earned council tax go to replace the windows in the housing society property next door, occupied by universal credit dependent recipients, while you in your owner-occupied hovel shiver through the winter months.

Coming soon, to a neighbourhood near you...

Madness. If you wanted to dream up a scheme to foment mass rebellion you could do far worse than the climate change lobby. But even in the face of all of the above, I still see little active resistance. In the end the Net Zero lunacy will fail not due to the scale of the technological challenge, to which we are not equal, but to apathy, our new defining national characteristic. For, if the inanities of gender ideology, enforced diversity, and the winding up of all that once made us a force for good in the world isn’t enough to get us out on the streets, I doubt very much that climate action will ignite that spark. 

Saturday, 11 March 2023

Who do you think you are kidding, Mr Hitler?

It is hilarious listening to the closest thing to an actual psychopath in public life, Alastair Campbell, arguing for Gary Lineker. It is a bit like, oh, I don’t know, the language used in 1930s Germany to defend the actions of that funny old Mr Hitler. Al-Goebbels-Campbell, was always good at spin and propaganda, but with the Lineker affair he has excelled himself, describing his latest brief as standing up against ‘these right wing extremists’ who have taken over the government.

Oh, my aching sides. On the journey home last night I heard Armando Iannucci, on BBCs PM programme, vigorously defending the jug-eared goal-hanger while Evan Davis tried his best to maintain the impartiality of the nation’s broadcaster. Would he, he asked Iannucci, defend the freedom of speech of a presenter who had, for instance agreed with the views of many tens of millions of Britons who would gladly repel the incoming migrants with force?

In the discussion, naturally, the case of comedian Jo Brand’s suggestion that protesters could maybe have thrown battery acid, instead of milkshakes at Pol Pot; sorry I meant Nigel Farage. Several other examples were raised, of occasions when the BBC had suspended or failed to suspend various other well-known people for their words on air, but such comparisons were batted away as entirely different; wishing harm on those who disagree with you is simply fair game for the left.

The issue is, as it always is, that your free speech is my offensive rhetoric, and my sensible viewpoint is somewhere to the right of Genghis Khan and likely to cause actual physical pain to all who hear it. For my part, I see Gary Lineker as a smug, righteous, lefty twat who nevertheless has a right to say what he likes just as long as I am afforded the same opportunities. My permanent Twitter suspension, however, does suggest that while Lineker is allowed free speech, I very much, am not.

If he comes back after a brief period off-air, he will not have learned anything, but then neither has Campbell. Being labelled a Nazi – and yes, I know everybody on his side has argued, semantically, that this is not what he did even though it is exactly what he meant – is just what you have to get used to when you don’t ascribe to the open borders, ninety-several genders, race-baiting, Tory-hating free-range communism, espoused by the notional left.

Gary Lineker was unavailable for comment.

What won’t happen is progress. If you agree with Lineker then you won’t budge an inch from your view; if you disagree with him then you are still a Nazi and there’s an end to it. You will just have to content yourself with carrying on as you normally do; go to work every day, obey the law, love your family, support your team and just try to keep the embroidering of swastikas on the down-low. Just accept that Gary Lineker is a decent human being, and you are a vicious, baby-eating storm-trooper, but don’t make such a fuss, okay?

Friday, 10 March 2023

Britannia says what?

As the Labour wolf pack takes down the old, lame beast and when the Lib-Dem vultures have finished picking at the carcass, not much will remain of the Conservative Party. Labour will be in power and the Cons may well be the third party in Westminster, but will anybody really notice? Had the once honourable and patriotic party enacted the entire Communist Manifesto, as espoused by Jeremy Corbyn, would we be in any different situation from where we are right now? I somehow doubt it.

We are, it turns out, crap at science, engineering, innovation, leadership… and even that last gasp of the fantasists, wide-eyed optimism, has become myopic and thick with cataracts. The entire country seems to blunder from one crisis to another; health, education, gender idiocy, infrastructure… we fall foul of some international law or another every time the government tries to do anything at all. Controlling immigration is merely one of the currently highlighted failures befalling the administration.

With near a third of the country’s adults functionally illiterate, innumerate, or often both, where is this vitalising, buoyant, vibrant boost that the pro-immigration lobby insists would be the result of open borders? Our defences could not be more porous were we to build a six-lane bridge to France and declare it a one-way trip to ghettoised paradise. Except, like HS2 the bridge would cost a thousand times what was budgeted and take several lifetimes to be not quite complete.

I’m afraid – and I do mean afraid in the literal sense – that it no longer matters who governs this country, we are already sunk. Up to our eyeballs in debt and an economy that runs on gambling, gaming, fired chicken outlets, Turkish barbers, Albanian car-washes and over-priced coffee. The high streets are dead, the bank branches are closing, the Post Office has pretty much shut up shop and, if the government is to be believed, most of the nation’s repository of skill and knowledge has gone into early retirement.

You may be able to run a kibbutz on youthful ignorance and energy but a modern economy needs deep engineering and science specialists, not hundreds of thousands of leisure and fashion graduates. And while designing a new computer- based game may make a fortune for a geeky few, most of our under-40s are barely capable of doing anything other than downloading a spyware app and selling their souls to the Chinese.

"The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which”

So, as far as I can see, it matters not whether Ayatollah Starmer or Comrade Sunak are in charge, our fate is no longer in our own hands. In thrall to the forces of globalism we have sold off everything of value, encouraged our brightest and best to up-sticks and leave, and buried our collective heads in the sand while whispering Rule Britannia and being afraid to wave our own flag. Brexit should have been the opportunity to change our fortunes, but we had no captain equal to the task of steering us to the promised land, and like slaves shackled to the oars we are all going down with this ship.

Thursday, 2 March 2023


When I detected the signs of the feeding frenzy over the Hancock malarkey I thought at first they had discovered some more old tapes in a BBC backroom. But in this case, the boy himself is not the esteemed but tragic Tony, it is in fact the creepy Matt edition. But, seriously, who cares? I commented recently on how individuals in the public eye dare not say a word unless it has been scrutinised and sanitised by media advisors at any hint it might be weaponised. Thus it is little wonder that people are getting excited over nothing.

Covid, schmovid, as far as I’m concerned. Nobody is getting any of those days back and we can't resurrect the dead. And in any case, flu-like viruses have always taken away the elderly to their often overdue rest, and will continue to do so. Hancock is not in government any more, every country in the world seemed to struggle to cope with the pandemic and the really important thing to remember now is that everybody is an expert after the fact.

Not me, though. I claim no expertise in pretty much anything. In fact the more I learn the more I recognise what I do not know, to the extent of realising that my unknown unknowns exceed by an incalculable amount the sum of everything I know I know and everything I know I don’t know. Donald Rumsfeld, eat your heart out. Apart from playing the utterly pointless, bird-flown, horse-bolted blame game what is to be gained from this rather uninspiring ‘scoop’?

Sometimes I think the collective press needs to pack up and spend a few years living among the people they write about. They would find that real people are neither ‘amazed’, ‘astonished’ nor ‘incandescent’ about very much at all. The emotive words used by reporters to make what is often a non-story into some sort of scandal is at best childishly na├»ve and at worst fomentive of unrest in people who were otherwise disinterested.

So I genuinely don’t care about the trillions of  words in billions of WhatsApp messages; messages that would have been sent, ad-hoc, in the heat of the moment, between people I know little about and respect even less. Of course there were fuck-ups; and many of them. We hear today that Dominic Cummings had to explain percentages to Boris Johnson, but really, is anybody surprised? Project Boris was always about the aggrandisement of the straw-barnetted buffoon, but he would have got away with everything had the pandemic not struck and had Brexit ever actually happened.

Surely nobody, by now, expects any better from the UK government? After years of mocking the Italians and the Belgians and their corrupt ways is it any wonder that we find the exact same farces being played out over here? Haven’t commentators across the centuries warned that you simply cannot trust a single person who actively seeks power? Until the professional politicians are replaced by a meritocracy based on actual competence in the areas that matter we can expect no better.

Just a little prick...

The areas that matter? Oh, you know, just the minor things. While world leaders argue about pronouns, science none of them understand, global economies beyond the power of politicians to influence positively, journeys to the stars and whose god is top god, we little people busy ourselves with the almost trivial matters of eating, working, keeping a roof over our heads, not dying… little things of little consequence. Not that the media will ever notice.

Tuesday, 28 February 2023

Britannia RIP

Everybody is going gaga over the Windsor Framework, which is a sure fire way of knowing that it is a crock. MPs on all sides are praising Sunak and Fond O’Lying’s ground-breaking deal, and such a level of agreement among politicians should sound alarums throughout the land. The very fact that  EU spokes-types are briefing that this is the best of all possible arrangements leads me to believe they assume they’ve won.

In effect, Northern Ireland remains a part of the EU, in much the same way that Crimea belongs to Russia but without a boot on the ground. If the DUP believes that the UK has abandoned its province to the enemy it may well be seen by historians as the falling of one of the last barriers to the unification of Ireland. The IRA has also won. Wales, by all accounts would be happy to split from the union, alongside Scotland, so what’s the point of clinging on to Nor’n Ir’n many will say.

And I am one of them. I see it as a gross hypocrisy to support Brexit but reject separatist arguments from within the UK. If they feel like annexed lands, then why not let them self-determine? Defence, you may suggest, except we haven’t demonstrated any will to defend ourselves in the last quarter century and the Exchequer has no cash left to support any of our services, let alone the military.

We have given away our manufacturing, our food and energy security, allowed our education system to rot at the hands of extremists who believe in everything but the sovereignty of the nation state and in all of this the judiciary have proudly help up the rights of all who would act against us. If we can’t even make our own laws – and we still can’t, in any meaningful way – how can we even begin to claim we are a sovereign nation?

The Remainers were right, there was never any plan for Brexit. Except… there was, and it was simple. Leave the constraints of the EU and govern ourselves. But our politicians have proven themselves incompetent and too cowardly to face up to the overbearing ranks of ‘international’ lawyers. It was always portrayed as a divorce but instead of decently separating and going their own ways, the departing party has hung around, stalking his ex, like a needy loser.

It was always a trap

I am still 100% in favour of England, at least, becoming a wholly sovereign nation, but that is in theory only. Stripped of the union we will have enemies instead of allies on our physical borders. The island fortress that we once were is now too easily besieged by foreign troops on our flanks. And the English have become second-class citizens in their ancestral lands. I see no way ahead except the inevitable slow retreat from Brexit and complete subsummation into the European project. What a waste.

Wednesday, 15 February 2023

Imposter Syndrome

Do you remember when you knew things? You know, when you understood how to use the English language, how to play nicely with others, and when science seemed to have some real answers that had stood the test of time? Time itself had meaning, implying order, punctuality and a sense that you had to get things done. Do you remember when, as you matured, you gained a certain sense of certainty and even wisdom?

Well, don’t you just feel like a fraud these days? No sir, that’s a ma’am, bad means better than good, and grammar? Dey fo’ de ol’ folk, boomer. Everything is inverted; science is upended to be less meaningful than belief. Money is magic; it has its own life cycle, almost always ending up in the bank accounts of those who have no need for it. The law protects the criminal more than it protects the victims, and those girls in Rotherham, why they pretty much raped themselves.

Language, probably more than any other human construct, has been subverted and now words are routinely twisted to mean the opposite of what any speaker intended. No wonder government is so powerless – anything they say will be taken down and used in evidence against them. Long before the announcement of new funding for industry can be welcomed somebody will have applied the perverse logic of the age to denounce it as racist.

Being voluntarily unemployed and living on the largesse of the state is today the moral equivalent of being in productive employment and paying your own way. Are you a lazy fucker? No problem, we will dose you up with pills, give your condition a name to absolve you of all responsibility and if we could just harvest your vote, that would be lovely. Annoying little brat? Good, a client for life; ADHD and autism and you need never apply an ounce of effort ever again. Welcome to the Brave New World.

It is getting so that if you apply the logic of your upbringing – if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck – you will be denounced as some genre-specific bigot, labelled as such on social media, be doxed and end up losing your job. And then become a social pariah, shunned by your community, forced to sell up and leave home and end up going to the bottom of the snakes and ladders game of life to begin at square one.

On the one hand all of this is hilariously funny, if it was on screen as a satirical comedy of the times, but it’s real (unreal) enough. And for every glimmer of common sense, every sense that there is resistance, hope is quashed when the authorities support the same types of insanity which drive an increasing minority to insist we acquiesce to their noisy demands.

"But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother."

It is little wonder, then, that many older workers – the ones who have all the knowledge and experience – have decided to leave workplaces that no longer recognise what they bring to the job. Literacy, numeracy and plain common decency then become lost skills and what rises up are the entitlement cultures and the wars between their competing needs. And the new truth emerges: War is peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance, finally, is strength… comrades.

Saturday, 11 February 2023

Hang ‘Em High!

It is both hilarious and entirely predictable to see the reactions to Lee Anderson’s thoughts on the death penalty and the publication of the Shawcross review of Prevent. “Bringing back the death penalty is barbaric. It makes us no better than animals!” Really? Animals like the islamists you defend, who would introduce summary execution at a stroke for the mere possession of alternative beliefs? Watching the left eat itself has lost none of its cold war fascination.

At every turn democracy must be vocally supported, yet vigorously resisted. Give the people a vote, they cry! Yes, but don’t, whatever you do, act on what the people vote for. Brexit put paid to the chance of any more direct democracy; the people voted wrong, just as they will on justice, energy, education, national security… And talking of national security, have you noticed how armed forces recruitment advertisements in the past decade have focused less and less on force than feelings?  

The war on democracy shows no sign of receding, with fronts being fought everywhere you look. The race, gender and migration shock troops continue to push their advantage with officials everywhere afraid to utter a peep in defence or defiance. And thus, with the few exceptions of Anderson, Shawcross and the like, the resistance falls to the commentariat… except that much of the commentariat has the same brain-dead knee-jerk response as the wets of Westminster.

Shawcross could have gone much further, but already he is being condemned by such outfits as the muslim Council. (muslim deliberately left without a capital because I long ago deemed it not to be a proper noun.) Notwithstanding the stupidity of Blair and Bush’s offensive in the Oil Lands (how pointless does that seem now?) islam has no place in modernity. Christianity and Judaism, in my opinion, are superstitions with far too much sway over their dwindling adherents, but at least they are not on the streets demanding slaughter at the drop of a mo-ham-head cartoon.

I suppose, on the one hand, a lot of the ragheaded terror tribe do perform their own executions – close-coupled crime and punishment at the flick of a trigger switch - so a form of justice is seen to be done. But, as Shawcross has made clear they don’t act alone and they are encouraged rather than challenged by the wider umma. No, there is no way to dress it up, islam belongs in the desert, a thousand years ago. Let’s help it find its way home.

And now we’re on the subject of repatriation, why not find a way back for the other ills and ideologies that assail us? Communism, for instance, should be encouraged to exist in actual communes and not impose itself on wider societies which reject their principles. Perhaps former gulags could be set aside for them, then Ash Sarkar and Owen Jones and all the other braying donkeys could exercise their rights to make twats of themselves in front of their fawning fans.

Shola Mugabe Umbongo might be persuaded to take her Black Lives Matter More Than Your Lives crusade back to Nigeria. And others who come here then demand that ‘here’ be made in the image of ‘there’ could be firmly but fairly be convinced, at bayonet point if necessary, that Britain will never live up their ideal of black supremacy and should therefore be abandoned to its pale, white fate.

Too good for them?

Then we have the climate lunatics, the gender fantasists, David Icke fans and followers of wild and stupid conspiracy theories around the shape of the planet, the shadowy forces which pull the levers, believers in Tarot and crystals, and homeopathy, and Nostradamus. We could perhaps round up the millions of such biddable dolts and persuade them there is a place where they can live free of persecution. Back on their home planet, perhaps.

Then, when we have rid ourselves of these febrile, infantile activists we may finally be in a position to rebuild this country in our own image. How does that sound?

Friday, 10 February 2023

Thought Experiment

What a ridiculous phrase that title is. Why not just call it a discussion, a debate, an examination of, exploration of… or just a good chat about something? Giving it the dignity of that stylised monicker seeks to elevate anybody’s random question into some sort of enlightened scientific enquiry. Anyway, last night Gaia Vince, on BBC’s Inside Science, chaired such a so-called experiment on the possibility of abundant cheap energy, with various contributors coming up with Utopian visions of pastoral bliss, free from toil, and oil.

It is almost as if the people consulted about such matters have little grasp of human nature, a failing which seems to affect most policy makers across all aspects of governance. Not only is cheap and abundant energy – for the whole world, by the way - a highly unrealistic scenario, they seem to forget how the human economy apportions resources. And how the human masses react to the meagre shares they are awarded. There are non so equal as those who control the means of production and distribution.

It was quite good timing though, just after Grants Shapps’ appointment as Minister for Energy Security and Net-Zero. And what a title that is! A bit like having a Minister of War AND Peace… or, indeed, the Ministry of Truth. Energy Security AND Net-Zero? We could have energy security almost immediately if we abandoned Net-Loser today and got on with oil and gas while building plenty of nuclear capacity. Sure, keep the windfarms, at least until the maintenance cost renders them uneconomic. If we get nuclearising right now, we should have stations on-stream before the windies collapse… around 2050 I reckon.

It strikes me that we can have either, but not both. But even if we all got behind the green catastrophe it is doubtful that baleful Britain has the ability to deliver. It should be clear by now that we are hopeless at infrastructure. The Victorian legacy systems are straining at the seams and we have done precious little to prepare for the serial failures we now see on a regular basis. 

Water, sewage, rail… all in tatters. Our roads are fucked and as for HS2, it is clear that while a small number of consultants will make fortunes from the white elephant, the project will never be completed, much as the M25 (proposed in 1944, given the go-ahead in 1975) which is still not finished and costs £billions in maintenance and disruption. The latest, HS2 Plan B, should be called HS2B or not 2B.

The engineers and inventors and pioneers of our past must look down from their celestial rest in despair. They must wonder how we can have so many people sitting idle, or else doing nothing productive, while a diminishing work force is taxed to the hilt to pay for it all, yet nobody dares propose the simple solution of getting everybody back to the real grind of building a society and an infrastructure fit for the future. And there is no sign of anything getting better.

So here’s a little question for you all: do you think we will ever achieve either energy security or net-zero, or will we simply fail at both? Answers in a thought experiment.

Wednesday, 1 February 2023

It Don’t Matter

 The abject morons at Black Lives Matter have managed to lay the blame for the death of the young black man Tyre Nichols, at the hands of five black policeman, in black majority Memphis, on white supremacy. A BLM spokesperson said “‘He mattered to everyone, except those upholding state-sanctioned violence and a dangerous cycle of white supremacy.’ Exactly where is all this white supremacy and where can I get my share?

Councils ‘decolonising’ street names, universities rewriting their own, entirely white, history as black history, principally featuring oppression and slavery, government departments pre-emptively banning words for fear of offence. Putting statues on trial! These are yet more ways in which basket-case Britain slips further from relevance on the world stage. This is not a serious country; a democracy in which the will of the people is not consulted and the tyranny of the ultra-minorities holds sway.

But maybe we are seeing some small signs of pushback. The renaming of Black Boy Lane in Tottenham, even after investigation found no racial connotations in its history, was met by residents displaying the former – correct – name in their windows and on graffiti. Student idiocy over race is now routinely received with rolled eyes and mocking grins. And governments, such as the pretend one in Scotland, are learning that to kow-tow too low to the insane trans demands is not a vote winner.

But it’s going to be an uphill struggle as the teachers, having been infiltrated by Marxist equality of failure since at least the nineteen-sixties, are now on their fourth generation of indoctrination. It is one thing to detach a child from its parents’ malign influence, quite another when the teachers’ teachers’ teachers’ teacher was an all-out, card-carrying red. And it is the same in the police, the judiciary, the civil service and government. Politically correct inanity as far as the eye can see and the ear can hear.

Burning it to the ground appears an attractive proposition, but with many seeing a vote for the hapless and inept Reform as the way ahead, the razing is going to have to wait. The change, if it comes at all, will not come from above but from below. Teach your children well, find schools with teachers who can be trusted – here’s a hint; maybe not the ones who are striking today. Do what working class parents used to do and instil a sense of ambition and pride in success through your own efforts.

For what it’s worth, lives are not equal and don’t matter equally; we all know this. The entire equality nostrum is a crock which has brought far more harm than good. So stand up for the principle that you should be judged for your actions, not for your skin colour. Be judged by your achievements, not by your beliefs. Take the rap for your failings and admit your mistakes. Stick to what you know is true, not what the idiots tell you, or else the idiots win. Try harder, that’s the only thing that matters.

Monday, 30 January 2023

How Dare You!

Over the weekend I have been doing a bit of research into the government’s plans, schemes, roadmaps, incentives and aspirations for transition to a greener, cleaner, energy efficient, energy abundant future. The sheer amount of material written about it is staggering and I have come up with one firm conclusion which will come as no surprise to any regular readers of this blog; it’s a heap of crap. And a big one, at that. And that particular dung heap is growing by the hour.

Because Britain no longer does anything, at all. Nothing. Oh we can talk a good net-zero game, as we can talk about all sorts of things we are incapable of doing, but we can’t actually do it. We haven’t enough existing skilled tradesmen to do any of the clever installations of preferred technologies, but we have acres of print in terms of standards, proposals, regulations and the like. And those tradesmen are a dying breed, not even being replaced at the natural rate of attrition.

I read about the intention to install 600,000 heat pumps a year. Yeah, right. There aren’t enough trainees in the country to even get close to the manpower we’d need for that. And when they are installed, who will maintain them? Who will engage with the freezing pensioners robbed of their life savings to replace their reliable gas boilers when they fail to perform effectively in cold weather? (Because, of course, they will; their coefficient of performance is nowhere near that claimed in the literature.)

What is far more likely to happen is that once the existing unrealistic targets are missed, a small army of bureaucrats and meddlers, ‘advisors’ and newly qualified but untested ‘experts’ will be drafted in to write yet more proposals, set yet more even more unattainable goals and generate productivity less than the square root of fuck-all. In fact, their hot air will merely add to the problem we are supposedly trying to solve.

Some will argue ‘twas ever thus, but at least back in the days of Sir Humphrey, access to the levers of meddling was strictly controlled, whereas today anybody can become an instant part of the problem without ever getting anywhere near the Civil Service entrance exam. In other words, there are no checks and balances on those who would enter the burgeoning market for ever more pointless papers which just push yet more burden on those expected to actually solve the problems.

She won't be happy... but who cares?

If there actually even is a real and pressing problem. If these intellectual remote island dwellers only had a means of communication and the intellect with which to understand it, they would surely conclude that their very existence was the real issue here. If every target was abandoned and every green ideal simply ignored, the progress towards ‘not-zero’ would not be impeded in any significant way. Let’s try it. Let us simply ignore the wailing and existential teeth-gnashing of the acolytes of Saint Greta and see what really happens.

Sunday, 29 January 2023

Tory Party? What Tory Party?

When Tony Blair said “Education, education, education” we all knew it was the beginning of the end. What we didn’t know was that the former Conservative and Unionist Party would turn up to finish the job. Cameron even proclaimed himself the ‘heir to Blair’ without any apparent irony. Then the insipid, chubby-cheeked PR mediocrity set about recruiting the meek and mild, the liberal and wet and he held hands with Nick bloody Clegg.

And so the rot set in, as surely as if the party rules had been written on biodegradable paper and kept in a damp and mouldy cellar. Decades of child-centred education-education-education, putting feelings before achievement and prioritising the popular over the useful has brought us to where we are. Marketing twonks use dishonest phrases like ‘plant-based’, as if the hoi polloi have no grasp of vegetarianism. Jeremy Hunt says he will ‘halve inflation’, apparently believing that people will think that means prices going down rather than increasing a little bit less quickly. Sadly, he’s probably right.

Listening to The Moral Maze last Wednesday, discussing maturity as a moral issue, one of the witnesses was an almost perfect example of Aristotle’s depiction of the young: “[they] have exalted notions, because they have not been humbled by life or learned its necessary limitations; moreover, their hopeful disposition makes them think themselves equal to great things - and that means having exalted notions. They would always rather do noble deeds than useful ones: Their lives are regulated more by moral feeling than by reasoning - all their mistakes are in the direction of doing things excessively and vehemently. They overdo everything - they love too much, hate too much, and the same with everything else.”

This modern-day cult of the child is the result, at least partly, of increasingly dire education, leading to under-developed adults possessing warped thinking, short-termism, tunnel vision and an utter inability to connect in any meaningful way with people who actually work. Too busy scratching a living we haven’t the luxury of new-age ideological wishful thinking and have to get by on the stuffy but solid learning we were exposed to, over fifty years ago. But we are dying out; the literate and numerate generations are retiring from the battlefield to be replaced by the schooled but ignorant slaves to woke and all it portends.

Education should ridicule the influencer generation, point out the shallowness and fleeting life of celebrity, shine a brief light on the broken careers and miserable lives of those whose star ascends for a fleeting time before fading. Celebrity, of itself, has no value, and respect must be earned. We need rigour in the hard but essential subjects and should bring back competition, glory in achievement, and most of all, revel in inequality – to the winner the spoils – all need not - must not - win prizes.

Sit them in rows, work them hard, and if they don’t perform back class them, send them down a stream, find out what they CAN achieve. But for pity’s sake return us to a world where adults can read, write, understand numbers and statistics and make informed decisions about their lives. No matter where the future leads us we will always need technicians, tradespeople, and simple labour; the replacement robots aren’t coming any time soon. You do not need a pretend degree to be a plumber, or a nurse. Let’s not pretend otherwise.

Caption not required.

And as for the Tories? They died three decades ago and it is about time they recognised it. An actual Conservative Party would have recognised the direction of travel and resisted it. Instead, they aped the New Labour experiment and ended up being indistinguishable from all the other pigs at the Westminster trough. Simple venal corruption is one thing – it is honest dishonesty, at least – but the current crop of members resemble the outcome of Blair’s indoctrination, indoctrination, indoctrination putsch far too closely for comfort. Short of a people’s pitchfork revolution I see no sign of change.