Sunday, 2 October 2022

All for one?

The protesting classes have been out in force and emboldened by Labour’s current massive poll lead, are doing what they do best, encouraging impotent hope. People who have never before marched are taking to the streets to ‘do their bit’ and swell the ranks, and presumably the word ‘solidarity’ is doing a lot of heavy lifting. But look who is leading the charge and you’ll see it is the same old union stalwarts and diehard class warriors.

Starmer is probably right to urge his MPs not to stand on picket lines because the rise of the left and their supposed championing of the common man is as bad for moderate Labour as it is for the Tories. The blues are, of course, the eternal enemy, so to the extent that such protests turn people against what they imagine the Conservatives actually stand for plays Labour’s way. And the terrible optics of the first skirmishes of the new Truss administration must surely push voters still further to the left.

But the danger here is that with a taste for socialist rhetoric and with the scent of blood in their nostrils, formerly moderate types may be persuaded to go full-Momentum and make the same mistakes that socialist agitators usually make. The assumption that this common man is more biddable from a socialist standpoint than from a small ‘c’ conservative position needs a critical second look. Because the ultimate aims of the left are a long way out of line with the aspirations of the average worker.

Positions on immigration, social justice, education, the role of the state, national sovereignty, defence, energy security, policing and the ever-widening identitarian movements reveal complex challenges, challenges which defeat thinkers across the political spectrum in terms of simple solutions. To take just one, immigration; why if immigration is supposed to be so good for us, has no government managed to convince the population of this beneficence?

Back in June this year ordinary, decent people found it frankly incredible that an unwashed mob could prevent police from carrying out their duties to detain and deport. But in the heads of the Peckham Peaceniks, they were doing god’s work, with the backing of certain members of the legal profession. Once, parents would proudly declare that their son or daughter was a lawyer. Today they could be excused for feeling let down and even ashamed.

The same sense of entitlement to action is seen with other extreme protest groups who willingly engage in disruptive campaigns which cause real harm to the ability of our common man to go about his business and earn a living. Extinction Rebellion, Just Stop Oil, the statue topplers… You may ask, in what world can their actions be right just because they believe it is? You have to wonder who gives such people the authority to carry out their sabotage when the police effectively stand down in their presence.

The left is intellectually lazy. In assuming without question a morally superior basis for their beliefs, they promulgate their simplistic portrayals of cruel Conservatism, of government against the people, of graft and corruption at the top, as if they would be above such human frailties. Moribund tropes about inequality wash up hard on the rocky shores of legions of underprivileged white workers who see not only no reward for their efforts but opprobrium for their skin colour. White privilege? Do us all a favour.

So, support the strikers, march through our city centres, protest all you like. But what are you achieving, other than a day out and a sense of camaraderie? Maybe this is enough, maybe you can convince yourself that you did your bit, that you are a part of the solution. Or, rather, have you just fallen for the fictions of a failed ideology, risen to the rabble-rousing rhetoric of the union blowhards?

What are you rebelling against?
What have you got?

Revolution is just not the British way; there is a reason that the Conservatives are the natural party of UK government, and while they may appear to have lost their way recently, I’m pretty certain that the perpetually enraged and warring factions of the alternatives have little to offer. The organised events of Enough is Enough are impressive in their reach, but will, I believe, achieve little as tomorrow we all go back to work and look after number one.

Thursday, 29 September 2022

Give Truss a Chance?

The knives are well and truly out for Truss. If it was just the eternal opposition of Labourites this would be unremarkable. If it was just the puffed-up pontificating of that malodorous and wretched excuse for a human being, James O’Brien it would be business as usual. If it was just the former spin doctor and liar-in-chief, Alastair – raging bullshit – Campbell it would be laughed off as irrelevant, but it’s not just the usual suspects, it is everybody.

The Bank of England, the BBC, the EU, the IMF… and more besides. There is almost a queue of people awaiting their turn to do down the pound and in turn to unseat the fourth Conservative Prime Minister in less than a decade. If current moods are anything to go by, we might yet have another one before the next general election, such is the zeal for turmoil.

Chaos abounds. In every critical area you can imagine chaos and confusion is now the default mode. Name a sector – industry, energy, financials, law and order, education, health, care and society-at-large – and nowhere will you find a comforting sense of order. And so many seem to be heavily invested in perpetuating this state. Especially those who see themselves as political victims. Victims of Toryism, Trumpism, Brexit and, of course, Boris; nothing will satisfy these malcontents short of a complete collapse of everything. But their next step is unclear. You bring down the wall, perhaps, but what do you do afterwards?

It is clear that something needs to be done, that sanity needs to be restored to our national debate. Most ordinary people still think along the same lines we always did, but the conversation has been hijacked by those who will not admit anything other than their own thesis. Identity politics has split the national psyche asunder and allowed crank ideas such as critical race theory, gender issues and hate crime rhetoric to distort every utterance. If only they were given the chance.

In every speech, every policy, every initiative there will be something to offend somebody. And yet, instead of pushing ahead, somehow the storm-force winds of protest manage to keep the ship in harbour. We are sunk without a leadership with the balls to tackle all of this, and such a leadership would be mightily cheered on by the huge majority who feel powerless against the wokeratti.

And lest the anti-Brexit, anti-fracking, anti-oil, anti-white, anti-Tory, anti-justice mob pretend to themselves they are doing god’s work, let us not forget that none of them give a good goddamn for the country. They do this entirely for themselves. It is all about them. To the woke mob, solving any of our national problem comes secondary to the outright rejection of anybody with whom they disagree. Democracy is the tyranny of the majority, John Major said. Well, this is for certain the tyranny of the minorities.

We were and are warned about all of this. Douglas Murray, Jordan Peterson, Andrew Doyle, Tommy Robinson, Katie Hopkins, Christopher Hitchens and many others, whatever you think of them – and make no mistake, what you think of them is most certainly influenced by the perpetrators of national destruction – have been telling you for years. And yes, I deliberately included Hopkins and Robinson in that list because if your reaction to their names was revulsion, you may be a small part of the problem.

If you reject an idea, a notion, a warning, simply because of who delivers it, or if you embrace an ideological position for the same reasons you may be behaving rationally, but you are not behaving well. The march of the so-called progressives has been a long one and its roots lie centuries ago in the doctrines of Engels and Marx and it is carried on today by the extreme left factions of the Labour and Green movements. Its agitators are the young and foolish and the middle-aged and straight out cranky, and others like them who will never have to suffer the consequences.

The old society may have had its faults and it may have disadvantaged certain groups whose voices needed to be heard and heeded, but the breakdown of the social order portends far worse outcomes than its perpetuation ever did. The media is a never-ending rendition of new varieties of Project Fear; Project Doom-and Gloom, Project Bring Down the PM, Project Hate the Tories, and Project Talk Down the Country. If we can just learn to ignore the naysayers, hold our noses and give Truss a chance, we might find she has something to offer. If instead we listen to the haters we will never find out.

Wednesday, 28 September 2022

Out of Proportion

I see some people are aghast that Keir Starmer has rejected the Labour Party conference vote to adopt what they regard as the open goal of proportional representation. The fact that they think such a system would be an answer to the political impasse in which most modern democracies now find themselves reveals much about the dearth of political savvy in the membership.

How would it work, I ask myself. Seriously, how? How would you allocate seats, and in whose name would those incumbents vote? Do we just vote for a party then have the bureaucrats divvy up the seats based on total numbers? That is, if the Libdems get enough votes to claim 20 seats in Parliament, how is it decided to which local area area they are appointed? On that basis we might see that most Labour of seats, Liverpool, being gifted a Conservative MP, which while it may be fun for the rest of us would be a death sentence to the duly elected.

If local candidates stand in constituency seats are they then awarded victories based on a lottery system against total votes cast? So a traditional Labour seat gets a Labour MP, if sufficient national seats are won, even though the local vote perhaps swung towards another party. Because it strikes me that we already have a functioning form of proportional representation – the person with the largest proportion of votes wins.

Or maybe we should do away with constituencies altogether, rendering boundary reform obsolete and preventing the sitting party of government from fiddling with the demographics. In which case most MPs would come via the Oxford PPE route and reside in London… and likely tend towards ‘progressive’ stances. Oh how the Shires would wail!

The more I think about proportional representation, the more I wonder what it means, and more particularly, what its supporters think it means. Would it really be a benign, closest-thing-to-direct-democracy system, in which every decision better represents the wishes of the unconsulted majority? I thought that was called populism; apparently the harbinger of fascism. Or would it mean just endless coalitions in which ideals were traded for the sake of cabinet positions?

And what would a government under PR look like? Would we have, instead of single party government, a cabinet selected on proportional grounds? If we think the last few governments have exhibited a distinct lack of unity, imagine what will happen when we let the foxes into the hen house… and then invite along a motley assembly of pigs, donkeys and aardvarks to boot. It’s like the regular calls to adopt a Basic Minimum Wage – everybody seems to have their own idea about what this actually means, but nobody knows how it could work.

"Something tells me they're expecting a low voter turnout"

Some say that under PR we can make every vote count. I don’t see that at all. Just as now, you can wish as hard as you like that your vote – your specific vote – will elect your favoured candidate, but under PR just as under FPTP there will be winners and losers and those who voted for the losers will feel their vote didn’t count at all. 

I have a feeling that voters may, more than ever, turn away from engagement with the running of the country. In only the second nationwide referendum held in the UK, In 2011 the people voted against a system that was, by another name, proportional representation. Lest the irony is lost on feeble minds, when given the chance to vote party-free for PR the population overwhelmingly rejected it.

Tuesday, 27 September 2022

Conference Crazy

Based on the notion that my enemy’s enemy is my friend, the last few days of the new Conservative government upsetting ‘all the right people’ I’d say it’s been a spectacular success. In fact, ‘upsetting’ is a massive understatement, if that isn’t a contradiction in terms, going by the sheer incandescent rage of many of the offended. A week or so ago, Barry Sheerman, a Corbyn lickspittle of cartoon proportions, amused me with this tweet:

Of course, to people like Barry Sheerman, Ed Miliband was practically the National Front, so heaven knows what he thinks of Liz Truss. Actually, this knowledge isn’t exclusively vouchsafed to heaven – he thinks she is ‘literally Hitler’. But this, as ever, is how they divide us. Stick on a label and turn on the condemnation. Am I labelling Barry? Of course I am, but as the left are quite convinced of their own perfection, this is not a label he would object to.

The left do love their labels, and so does the press. Slogans, dogma, trite placard-bound inaccuracies, or outright lies – the veracity plays second fiddle to the satisfying anti-Tory sentiment. The fall in the value of the pound was leapt upon with glee by our partisan journos, describing the over-the-weekend drop in the most catastrophic terms, yet ignoring almost completely the bounce back to a little below where it was before the mini-budget.

But the commentators need little encouragement to trot out their flimsy forecasts and their condemnations. The man in the street neither knows nor much cares about economics, fiscal policy, constitutional fripperies, science, engineering, sociology… politics, even. In fact the very reason people like Giorgia Meloni in Italy are elected is because the chattering of the political elites sounds to the world at large like nothing so much as people with an inflated sense of significance telling us all how we should live our lives.

The last few years of Farage, Brexit, Trump, Oban, Johnson and others only became inevitable because of the total disconnect between the self-appointed ruling classes, the political dynasties and their flag bearers and the rest of us; those who have to live with their stitched up, cabalistic policies. Given no palatable offering but witnessing the ever increasing dismantling of the settled order of family, community, country, it is obvious to the thickest of we peasants that we have to resist.

The attacks on the right always takes the form of shouting Mussolini et al, and some nebulous charges of capitalist cronyism, but the leftist agenda is always predicated on imposing the most egregious of unfounded societal structures on people who want or need nothing to do with them. Call us racists, xenophobes, homophobes, etc, all you damned well like, it still doesn’t make it true.

As the Labour Party conference comes to a close and they all pat each other on the back for a job well done, cheering the latest polls which put them ahead on many issues, they might want to embrace a genuine truism; opposition is easy. Easy as hell. Aided, abetted and emboldened by the press, the commentators, the pontificating economic forecasters and of course the BBC, those who would terminally dismantle our society are going to demonstrate to us all exactly how much they despise us. And in two years’ time let us hope the electorate rejects them once again.

Tuesday, 13 September 2022

Higher Ground

On Twitter last week, following the death of the Queen, Jeremy Clarkson wrote “One of the things I’ve noticed in these last few hours is that so very many people on Twitter are truly awful human beings.” Shortly afterwards he followed this with “Twitter is a handy and constant reminder that socialists are disgusting people.” As most of you will be aware I have been permanently suspended from that platform for expressing opinions and airing quips which did not go down well with the righteous minds of the brave new world.

It has long been known that left-wingers, who get to set the agenda, tend to be more highly educated than right-wingers, who merely win the spoils. In a typically lazy, left-wing manner, education is equated to intelligence, whilst success, often earned by sheer hard work, is seen as somehow linked to being less well intellectually equipped. And it is true that many wealthy winners in life practically gloat about their lack of education not holding them back.

Clarkson himself reminds school leavers annually that he was not a high achiever. This year it took the form of a tweet from a luxury yacht: “Don’t worry if your A level results are disappointing. I got a C and 2 Us and I’m currently holidaying on this boat.” And in this example pithily puts down the notion that education is the pinnacle of human achievement; you can’t feed your family with degrees and diplomas.

Educational success, in many ways, is just a measure of how readily one is able to absorb a particular narrative and follow it to a conclusion, regardless of its value outside the classroom. Whereas your normal, everyday entrepreneur tends to get easily bored and forever seek new ideas to exploit. A lesson not quickly grasped may benefit from greater application and more diligent studying, but may also be not worth learning in the end.

Perhaps this is why academics, in the pursuit of knowledge for the sake of knowledge can also be susceptible to inhaling the heady vapours of ideology; in the past religious, in the present political. And while the duffers, the also-rans in the A* stakes, are busy taking any job that pays the rent, their learned contemporaries pursue avenues which lead to long decades in disciplines of little real value to the world.

Once, universities thrived on offering valuable sciences and engineering, medicine and management, but in recent decades the humanities have become the academic vehicles of choice for those who probably ought never to have gone on to higher education. This recent Spectator article suggests it might be time to turn the tide. 

For my part I have seen the declaration time and time again that those on the left are more intelligent than those on the right. But this claim, it seems to me, relies on a particular definition of intelligence and one characterised by an occasional inability to be mentally agile, to think outside the box, to adapt and thrive. Instead it relies on the dogmatic clinging to tired old tropes, reinforcing groupthink and trotting out long-established arguments.

Much like religion, if you need an origin story and enforcers, with scholars forever justifying the improbable; if you need to keep on developing your themes and reminding people of why they joined your movement; if you need threats of excommunication – or as we now call it ‘de-platforming’ – maybe this is less a sign of intelligence than indoctrination.

Meanwhile those you despise, those lower orders of the right, own the houses you rent, the businesses you work for, and run the country you so regularly disparage. They get up in the morning and go to productive work to create the world you live in. The left may think they occupy the intellectual high ground. The right are happy to let them believe that. Does ‘educated’ really mean ‘intelligent’ in this universe?

Friday, 2 September 2022

In Praise of Populism

I get the impression that Joe Biden and his minions are shitting themselves. In launching his extraordinary attack on the MAGA movement and in naming Donald Trump himself, did he think they were heading off a re-election attempt by 'Orange Man Bad', or did he seek to deliberately provoke such an attempt? Because, if one thing is guaranteed to get the devout to double down it is to attack their faith.

Labelling populism as an attack on democracy, when the espousal of populist causes is virtually the definition of a practical democracy in action seems to me a schoolboy error. Because, in doing so you have to explain what is so very wrong about promising to do what those who vote for you want you to do. Is he saying that what you hope and believe is just plain wrong? Is he telling all patriotic American citizens that they must hand the power to an executive that has no intention of listening to its voters?

He's actually gone much further and said, out loud, that the very people who genuinely believe themselves to be the embodiment of ’The American Way’ are not only destroying the soul they truly think they represent, but that they are actual fascists. Biden has effectively said that Trump is Hitler and his voters are Nazis… which has to be just about the most fucked-up thinking around right now. And this in a climate where many Democrats literally believe that women can possess a penis and men can give birth.

The world is mad. Stark, staring crazy. And the lunatics are woven right through the cloth of society even up to its highest echelons. Something has to give. And when the shooting starts which side would you want to be on; the side with all the guns and the determination to fight, or the side which wants your five-year old to choose gender reassignment?

This is much the same as the situation in the UK where the forces are the old order of family, right and wrong, against the social engineers and academics who think they know better. To band together as a country or to open the borders to all and sundry and pretend this does no harm? To reward hard work and enterprise, or instead fund the ever-increasing search for ways to be offended?

The left will always eat itself.

It’s not going to happen, it’s clearly not. But wouldn’t it be interesting if, by poking the bear Trump is persuaded to stand, then wins and resumes his crusade against the woke. And wouldn’t it be a spectacle if a resurgent Boris Johnson made it back into the big chair and did the same. Because being popular and even populist is not divisive at all. No, what is – literally – divisive is forever slicing and dicing society into as many atomic particle as you can conjure up via the ridiculous notion of conferring credibility on outlandish theories of race and gender and neuro-diversity and all the various fictions dreamed up by those who ultimately contribute not one damned useful thing to life on Planet Earth.

Tuesday, 30 August 2022

Take it Back

I can’t be alone in being appalled at the behaviour of our governments over the last thirty years. And yes, I am going to say it; Margaret Thatcher was the last leader with a clear and profound belief in the British people and a desire to fight the forces lined up to attack our way of life. Her successor seemed to want nothing more than to subjugate our will to that of the EU politburo and Tony Blair and his crazy gang set about dismantling forever a Britannia that had taken a thousand years to build.

After Blair came a series of caretaker administrations intent on nothing so much as appeasing the international judicial junta and as a result we have tumbled into more rabbit holes than Watership Down. The trans debacle, the ever-inflating exam grades, the dash for devalued qualifications as proxy for actual, meaningful skills, and the appallingly disjointed Net-Zero policy are all obstacles we have allowed the government to put in its own way. Policy after failed policy, while the public is shouting from the sidelines that they won’t work, will incentive the wrong behaviours and will cost a fortune.

Who would have thought that it would take a mere 40 years for a country which once ruled the world to become a feeble ward of court, reliant for its every need on one surrogate parent or another? When did we become, both individually and nationally, incapable of fending for ourselves? If it’s not the EU it’s the UN, or NATO, or, heaven forfend, the WEF. One after another supranational entity has fingers in all of our pies; it has to stop.

I’m not saying we become isolationist, although I don’t see how that would be any more disastrous than the mess we’re in now. But what the country – any country – needs is strong governance that actually works. Leaders need to be actually, not nominally, accountable for their actions. And those leaders need to actually lead, not just follow the latest on-trend opinions of the chattering classes, although they really do have to listen to those who will be affected by legislation, which they don’t appear to have done for a long time.

If we don’t want to allow illegal entry into the country then we should prevent such passage. If we want people to be able to afford their own homes then we shouldn’t allow foreign money to flood into the housing market, inflating prices out of reach. And if we want people to be able to afford to drive to work, heat their homes and power their lives, we need to have an energy supply both under our control and within our budget. Likewise, education, health, law and order and the entire constitution and behaviour of society as a whole.

And none of this is impossible, yet with every nervous, eggshell-treading, politically correct, U-turn invoking announcement, minister after minister has only made the situation worse. Boris Johnson may be all the things his haters say he is (although, blimey, how could one human hold so many flaws?) but he was, and remains for many, a popular choice. His eventual ousting by the very people rejected in his electoral victory speaks volumes about the distance which now stands between the establishment and the population at large.

Unless this changes, soon, I can envisage a time when people simply take matters into their own hands. Some already are; vigilante patrols, paedophile-hunting groups,a nervous few challenging aggressive islamification. But when youths can simply walk into MacDonalds, high street electrical stores, sportswear outlets and the like and take whatever they wish with impunity, it becomes clearer than ever that our police ‘service’ has lost control.

Naturally, such talk of muscular, law-applying regimes will provoke the flaccid left to protest and wail and moan, but when I said flaccid, I meant it. Those who the left once courted as their own, the working class, are on our side now and what is left is a wishy-washy collective comprising the limp and ineffectual malcontents of the identitarians, the soft, liberal middle class and a few posturing academics whose theses bear no merit.

Time to get our bite back

We should simply stop listening. You want safe spaces, you think it’s all because you’re black, you are offended by differing opinions? Who cares? The sooner we adopt a national ‘fuck you’ attitude to all this crap, the better. Get in line, pull your socks up, give your kids a clip round the ear from time to time and reclaim your natural British right to tut loudly in queues. All is not yet lost, but there is little time left to save the best nation on Earth.

Monday, 29 August 2022

Don't you just hate that?

 There I was, on Friday night, responding to a Twitter follower who had announced his intention to procure a tasty takeaway. Next thing I know, my account is suspended. For what, you may ask, which I did.

My appeal to the Twitter gods - presumably perpetually offended American infants - elicted the following response:

"Your account has been suspended and will not be restored because it was found to be violating Twitter's Terms of Service, specifically the Twitter Rules against hateful conduct.

It is against our rules to promote violence against or directly attack or threaten other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or disease.

Additionally, if we determine that the primary purpose of an account is to incite harm towards others on the basis of these categories, that account may be suspended without prior warning."

Wow, I did all that? The next question has to be, how? By using vernacular, and a bit of nostalgia. The tweet which released so much venom is below.

Quite the monster, am I not? So, here I am again, locked out in the cold... with my 'rubbery' chicken.

See you on the other side some time.

Thursday, 25 August 2022

Green Around The Gills

 Saint Greta of Thunberg has been in the news again and she is still happily berating the grown-ups for all the evils of the world. It was a quiet morning at work, so I walked the half-mile to the Co-op Local shop and thought about what I had done. I was appalled at the sheer amount of litter at the roadside. Packaging, takeaway wrappers, indeed quite a lot of once-edible food, and plastic bottles as far as the eye could see.

Quite apart from the obvious eyesore, this speaks to a separation of self from society as people discard things with no consideration for those who will see it, those who will, eventually, pick it up and the very planet everybody now pretends to care so very much for.

We throw away perfectly usable stuff and we carelessly hoard things of little value to us. For example, there is more gold in a tonne of mobile phones than in a tonne of gold-bearing rock, and it is easier to extract, but we cling onto our old phones as the value of recycling is relatively small to us individually. And then, minerals, metals, finished products and other valuable resources are daily committed to the grave of landfill with impunity. We have grown up spoilt, but the fluffy rug of abundant cheap energy has been brusquely whipped from beneath our feet and we have no idea how to keep our balance.

I think about this sort of thing, a lot. I am concerned at the general level of ignorance and incuriosity about our world. What is energy, where does it come from and why does it cost what it costs? Looking out at vast cities, how is it possible that their denizens are fed and watered and cleaned and kept free from disease? What is this thing made from, and how do we know about gravity, time, electromagnetic radiation, the elements, the stars, the universe? And why does humanity keep on coming back to the fictions of deity?

So, when I mischievously tweeted about how one might find the shiny new electric vehicle they have just purchased has become a financial millstone around one’s neck, I was expecting both agreement and disagreement, and this is how it transpired. On the one side, many Tweeters agreed, retweeted or liked my original thread in all its hyperbolic glory. On the other, a relatively small number (mirroring, I expect the relatively small proportion of RV owners out there) bristled at my ignorance and launched full-on rebuttals of all my assertions.

Par for the course, naturally; you are either right or wrong on social media, and sometimes both at the same time. Schrödinger’s opinion. But, for what it’s worth, here is my stance on all things net-zero related:

·       One size, one solution. does not fit all.

·       Is it accessible?

·       Is it affordable?

·       Is it reliable?

·       Does it cost more than it saves?

·       Does it do less environmental harm than what it replaces?

·       Is it wise to replace now, or should I let my current technology run its course?

And what of the future? How will my new life paradigm evolve over the next year, next 10 years, next 50 years? At the moment there are dozens of apparent solutions to the one big problem. In time there will be fewer mainstream technologies and the rest will be in the hands of the eccentric few who can afford to indulge their passions and invest their time and money in novel ways. But it is a fact that the majority of us will have to toe the line; I just want it to be the right line. And right now I don’t think anybody knows where that line will be drawn.

Compromise is the key!

As it stands, going green may well be good, but it is a long way from being cheap and what sways most people is cheap, rather than good. The EV discourse attracted thousands of likes and a good many replies, most of which I tried to address in a placatory tone – I’m not anti-Electric Vehicles, I’m just sceptical about everything – but some respondents showed up with fists clenched. Let’s not make it a fight, eh? But, when it comes to the whole net-zero strategy, let’s all ask the hard questions before we part with our hard-earned.

Sunday, 21 August 2022

Listen up!

Heard on a podcast: Nadia Whittome, MP, talking about Labour and what they want. Turns out it’s decent homes for all, well-funded public services, fairness, security and the chance for everybody to prosper. She then rather betrayed her shallowness of thought by adding that, in contrast, the Tories [boo, hiss] wanted to sow hatred and division and send poor, desperate asylum seekers to Rwanda.

Brava Nadia, the next election is in the bag, for sure. But perhaps, for balance, she might want to listen to the wishes of natural Conservatives (not the current, soft-palmed LimpDem version, obviously). I bet they are security, trust in the police and the courts to be fair and even-handed, prosperity for all, and efficiently run state-funded services. After all, why throw away a well-established manifesto? The Tory voice may then have gone on to say that Labour has a naïve view of the world founded on Marxist dogma and a certain amount of suspension of disbelief.

The point is, of course, that both sides want substantially the same aims but just have different views on how those aims may be achieved. But when it comes to knowing their enemy, both sides could do with a good read of Sun Tzu and a generous slap on the head. Slagging off the Tories is how Labour think they appeal to their base and pitying Labour’s need for victimhood is how the Tories appeal to theirs. But what about appealing across the board?

Nigel Farage’s success – for it was a monumental achievement in the face of all that was levelled at him – was, by any measure, remarkable. 12.6% of the votes went to a party that many were afraid to even mention for fear of being reviled by the parties they had abandoned; abandoned because they no longer felt represented; a supposition which we later found to be absolutely true.

There is no debate any more in the UK. Parliament has no more a plan to listen to the voters than it has to cycle to the moon… or listen to the other side. Discussions in the house are reduced to name-calling and one-upmanship which, while these are long established techniques to wind up the other side, without substance are meaningless and petty and turn ever greater swathes of the electorate away from politics.

It has long been my contention that the majority of the population broadly agree on what outcomes are needed, but that almost none of us have the first practical idea how to bring it about. We repeat slogans and soundbites, we cleave to positions we have never really thought about. If you are poor and feel deprived and somebody tells you this is because the Tories took all the money and bathed in it, why wouldn’t you hate the Tories? And if you are in a decent job, receive no state benefits and are all the time besieged by rhetoric that demands you surrender ever more of your hard-earned to feed the feckless, why wouldn’t you look down on those who vote Labour?

The two sides of this divide appear to have a vested interest in maintaining the illusion of division when in reality the gap between left and right is quite small. But we only ever seem to hear the extreme positions – usually promulgated by the extremists on the opposite side. Much as with the trans-malarkey, which statistically affects virtually nobody, all the oxygen in the room is used up by activists and the moderate voices are not heard.

I long since gave up hope of seeing proper, in-depth discussions of the very real concerns of the population, conducted with empathy for the opposing view and with the intention of arriving at a solution. Instead, we get these adversarial shouting matches which end in acrimony, the only beneficiaries of which are the commentariat who now get to write searing indictments of each side’s argument. And what of the poor and homeless, the immigrant invasion, the cost of energy, the parlous state of education…?

For what it's worth, this is where I am, yet 
the left would call me a far-right extremist.

We have not made progress in any direction other than that vision of the New Labour government, which was to transform the UK into a broiling, bustling melting pot of competing cultures. Presumably, there was no plan of how to manage the utter turmoil into which it has thrown us; we would adapt and integrate and be grateful, I imagine. Well, we haven’t. It is getting worse, and the political class seems to have become ever more detached from the reality on the ground.

It doesn’t much matter who takes the helm as the next Prime Minister, the job they have ahead is monumental and will take more than the evidence suggests they are capable of. But something has to be done. The Tories don’t have the answers, but neither does the Labour Party. And neither do the rag-taggle gang of chancers in all the little parties, but if they don’t really listen to each other, when a party which speaks with a single coherent voice comes along, no matter how abhorrent what they say, they will sweep the board. Listen up Westminster, when your palace becomes a mosque your chattering voices will be silenced forever.

Friday, 19 August 2022

A Million Stupid Ideas Flying in Close Formation

When Gordon Brown made his famous ‘no more boom and bust’ declaration he was falling prey to the mistaken belief that he had the supernatural ability to curb such cycles. This is a very common affliction in those with some power; soon enough they begin to believe that the gerrymandered process which put them in place conferred both wisdom and efficacy beyond mere human expertise. It is a conceit, a folly, often followed by a fall. Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad; the madness being a form of megalomania.

It has often been said that economic forecasting was invented primarily to make astrology look credible. But the economy usually defies most predictions, and the commentariat choose to ignore the majority of incorrect forecasts. Although economies can be pushed and persuaded, they are ultimately the summation of many much smaller decisions made by those who contribute to it. If enough people decide to stop buying and start saving the flow of money is redirected in ways that may be broadly modelled but cannot be entirely foreseen. Much economic lore is not so much soothsaying as just being wise, and selective with the data, after the event.

Although governments may be able to do some small somethings, their powers are poor in the face of panic. Whatever you do, don’t tell people there is going to be a shortage of fuel, or toilet paper… or money. You may think you are being honest and precautionary, but watch the herd stampede us right into the crisis you warned of. And talking of crisis, just exactly how many crises do we need at any one time and how will the reactions to them interact and intersect? The truth is nobody knows, and it is impossible to plan for outcomes which nobody can accurately predict.

But humans do like a good story, which is why the mongers of doom and conspiracy are currently yet more encouraged to believe that all this shit is happening by design, rather than through simple, unemotive chaos. Responding to a tweet about climate change and net zero, I invoked Hanlon’s Razor: “Never ascribe to malice that which can more readily be explained by incompetence”. In response I was scolded for being a blind fool, then blocked, as is often the way with those who desperately need to stick to the story they believe.

It turns out that incompetence has an economy all its own whereby the cumulative effects of lots of tiny blunders takes on the appearance of intent. Thus, just as climate alarmists will ascribe every weather event, wherever it is, whatever the seasonal norms, as more certain proof of their thesis, it is easily possible to assemble all the little cock-ups and rearrange that random jigsaw puzzle to create a picture entitle ‘intent’.

Nobody involved in rolling out 5G cares one hoot about Covid. Doctors and epidemiologists are sharply focused on their mission without any regard for the ravings of Klaus Schwab. The Chinese have colluded with nobody to bring about Net-Zero ambitions in the trigger-happy, activist-responsive governments of the west, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is all about Russia and nothing to do with The UK’s inflation rate.

Yes, there will be a rubbing of shoulders between all of these things at times, and there may even be brief collusions or coalitions aimed at solving, or exacerbating, one problem or other but the notion of a team of humans clever enough to bring any of this about by deliberate intent is something of a stretch. The intersection of a million little incompetencies may occasionally give the appearance of a vaguely definable direction of travel, but look again a few days later and you’ll see it was just the particulates from an explosion briefly flying in formation before plummeting back to earth.

If you believe it, it's true.

We do love a pattern, we Earthlings, but sometimes the creative effort of finding a pattern in a mess of erratic, non-aligned events of the age is not worth the candle. Economies are the result of many individual decisions, influenced by many different motives, which often assumes the guise of deliberate planning. Stupidity is much the same; a million irrational, fact-free beliefs can look, at times, like a plot. And it takes a special kind of stupid to join those dots.

Saturday, 13 August 2022

A Rush of Blood

Naturally there is outrage over the attempted murder of Salman Rushdie. Leaders throughout the west have come out in utter condemnation of islam and its adherents and untold £billions have now been committed to investigate and eradicate its pernicious effects on the modern world. Politicians have lined up to openly challenge the muslim infiltration of the west with vows to seek out and remove all those who kill, injure, rape or promote hatred in the name of allah.

Obviously, the opening paragraph is a just as much a pack of lies as is islam itself. Instead, guarded comments about extremism and radicalism have been carefully drafted and delivered so as to cause the minimum offence. The supposed ‘peaceful majority’ of muslims have remained obstinately silent because they belong to a cult whose creed is submission, total and unquestioning.

In fact, many voices have been heard to say we mustn’t jump to conclusions, we mustn’t encourage anti-muslim sentiment and we must condemn all who seek to take vengeful matters into their own hands. The arresting police in the USA have even stated that there is no known motive behind the attack. No motive, you cowardly lickspittles, no motive? The unredeemed fatwah, whose bounty for Rushdie’s death was even increased relatively recently. No motive for the attempt which has been openly praised by Iran’s state media? No motive for an action widely celebrated across the muslim sectors of social media?

And what do you make of this spokesman for islam in Britain telling muslims to stay quite because any comment, any media appearance would be a trap? The trap of course is that if you rejoice then you are admitting that islam is a barbaric and backward death-cult, but if you condemn it, you will in turn be fatwah’d by the same barbaric and backward death-cult. Well, excuse us if we take your call for silence as a silent approval.


 As always, our government will await the advice of the muslim council, or brotherhood, or whatever authority they kneel to, before making any kind of a move. They will consult muslim clerics to learn what help and support they require in this, their hour of need. But of one thing you can be absolutely certain, the victim here will turn out to be the islamic community, forever beset by the evils of ‘islamophobia’.

Haven’t we heard enough, had enough, of all this? The religion will not reform; islamic scholars imported from Pakistan will ensure it. Entire communities will continue to be segregated from the population they feed off, their female children unschooled, their wives ignorant of the English language for fear they may hear an alternative doctrine. All we hear about these days are human rights, but within the religion of submission there are no rights except what their perfect model, the child-raping mohammed, decreed.

They even tell us, repeatedly, that they will prevail and that British women, western women, will submit to the veil, that they will rape the infidel women to create bastard muslims, that soon their number will be legion. We hear this, we see it, but by all accounts our governments do not. Is it because they fear the wrath of khan and his cohorts, or is it that they genuinely believe the muslim propaganda that opposing them is worse than the holocaust? Or is it something else altogether?

If the Twin Towers wasn’t enough to open their eyes and the London Bridge attacks and the Lee Rigby killing, and the thousands upon thousands of young girls raped and murdered by Pakistani gangs, and the open aggression visited upon white people in muslim-only zones of former great cities… what chance is there that the attempted murder of a celebrated, knighted author will make any difference? We have to give up any pretence that the government of the UK cares one jot for its rightful citizens.

(*Note for the uninitiated: As I do not believe islam to be a valid entity, I have refused to capitalise islamic terms because only proper nouns need to be capitalised. It is a small protest, but 'tis mine own)

Thursday, 11 August 2022

Level Headed

While still on Twitter suspension (during which time I have achieved many useful things; perhaps I should get suspended more often?) I can nevertheless still browse the site and see what’s winding folk up. Today I came across this tweet: Link Professor Bill McGuire modestly bills himself as “Volcanologist, climate scientist, broadcaster, activist, socialist, best-selling author…” Author of what, you may ask? A new book called Hothouse Earth, in which this Emeritus Professor of Geophysical & Climate Hazards at UCL posits the gloomiest of dooms ahead for the planet. 

And why not, eh? It’s a hot topic (pun intended) and he's bound to earn a few capitalist quid from flogging this dead horse. After all, it’s not like he’s going to be contradicted and he is certainly not going to be proved wrong in his lifetime; he’s 67 and the cataclysmic forecasts are projections hundreds of years hence. But let’s have a go anyway, shall we? The article he links to predicts a worst-case scenario of 5 m sea level rise by 2500. Yes, 2500, which is 300 years away. Nothing I could see in the Guardian article suggested McGuire’s sensational 52 m prediction.

 His career has long been founded on doom and disaster – you wouldn’t be inaccurate to presume he has a vested interest in scaring people – beginning with an appointment some thirty years ago as Professor of Geohazards and Director of the UCL Hazard Research Centre. A glance at some of his book titles gives you a quick study of the man and his modus: 

  • Surviving Armageddon: Solutions for a threatened planet (2005). 
  • Global Catastrophes: A Very Short Introduction (2006). 
  • Seven Years to Save the Planet (2008). 
  • Climate Forcing of Geological Hazards (2012). 
  • Waking the Giant – How a Changing Climate Triggers Earthquakes, Tsunamis, and Volcanoes (2012). 
  • Knock Three Times: 28 modern folk tales for a world in trouble (2019). And, of course, 
  • Hothouse Earth: An Inhabitant’s Guide (2022).

 Oh, he also blogs for Extinction Rebellion; make of that what you will.

 A tour through his timeline reveals all the expected tendencies: anti-Tory, pro-socialism, hater of all things fossil-fuelled, calls for state-run utilities, Palestine… it goes on and on. Tweet after tweet reveals him not to be the data-driven, serious scientist he tells himself he is, but rather a partisan people-hater. We need top-quality minds to be working on this stuff, and we need properly coordinated energy, social and economic policies, yet from what I see, the people with the most influence tend to be these activists posing as pragmatists.

 Whoever inherits Boris Johnson’s crown needs to very quickly get a grip and clamp down on the apparent knee-jerk responses to every bit of climate quackery. If those sea levels really are going to rise we need to be properly planning for decades, if not centuries in advance to adapt to the effects. And given that nothing we do right now will have any measurable effect for half a century hence, we can afford to divert our attention and resources to solving the current difficulties. The green shit can come later.

If this goes unchallenged people 
like McGuire will earn a fortune.

 I am no climate change denier, but neither am I a climate change junkie. I have no need to search for the next fix of apocalyptic rhetoric. I am, I imagine, more in tune with the vast majority of the Earth’s population, willing to work on my own energy budget just so long as I can see that my efforts are not being hamstrung by governments lurching from one faux-emergency to another. So let’s apply a bit of common sense here. Get back to gas, frack for victory, dig up a bit more coal, keep developing diesel, but most of all, let’s just keep a level head on our shoulders.

Saturday, 6 August 2022

Fringe Benefits

 It's the Edinburgh Fringe again, and every year it gets worse. From the knockabout proving ground for wannabe comics and offbeat entertainers it has become an international festival of  'the correct values'. While we rail against 'wokery' these clever people (for many are very intelligent indeed) work hard at finding ways to rail against the establishment. And whereas the establishment, in Peter Cook's day, meant the Lords and landowners, the judiciary and Parliament, today the establishment they revile so much is you and me.

Expect a plethora of QWERTY-style 'edgy' identity-based shows, supported by a number of gutless worthies disproportional to their actual representation in society. Omid Djali has a new show there, I expect him to be brilliant, as always. But when he launched in Edinburgh 29 years ago he had an audience of three and was something of a flop. Some years later his superb 'Iranian Comedian' character subtly challenged perceptions of race as his heavily accented first half gave way to his born and bred Londoner reality.

Like all the success stories he worked at his craft and he understood what an audience wants. Many of the newbies, however, will be lauded for saying vagina out loud and slagging off the Tories. Yes, I know, slagging off the Tories has always been fair game, but now 'The Tories' is code for anybody who wants to keep Britain British, to raise their kids in the indigenous culture, to control our borders, police our streets and prevent children from being gang-raped by Pakistanis.

I'm currently suspended from Twitter for first asking whether people would support a short sentence and immediate deportation thereafter, or a very long sentence, paying for their incarceration by hard labour. In a parallel discussion I replied to a no-doubt, right-on Tweeter, asserting that the majority of 'grooming gangs' were white. My reply is below; you decide which bit offended the Gods of Algor.

As it happens, I agree to an extent with the judicial arrangements in those parts of the world from which I have no desire to import immigrants. Not quite, perhaps, an eye for an eye, but definitely deterrent sentences, especially those which may prevent re-offending. It is no secret that a very large proportion of the population would support the death penalty for terrorists, traitors and the hideously violent. In contrast castration for proven violent rapists (not those maliciously charged by unreliable victims) seems almost mild; a tap on the. er, wrist.

But here, of course, is where we hit the buffers. Who decides? And what is in 'the public interest'? While the audiences at Edinburgh will lap up the poorly constructed, dog-whistle jokes', the Crown Prosecution Service will go for the low-hanging fruit of angry young men reacting to their sisters' being harassed. And Twitter will allow all the leftist hatred to go unpunished while its algorithms will target 'hate words',no matter the context. 

I know Twitter has always been censorious but I swear it has become ridiculous, with suspensions handed out on the flimsiest of pretexts. And having been suspended once, an account is now labelled as offending against Twitter's values, further suspensions becoming an inevitability unless you restrict yourself to rainbow flags and gender diverse unicorns. Anybody who has read Kafka will be familiar with the impossible situation of one's defence becoming evidence for the prosecution. See that last line in the image above? 

Wednesday, 18 May 2022

Diversity is a disease

I was listening to Douglas Murray in conversation with Dave Rubin the other day and I was struck, as I generally am, by his calm and gentlemanly manner. Not for him the histrionics of his adversaries, most of whom rant about him as a ‘far right’ agitator with no justification whatsoever. In fact, he generally offers his observations with caveats and an openness to be persuaded otherwise; a far cry from the absolute certainty of those would attack him.

Murray’s theme has been on the trajectory towards The War on the West for some years now and he accurately sums up the situation in this, the title of his latest book. For those of us watching from the sidelines there has been at least a two-decades long acceleration towards the kind of end-point for civilisation that communism portended. Yet communism, wherever it has been practised, has been among ostensibly willing participants, largely of the same ethnicity.

This is different, but it has in common with communism that it will ultimately fail, and I realised that what Douglas Murray is saying is what I’ve also been saying for years, albeit in a more clunky, clumsy less evidenced way. Why is everybody else allowed the descriptors, ‘vibrant’ and ‘rich’ for their cultures while the white western world, the people who invented pretty much everything that endures, is derided as being old and pale and stale? And worthy of extinction.

The whole catalogue of self-destructive wokeness can be pithily listed under the heading of diversity. Diversity, this amazing, difficult to describe, yet strength-giving quality is now so central to the aims of every organisation in the western world that its meaning has become transformed. It is no longer a spanner in the toolbox, but it is at the very core of corporate existence. Forget making widgets and dist’ings, don’t worry about the profit motive, if we ‘achieve’ the mystic, magical diversity quotient we will have succeeded in our mission.

But, what utter guff. The success of the white, European descended population of the world has never sought to hide the contributions of others, it has simply overwhelmed them. That relatively few black scientists, writers, engineers and statesmen are celebrated is simply because their proportion in history is tiny. Yes, the Arab and Indian and Chinese mathematicians and engineers and thinkers have absolutely gifted the world with a few great things. But I’m afraid that Newton and Galileo and Faraday and Lincoln and Shakespeare and Plato and on and on and on, outnumber them thousands to one.

And this is what Murray decries; the rewriting of history to suit a modern agenda based not on fact but on fallacy. He makes several comments about things of which few people know the detail yet everybody believes the headline As he says, fewer than one person in a million know the reality of some of the founding myths of the black lives matter movement, and as a result nobody challenges the accounts of the astonishing, but entirely fictional atrocities committed by our ancestors.

Quite by chance in the same week I heard the award-winning black sci-fi writer N. K. Jemisin citing one of the examples Murray gives as an accepted fact when no evidence exists for such an occurrence. She is an intelligent, erudite and incisive writer, dealing with the human condition and deeply committed to being part of a just world, yet believes one of the things that fewer than one in a million know the truth about.

After the recent Buffalo killings, gleefully attributed by the right-on media and law enforcement as domestic terrorism, Biden has said white supremacy is a sickness, which must be eradicated. The reaction from the black community is not for unity, for convergence, but for new restrictions to be imposed on white people as the scourge of the earth. Diversity comes from the same root as divergence. It is not a glorious collaboration but a bifurcation of society into segregated communities. They are diverging from us

This is what Murray is telling us all, and he is quite urgent about it. Unless we react we will be driven underground. In the new vision of the modern world I see not white supremacy, but white submission. I see apartheid – a voluntary version of which is white flight from inner cities – becoming normalised. And as ‘diversity’ becomes a more and more visible attribute of western governments, I see the notional demand for the undefinable ‘social justice’ being overtaken by a demand for pure, hateful revenge.

The end of the line for whiteness?

I really don’t know what the truth is in all this. I would like to imagine that it is possible – as it once seemed to be – that we can all rub up alongside each other. But as our culture is derided and mocked and belittled, why should we go out of our way to respect theirs? If, as Biden is saying, whiteness is a sickness we must cure, then diversity, as currently practised, is a cancer we need to excise.

Saturday, 7 May 2022

What Comes After Climate Change?

 I am very happy to accept that when scientists generally all agree on a topic – climate change, pandemics, renewables, and all that – they are almost certain to be right. Just because many previous predictions did not pan out exactly as described, doesn’t mean that many more were not actually vindicated. But we live in an age where mere facts take second place to feelings, and faith is still a stronger motivator than the plain truth.

Everybody has a different level of investment in the current climate narrative; the elderly just want to hang on to the world they knew without having to make too many changes. The young have been terrified into believing that the human race will actually become extinct in a few decades. And the political classes are panicking about being blamed for it. Those of us in the middle, the boomers who will end up paying for it all are rolling our eyes and waiting for the next hyperbolic announcement to come along.

The truth is nobody really knows what to do. Nobody. Oh, there are plenty of talking heads willing to promote their vision for the world. And there are lots of yummy technological innovations lining up to be recognised and funded. But, just like last week’s local elections, even when all the evidence is in – the votes have been counted – the interpretation of the results varies from sombre acknowledgment to wild speculation. We know our politics is broken; we just don’t know how to fix it.

Same with the climate and the demonstrations and disruption caused by the Extinction Rebellion crowd and their hangers-on have not helped. What they demand is, literally, impossible. All human economic activity would have to cease immediately. The resulting hand-to-mouth existence would be so horrifically inefficient that, if anything, emissions would increase and the competition for scarce resources would result in wholesale chaos. Do as this peculiar mix of children and old hippies insist, and everything would turn to shit very quickly indeed.

Already there are forecasts that the metals and minerals needed to build the green revolutionary machine are becoming harder to extract. More and more energy will be expended in trying to winkle out dwindling supplies of copper and cobalt and the like, and more and more energy will be expended in waging the wars to possess the land in which those supplies are located. The pursuit of the green dream will, it seems, be the direct cause of increased CO2 emissions for decades to come. Irony, thou art come in human form.

Education might once have been a large part of the answer, but I see a dumbed-down population, in thrall to the whims of Tik-Tok and other social media, unable to concentrate for even ten minutes at a time. I see people who are incapable of critically assessing even small chunks of the mountain of information they receive every day. And I see people helpless to do anything other than parrot the lines they are given by their current cult leaders.

Next - the transport of the future!

Maybe they prefer it this way. Maybe they prefer living in a Netflix Special version of life in which everything is a drama, every episode ends on a cliff edge and every denouement is simply a springboard to the next surprising plot development. The way it looks to me right now is how Heroes and Lost looked during the Hollywood writers’ strike, and I am expecting to see many more rambling, incoherent episodes as The Climate Crisis lumbers drunkenly on to its final, disappointing cancellation.

Friday, 6 May 2022

Great Apes?

Year on year I find that candidates for the technical building services qualifications I deliver are less and less able to learn without chopping up the subject matter into bite-sized chunks. And of course, once you start cutting up their meat for them, they want it guided on demand into their reluctantly waiting mouths. How soon before we also have to chew it for them?

Yesterday, however, I had the rare experience of assessing two candidates for their inspection and testing practical task who were entirely competent. They did the work efficiently, sensibly and without fuss and demonstrated a thorough grasp of the reason behind every part of the process. Proceeding to fault finding they both also showed an excellent understanding and were able to explain their processes clearly and propose good, practical rectification procedures.

It is a shame, therefore, that they end up with only the same recorded attainment as those who rely entirely on rote-learned procedures and regurgitated stock phrases which, while providing a workaday route to completing the qualification, hardly inspire confidence. Some fully-qualified electricians are more equal than other fully-qualified electricians.

And just as in the broader world of education the poorly educated become the educators, looking for ways to make their lives easier. Every time assessments are reviewed and revised the apparent aim is to make attainment easier; the tail always wags the dogs as with any bureaucracy. Rigour disappeared a long time ago under a tidal wave of requirements to de-colonise curricula, increase whatever diversity is actually supposed to mean, and of course, to ‘leave nobody behind’.

Imagine my dismay, then, on finding that examination boards in the UK are looking at ways of examining GCSE and A-Level qualifications online. Worse, they are considering adaptive testing, whereby a less able student is given an assessment more suited to their level. Where does this end up, with everybody being awarded an A* for every subject? As we say here, we can explain it to you, but we can’t understand it for you.

For many, the thirst for knowledge just isn’t there. The school experience has prepared them for a life of having everything explained by others and carrying out work tasks in a perfunctory manner, much as in the old Soviet system – “we pretend to work, you pretend to pay us”. Few, in my experience, even see the value in reading. And we let these people vote, drive vehicles and procreate (not necessarily at the same time).

Worker's play time

I scan the horizon, but I can’t see any signs of hope, I really can’t. Each iteration of Homo sapiens appears to tend further towards Homo incognitans. Maybe it’s a good thing. At some future point when humans have lost the ability to reason, to communicate, to even use basic tools, maybe we will be less of a risk to the planet and we can revert back to being packs of hunter-gathering primates and learn to amble along on our knuckles again. I suspect we will be happier for it.

Thursday, 5 May 2022

The Beginnings

As usual, the newspapers got it wrong; the historians likewise. When the politician was assassinated, all the commentators – the professors of economics, sociology and politics, the daily chat-show dial-a-quests – declared that this was the start of a dangerous new era of social unrest. All so wrong as to be laughable, were it not so serious. This wasn’t the start at all; it was the end.

But there was still an appetite among the commentariat for there to be a racial motive behind the killing of the UK’s first fully practicing muslim Prime Minister. Xenophobia, the hallmark of the ugly, angry white British savages, must be to blame. Somewhere, decades earlier, the unspeakable act of Brexit had thrust the very worst of humanity to the forefront of politics and this was undeniably the inevitable result. It had been foreseen, and here it was in the flesh.

Populism, they said, was to blame, populism being the pejorative term recruited to replace the difficult concept of popular democracy whereby it was possible to elect ‘the wrong sort of people’. But ‘the right sort of people’ had managed to elevate the son of a bus driver to the highest position in the land. And the wrong sort had killed him. Except they hadn’t. Tariq Hussein had been killed by another muslim. And the reason this had happened was nothing to do with the influence of white populists. Rather, it was their absence which lay at the cause.

Because, long ago, the white people of Europe had been educated by their very own leaders to hate themselves. They had more or less given up on reproducing as they had seen their culture derided, belittled and sidelined. White boys became the worst performers in school and as a result their life chances were limited. White girls became mere vessels for the production of half-caste muslim babies. The old warriors died and nobody took their place. And the only whites in positions of notional authority were dhimmis to the submissive demands of islam.

The first islamic Prime Minister was merely an inevitability of having 90% of the seats in Westminster held by muslims and the rest by an assortment of other ethnicities, none of which had origins in Europe. The few small pockets of white resistance lived on their reservations in the poorer rural areas; old and shabby seaside towns, decaying hamlets in the north, on the impoverished outskirts of once industrial cities. Even had there been the thirst for revenge, the means were simply not available.

A white person travelling in public transport would stand out like a boil, a white, suppurating sore on an otherwise acceptably tanned face. And white people didn’t drive any more, they could barely afford to. So to suggest that this murder was somehow the start of a revolution was so wrong as to be risible. The time for revolution was long past and the urge of the British to bring order and civilisation had been reduced to a simple obsession with keeping neat lawns and orderly herbaceous borders.

The killer, named in the papers as Aziz Beydoun and pictured with a very full beard and wearing a croqueted taqiyah was nevertheless described as a white supremacist and a member of one of the many banned organisations with roots in simple Christian values. This was accepted by all, despite the evidence of their own eyes, as further confirmation that the extinction of the Anglo-Saxon was both progressive and desirable. Kiplings poem The Beginnings described a lost race; there were now no English left to hate. The new breed would now begin to fight amongst themselves.

Monday, 2 May 2022

Working on it...

A propos my last post - here - I attempted to set up a VPN in order to circumvent the Twitter Stazi, but all that achieved was that my laptop became invisible to the internet... and the internet invisible to it. Not an optimal start, I admit, and not a solution I am eager to try again in a hurry. Before I go anywhere near those sorts of shenanigans I'll need a good boffing up of what in the world I am trying to do.

Maybe, I just wait for Saint Elon to lift all permanent suspensions and I can get my original account back, along with the 9000 or so followers I lost back in 2018. But I suspect that won't happen. The most likely thing coming from the Musk initiative, should it come to fruition, is that I will have to register with my real name and thus invite the possibility of some real whackos finding out where I live and work.

No thanks. The only reason Twitter works for the non-fame-obsessed is because of its anonymity. Have you seen how insipid are the accounts of those who think Twitter is the same as Facebook, or Family Whatsapp? I try to be measured in what I tweet, but sod treading on eggshells the whole time; no matter what you write, the second you express an opinion somebody will be offended and try and have your account exterminated.

What of the other 'free speech' platforms? Gab, Parler, Gettr... John Bulls' Gammon Club (yes, that exists, or existed, at least). They all have one major failing in common and that is that they are not Twitter. In this they are exactly like all those new failed political parties that come along. We have had dozens in the UK over the last half-century, all trying to wrest back power from the government to the people. And all failing for similar reasons.

People take comfort in the familiar, the devil they know, and they tend to believe the propaganda from those self-same devils. Ukip is racist, Gettr is white supremacist, For Britain is a platform for xenophobia, Parler is a platform for holocaust deniers... etc, etc. And so it goes on. And the worst of it is that, given enough time and throwing enough journalism at it, sooner or later there is evidence of misdoings.

Well, of course, but who among us is squeaky clean? And who would really want the squeakiest of clean candidates to run things? You would have to be as pious as a saint, with opinions of such neutrality as to be no opinion at all, and you'd have to have the social life of a hermit. When it comes to it we always end up having to make do with the same government, regardless of the colour of their flag, or the tenor of their song. And as much as we moan about it we know the rules and largely abide by them.

I think what I'm saying is that I don't believe Twitter can change, at least not while recognisably remaining Twitter. And as eggshellish as your presence there may be, it is the price you pay for membership. Maybe after all these years of being a rule follower, my expulsion from the only social media platform I ever got on with means I am a bad boy after all.

Sunday, 1 May 2022


 Well, I got canned again. By Twitter, that is. The offending post was innocuous enough - I am not the first and will not be the last to suggest that our Parliament is thoroughly broken and, being unfixable, a better remedy would be to blow the whole lot up and start over. This was the post, which Twitter insisted I delete, and then went on to suspend my account:

I very much doubt that anybody could be offended by that, especially the usual leftist complainants who spend most of their sentient lives, such as they are, screeching for the most horrific of punishments to be inflicted on the Tories. No matter the colour of the rosettes, British politics is moribund; a deadly sludge of mire and sleaze, of corruption, venality and self aggrandisement. It is not fit for purpose and sometimes, you have to move on.

Which kind of gets me back to Twitter. For a decade now, Twitter has been my family, my friends and, if I'm honest, my entire social life. Why should stating what would be absolutely normal among friends be a hanging offence? Some get away with far, far worse, harbouring as they do great hatred for all who do not share their thinking. I hate nobody - hate is such an immature response to anything - yet I get labeled a hate criminal for saying out loud what so many whisper among themselves.

Will Elon Musk change anything? I doubt it. Will I find a way back onto the platform? I'm not sure. Will Twitter even survive the decade, given that the young are uninterested, it seems, in anything which allows two-way conversation (to a point)?

Who knows. So, until (if) we meet again, stay safe, be happy and don't upset the algorithms.