Friday, 9 December 2022

Minor Worries

Coal mining is back, but of course the green-meanies oppose it on wholly unsubstantiated grounds, as is the modern paradigm. There are only two sexes, but contrary to all known biology you can choose from an ever-expanding list of genders, possibly a different one for every individual on Earth. We have a major skills shortage, but current educational orthodoxy posits that we need to encourage more soft and nebulous puffery at the expense of useful hard skills.

The contradictions are winning; in every area of human endeavour the lived experience of real, successful human beings is rejected in favour of a new emphasis on feelings. The environmentalists can warp the figures to make hugely expensive engineering mistakes appear to be cost-effective panaceas for all the climate ills. Likewise, the lawyers can make a virtue out of protecting the ‘human rights’ of those who openly encroach on the genuine rights of decent-living people.

The world, as many have observed for many years, is upside down. Why teach your kids self-reliance, hard work and persistence when they can ‘earn’ a perfectly decent living grifting off the largesse of the idiot state? All they have to do is to get onboard with the doctrines of the age and bang those little drums for all they are worth. Then, when those skins have worn through, they should be well-versed in how to take a simple cause-and-effect case and turn it into a whole new outrage.

Jane Fonda says that climate change is caused by racism and misogyny. The history buffs have uncovered the ‘truth’ that Britain is a black heritage country, built entirely by diversity, excluding white diversity, naturally. Maths and science are racist, as is all art, and of course every last brass farthing of profit was earned off the backs of slaves. White man’s burden? They didn’t know the half of it back then and the demands for reparations are only just beginning.

No matter what you think you lived through there will be somebody to tell you that the evidence of your own eyes is worthless. And just like good old Mr Goebbels, they will keep on telling you until you shut the fuck up and get out your wallet. With all the frivolous demands the state makes of my taxes it is a wonder we have any working infrastructure left at all. Nurse, I need a diversity consultant, urgently!

So who gives a fuck about opening up a coal mine, and why worry about little old ‘The UK’ trying to mitigate climate change when nobody else gives a damn? The government has put virtue-signalling green fantasies before realism and protecting the security, safety, wealth and quality of life of the nation’s beleaguered population. And woe betide should you speak out about the emperor’s new clothes. I have but one thing to say to all of this, and I believe I speak for the majority: they can all just fuck off.

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