Sunday, 19 May 2019

EU Woes

Once again the Eurovision Song Contest was political and once again the UK’s place in the political pecking order in Europe was established. Nul points; last again. Just as in realpolitik the substance doesn’t matter; we could have had the best act in the competition but still we would have been judged on our level of buy-in to the project. In truth we know that Eurovision is a camp little exercise in frivolity, vacuity and daftness and we have always been rather too earnest about it all.

But the timing could not have been better. As inconsequential as success in Eurovision is to the wider and rather more serious issue of the EU, coming last in the run-up to the real Euro elections will have done nothing to dampen enthusiasm for Nigel Farage’s insurgent Brexit Party. Hopes run high for the BP, come Thursday, but I have to caution that for many people their optimism runs a risk of tipping over into fantasy. Yes, the Faragistas have a real chance of dominating the poll this week, but beyond that I fear it will be somewhat less ‘earthquakey’ than many will wish for.

In short, Nigel Farage is not becoming Prime Minister in any decade of this century, if only because the forces he rightly rails against have far more power than we, the people, can possibly muster. Yes, he will make a dent – he will certainly, I feel, fatally damage the Conservative Party – and yes, people will begin to disbelieve what they are told when the evidence they see goes against it, but I fear we will have to endure the setback of a decade of Labour wrecking before sense prevails again. I wish it were otherwise; I truly do, but...

The first step for a bona fide non-violent full scale Political Revolution is trust. And whereas people no longer place much trust in the old party system, the establishment has inflicted deadly wounds on the corpus of Farage himself. Fake tweets, accusations of dark money, the Russians! But worse than that, for a movement that seeks to attract and mobilise the disenfranchised, the seedy notion that somehow Nigel is getting rich out of it. It is true that every attack piece increases the determination of supporters but it also damages the chance that the undecided will come on-board. This is exactly how the ‘Democrats’ in the USA go for Trump.

And it matters not how popular Farage is with the crowd; what matters is how that translates into power and influence; this is the real problem. We rejected an alternative to our first-past-the-post system in 2011 and the electoral game strongly favours entrenched, if outmoded parties, almost regardless of who they put up for office. Brexit will take a few Tory seats but they will almost certainly run second to Labour, even in places where the new party is gaining huge support for the EU elections. Most people simply don’t turn out to elect MEPs and come a general election old habits die hard.

At best the Brexit Party might – might – get to be potential king-makers to a minority Labour Party, a role they cannot possibly accept as it means certain death to Brexit. As a new party they have undoubtedly hooked into the zeitgeist and the appetite to fight the same old politics is clear. But they now have to settle into the long war, build a real party, unite hugely disparate ideologies among their candidates and future MPs and develop policy which has a chance of appealing across the board.

Propping up the same old dinosaurs...

As much as I want change and as much as I heartily endorse our withdrawal from the EU, this alone is not enough. We need to tackle the enormous departure of our society as a whole from what once made us the model for democracy the world over; but the forces that caused our current national distress are deeply entrenched and will take generations to overcome. Tony Blair may have accelerated the decline, but he didn’t start it. And the Brexit Party are going to have to be even more influential than he was before any tectonic shift will begin. I’m not investing in any earthquake defences just yet.

Thursday, 16 May 2019

What's the point?

They are coming for Tommy Robinson [NHRN] again. Of course they are; they are terrified that despite the serial no-platforming he still has purchase, he still has resonance and on a level playing field he has a real chance of being elected as an MEP. The reaction of the establishment, instinctively left-wing in structure, is to frantically ban, block, obstruct and smear. In fact hysteria is the constant feature of the loony left’s schtick; everything is portrayed in apocalyptic terms: last chance to: save the NHS, last chance to save the planet, last chance to resist the rise of the far-right..

The shrieking, keyboard-bashing, Guardianista-style commentators have it wrong – and they are so hostage to confirmation bias that they simply can’t see it - pursuing the far right fox as if it was real and not just a figment of their imagination. David Lammy, as a flag-bearer for the most extreme of wolf-criers, daily exceeds even his own propensity for hyperbole and regularly, if tacitly, urges direct action against the imaginary lupine hordes. John McDonnell is less subtle. Thuggish behaviour exists on both sides, but if you kill for animal rights you are a saint, while holding a Brexit banner makes you a Nazi, apparently. And Nazis deserve to be punched, right? When this is the narrative Tommy Robinson [NHRN] being ‘milkshaked’ becomes the act of a freedom fighter

The referendum was an act of direct democracy and certain people didn’t like it. Indeed the EU’s emptiest vessels have openly and loudly decried such blatant exercises of ‘populism’. “Let the people decide? Are you mad?” they cry. We have to decide if democracy is what we want because if we do want it we are inevitably going to get people voting in a way the elected heads disapprove. Trying to stifle the voices, shut down the debate, ban certain views, criminalise certain thoughts is expressly not democracy, it is totalitarianism and yes, this is exactly where socialism leads. If Tommy Robinson is the 'literally Hitler', then socialism is the direct road to full communism; a one-world open borders, ungovernable, chaotic, lowest common denominator planet, where a tiny minority rule over a vast human herd.

How about– and yes I’m going to say it – you just calm down dears. If somebody in a dead-end life in a boarded up street feels the local muslim community is taking over maybe they have a point? When four-year olds are being asked what gender they would like to be; when people think they are being abused and manipulated, marginalised and forgotten, maybe they have a point? When the British taxpayer, squeezed to buggery, wants to resist the too-rapid imposition of a fuel system which does not work for the majority and don’t want to pay yet more tax so that – once again – the better off benefit, maybe they have a point.

It's the same old question, 
but neither side really has the answer.

And when we say that the far right is nothing of the sort; when we point out that raising the spectre of Nazism is a hysterical propaganda move; when we recognise that the millions of working people voting to leave the grand socialist project are peacefully using their vote to express their dissatisfaction and reject the perpetual whining and impositions of the establishment and its leftist institutions... maybe we, too, have a point?

Wednesday, 15 May 2019


While the great Brexit betrayal continues, with Theresa May apparently willing to collude with anybody who will help to avert Brexit while the toothless and very likely incontinent 1922 Committee look on impotent silence, I turn my thoughts to a parallel possible consequence of this whole sorry saga; a future Labour government. Never mind that they have yet to announce any coherent policy regarding the enacting of something called for by 17.4 million people, they still imagine they possess an ounce of credibility on economic matters.

Last week, for instance, they announced a policy to raise the minimum wage for the under 18s from £4.35 to £10. At a stroke, presumably, which is what employers will likely have. Given that the current minimum wage is £8.21 for over-25s, everybody will get the sugar. Oh, except for all those young people who will have become instantly unemployable. And all those slightly older but still less experienced workers who will be laid off.

How will Labour counteract this? I expect they will resort to their knee-jerk response of compulsion. After all, if their minimum wage plan is such a good idea, why not force employers to take on trainees regardless of the value they bring to the business and make it illegal to make people redundant. Then if the business starts to falter, will the red government also make it against the law to go bust? This is about as economically competent as Jeremy Corbyn’s assertion that getting money from a bank, then paying it back with interest isn’t borrowing.

And then just the week before, Labour were floating the Citizens Basic Income bollocks without any real clue as to what they were proposing. Of course we could have universal welfare; it still has to be paid for. But the CBI is fundamentally flawed on so many levels. Where is the socialist logic of paying rich people a basic income, out of the taxes they pay in order to give exactly the same basic income to poorer people? This is like those on the left who believe that taxes collected from those paid from the public purse is some form of income instead of a mere rebate on wages paid.

Welfare, workfare, charity, price-capping, job-guaranteeing, minimum standard of living, citizen’s basic income; these are all, on the surface, laudable societal corrections for those of low opportunity, aspiration or ability, but the principle objection remains - who pays for it? Oh, the rich? I see. And in Labour Land ‘the rich’ is anybody who pays more in tax already than they take out in a share of public services. I’m in that group; is there no end to our largesse? Is there no bottom to our pockets?

I want to like socialism – it should be likeable – but the opportunistic mammal that is man does not respond well to conformity. Yes, we are a herd animal and like leadership – man, we LOVE leadership – but we also have aspirations and ambitions of our own and are fiercely protective of our brood. So don’t pit my brood against yours; the natural winners will always win and the natural losers will rely on our charity. This may sound harsh but life isn’t fair and humans are not equal, no matter how much burden you place on the backs of the more able.

Forget Brexit and our frustrating battle against the pro-EU establishment. Forget the Remainer-Leaver antagonism. If you really want to pit half the population against the rest, all you will need to do is vote for Labour in the next general election; it will make Theresa May’s duplicitous, cack-handed premiership look like the good old days.

Sunday, 12 May 2019

It's here. It's happening

It can be an act of defiance, bravery indeed, to dare to agree with somebody on social media. To do so is to take up arms for a cause, it seems, rather than just being the quiet nod of recognition intended. If you are for this then you are against me, etc. When did we get so polarised? So when I replied ‘Agreed’ to Jordan Peterson’s disavowal of the confected offence of ‘islamophobia’ in response to Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s piece about Christian ethnic cleansing from muslim lands I was immediately challenged to prove that islam is a threat.

The usual to and fro ensued and my interlocutor, on cue demanded ever more vigorously that I provide proof to support my antipathy. My response was that I would consider retracting my approval if he could prove to me that allah exists. The challenge, by the way, goes out to every other religion too. I am an all-inclusive atheist and god-botherers of all persuasions are welcome to proffer up the evidence, actual evidence, of the existence of a non-existent thing. In my turn I am free to consider them mentally deranged, or somewhat feeble.

But, joking aside, it is far from funny because the religion in question is fanatical and it has a proselytising mission to convert the world to islam, by whatever means necessary. Violent jihad is of course the headline grabber, but there are far more insidious moves in play. It matters not that there is no evidence for the existence of god, the existence of invasive theology is all around us, visible to all who would see it. No matter what you believe, islam is a clear and present threat to western democracies.

The news is dominated by danger. Every day brings some new and deadly fear. The response to the invisible threat of climate change; combating coastal erosion, flood plain defences, killing off cars, turning us all vegetarian and so on is far more vigorous than any response to an in-your-face and immediate invasion of people who are not like us. That observation does not make me either racist or xenophobic. It might make me islamophobic, but then it is entirely rational to be somewhat fearful of what is happening in our towns and cities.

The forces of order stand helpless as islamic enclaves spring up; totally segregated ‘communities’ which are treated with kid gloves as if they were fragile forest orchids that would wilt if exposed to the full daylight of forensic scrutiny. The rape gangs and the terror plots are the only things we are allowed to discuss, but even then only from the perspective of understanding, of seeking to educate and integrate so they eventually become as western as we are. But such sops to the mullahs is entirely missing the point.

The bombs and the honour killings, the rapes and the beheadings are merely the overt acts which instill fear. Meanwhile the everyday rape of our own culture continues apace. Every eyesore jerry-built mosque erected via bent planning permission and inadequate building control. Every high street given over entirely to islamic businesses with signs only in Arabic. Every ‘informal’ sharia zone, policing the dress, conduct and even the presence of non-muslims. Every defiant act of aggressive possession by street prayers stopping the traffic. The imposition of halal branding on the entire population. The shutting down of speakers openly against islam. Myriad other examples abound.

We come in peace...

This is the invasion that everybody sees but nobody will tackle. These are the acts of pushing the boundaries, testing the defences and finding them lacking. When people in Oldham, Burnley, Luton, Slough, Manchester, Birmingham and dozens of other towns and cities complain of an islamic takeover this is their daily reality. My Twitterlocutor said[sic]Just prove your allegations. Against Islam. I want explanation how Islam is a threat to your life, culture. Etc Prove the allegations you made” Well, there’s your answer, Abdul; islam is an open threat to the ways of life of literally billions of non-muslims the world over. That threat may not always be physical, but a cultural threat is still a threat. It is real, it is here and it is of great concern.

Saturday, 11 May 2019


So Guy Verhofstadt, 47th Prime Minister of Belgium, author of The United States of Europe and grand architect of federalism has been campaigning for the MEP elections alongside the most ironically-named party in British politics - the Liberal Democrats (if you discount Change UK, or whatever they are called today). The LibDems are, of course, far from liberal and intent on defying democracy, so Guy ought to feel snugly at home.

At the core of Verhofstadt’s political thesis is the ultimate transfer of sovereignty of all the countries of Europe to the caring stewardship of the oh-so-benign European Union. He wants nothing less than a country called Europe and pursues this end with a zeal which would be admirable were he, say, a philanthropist or an athlete, or an artist. But he is none of these things; he is instead a purveyor of a sinister and potentially dangerous ideology.

Eschewing nationalism and what he calls populism (you know; what we used to call democracy) he calls for people to abandon patriotic bonds with their home nation and replace them with a singular love for a new, bigger, more powerful country. This is literally what he wants; that people become citizens and patriots of a superpower. He repeats, time and again, that nationalism is what caused all of the wars in Europe, but somehow believes that a new supra-nationalism will bring peace. I can only assume he thinks the old nationalism was the wrong type of nationalism; much as 'true socialism has never been tried'.

This is ever the reasoning in the EU; the problems arising from uncurbed power can only be solved by devolving yet more power to the EU. The problems caused by the too-rapid integration and harmonisation of EU idealism can only be solved by the imposition of more and faster EU regulations and diktats. Even Tony Blair recognised that the rationale for the EU was not peace, but power, something he appears happy to subscribe to.

But the problems begin at the very first whiff of power and influence. It changes people; it distances them from those who put them in office. And if you somehow think this isn’t so, cast a glance in the direction of Alastair Campbell, Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn, Saddam Hussein, Joseph Stalin, Muammar Gaddafi, Adolf Hitler (obviously), Pol Pot and Tony Blair himself. And if you think this is outrageous – listing living influencers in the same sentence as tyrants and dictators – maybe you haven’t really understood the true nature of power.

If nationalism is such a bad thing, why do Euro-federalists want to be a nation? And when this single, giant nation becomes too powerful and begins to threaten the security and peace of neighbouring states, who will bring them to book? In other words, what will the EU do with the power and how can we be even slightly mollified by apparently peaceful intent? In the too-often quoted but inescapable 1984 another Blair writes “Power is inflicting pain and humiliation. Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing... Power is not a means; it is an end” It is time to put an end to this.

Wednesday, 8 May 2019


Nigel Farage has done it again. Whatever his detractors say – and I have been among them – the man has charisma and nobody pulls a crowd quite like the bloke they are calling the British Trump. Like Trump he is loathed by those among us who consider themselves better people; the more educated, the ’creative’, the more likely to be engaged in securing powers (not rights, powers) for minorities many were unaware even existed. Like Trump he is accused of various forms of extremism, clumsily labelled far-right and like Trump he continues to defy the political calculus of the establishment.

Listening last week to the Radio 4 analysis of the Spanish elections the result was being hailed as a glorious victory for the socialists and a defeat of the far right. In reality the socialist vote was dented but the soft-right vote was slashed, it’s deserters staying away in disappointed disgust, or else backing candidates whose common sense views (far-right, to the bien pensant commentators) chimed with their own experiences, their aspirations and, well, their down-to-earth view of society.

Society, if anything, should surely be an orderly collusion to include everybody, seek fairness and try and improve the lives of the many, not the few. The few, in this case, not being Jeremy Corbyn’s imagined barons, lording it over the peasants – they inhabit a totally different realm and many of the peasants adore them for it – but the societal outliers who currently, it appears, have far too much influence over political discourse. Misgender somebody and you can end up with a criminal record – on what planet is that a proportionate response?

Ask a former Labour voter why they no longer support the party and Brexit betrayal will be high on the list. But just as important will be the rationale of feeling displaced by ‘others’, people not like them. You can’t – at least you mustn’t – force people to accept too much change too quickly. That the left’s response to this is not to throttle back on the crusade but to criminalise the ‘othering’ of outsiders is to misread the mood so completely as to render many of their better and more honourable ideas equally facetious.

So, we are pushing back. Bully us so far and we shrug it off, but step over the line and don’t expect there not to be consequences. This is being repeated across the western world as people say ‘enough’. But the form of the message is just as important as the message itself; possibly more important. You could be a near saint, but should somebody manage to apply the merest shade of bigotry to your portrait the chances are it will stick and try as people might to understand the true character, they will never be able to unsee the metaphorical swastika, the emblem du jour of those who have appointed themselves as commissioners for the thought police. Examples of perfectly decent people cast as villains abound; scarcely a week goes by without some venerable sage being un-personed.

And this is, in part, the key to Farage’s current success. He has harnessed the mood and he is dead right about our dissatisfaction. But why didn’t he stick with Ukip, you may wonder? Remember the extent to which he was vilified by those oh-so-clever media types? Remember how he had to stand up and somehow account for some of the more outlandish proclamations of Ukip candidates who were often incompletely vetted and inadequately trained for the public stage? Remember the infighting, the succession of short-lived leaders?

I honestly believe he had no choice. And I honestly believe he thought that after the referendum vote, Ukip’s purpose had been achieved. He left and he didn’t leave a way back in and I think he was right. I like Gerard Batten and I think Tommy Robinson is a formidable player, but Ukip’s day is done, while the Brexit Party is fresh yet full of experienced, principled, known figures. The BP doesn’t need a broader prospectus, like Ukip before it, it has one job. I hope to see them do it.

Monday, 29 April 2019

When Thursday Comes

So the Conservatives are dead. Not just here in the UK, where they have been on life support despite best advice for decades, but in Spain, too, it seems. The supposed ‘fascist’ ‘far-right’, ‘extreme right’ resurgent Nazi party, Vox, has split the right-wing vote, but the jubilant declarations of victory for the left have a hollow ring. The socialists didn’t manage an outright majority and some commentary suggests they only held the seats they did because people believed the negative campaigning against the ‘voice of the people’.

Make no mistake, Vox’s party name is not chosen in vain and its equivalent across the westernised, socialised world is growing in confidence. Socialism sounds so good when you only hear the aspirations, but humans have a habit for acting in their own interests. When a political party promises milk and honey the do-withouts are naturally drawn to them; why would they do otherwise? But when they realise that the left is just as authoritarian, if not far more so, than the right, many find the promise turning sour.

Yes, of course, if you are at the bottom of the heap, of course you should want better. And from that position there appear to be far too many who sail through life without lifting a finger; inherited wealth, cushy positions, more money than they can spend in a lifetime, etc. The sort of people who openly display their good fortunes (boastfulness also being a human trait). But they are just the visible targets, largely because the rest of us are quietly toiling away, getting by and hoping not to be rinsed by the system.

For the fact is, tax and welfare is a zero sum game. Just as you can’t borrow your way out of debt – no matter what Jeremy Corbyn might think - you can’t tax yourselves into prosperity. Yes it could be fairer, yes some people could and possibly should pay more tax, but the reality is that profligate governance got us where we are now and the election of an uber-profligate replacement will do nothing to improve the situation apart from some highly visible, highly popular, but ultimately doomed redistribution.

But it won’t be taxing the rich to feed the poor it will be – as always – taxing the coping to prop up the needy and – as always – it won’t be enough. The only outcome of same-old-socialism will be even more support for the right in the future; and it will come from the very people on whose side the left always claim to fight. Instead of the moderate right who are currently winning support, socialists will embolden and empower the sort of ignorant far-rightism they are currently crying wolf over.

The voice of the people - coming to a country near you.

So, this Thursday and quite rightly, the Conservatives are going to take a hammering in the local elections, but will they learn from it? Of course not. Labour won’t suffer so badly, but will they understand why? Almost certainly not. Brace yourselves for your council taxes to increase again, your potholes to go unfilled, your street lighting to splutter and die and your town centres to decline still further... yet expect no realistic solutions to come from any quarter. Politics as usual.

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Rebellion Extinct

The revolting kiddies– Extinction Rebellion – have eschewed their chocolate eggs to take to the streets, rend their garments and openly weep into their iPhones about how they may never get to be parents. Give me strength; having survived the any-four-minutes-now imminent assured mutual nuclear destruction hysteria of the nineteen sixties and seventies and the great extinction scares of the nineteen eighties, please excuse me if I call bullshit on ‘the end is nigh’. Repent, sinners, they all seem to say: the religious, the climatists, repent and admit thy sins and... what? Go on, what?

The climate will change and no doubt we will have some effect on it, but running all our transport on coal isn’t going to help a jot. A recent German study claims that electric cars are environmentally more disastrous – if that disaster can ever be proved – than diesel. True or false one thing is for sure and that is, once governments stop raking in the massive fuel duties, expect the price of electricity to soar. Once again – like solar photo-voltaic farms, or planting forests, or carbon trading - the costs will be disproportionately borne by those least able to gain an economic advantage. It’s the poor wot gets the blame, etc.

Yet here we still are. Despite the regular-as-clockwork predictions of running out of food, water, oil, oxygen, etc, the human race keeps on finding solutions to the problems it creates. Unique among the animals, when we do shit on our own doorstep we can always find another, lesser, human to clear it up, but I expect nothing less than a Malthusian event will ever satisfy the weeping wall of climate alarmists busily recording for a posterity they believe will never be realised just how terribly sad they were about it. But look around and see how much the world gives a shit.

Ukraine elects, by a landslide, a comedian as president. The religion of peas shoots up Sri Lanka and well, the earth continues to turn despite all the protestations of an immediate cessation of such rotational activity. Climatism has far more in common with religion than it does with science - there can be only one orthodoxy and all else is heresy - and to continue that observation, it is much more like islam than it is any other faith. Who else but climatists and islamists would go to the extremes they do?

Think about it. It isn’t long ago that islamic terrorism was being blamed on the wicked climate change of the west. Are they the last generation, the ExtReb children tearfully asked? God, I hope so! But no, there will be plenty of future generations of needy, whiny, entitled idiots, persuaded that they have relevance and that anybody gives a toss what they think. Their new messiah appears to be a Swedish child, Greta Thunberg, now being touted as the next Nobel Peace Prize winner. Children are the future? Take us now.

Friday, 19 April 2019

Get us out

The Tories are metaphorically holding a telescope up to their blind eye and declaring “I see no rocks!” while steering a course directly for the lighthouse. But then they are also pretending that the Conservative & Unionist Party still has a cohesive identity. It is clear that the EU issue which has riven the party for decades should now precipitate a serious discussion about their purpose and their future. It is too late for the local elections, far too late for the unnecessarily upcoming MEP elections and given the parlous state of their leadership contender list probably too late for the next general election... and the one after that.

In the meantime, frantically bashing the Brexit Party isn’t helping either Conservatives or Labour, rather it is aiding and abetting the BP and the Tories are probably receiving the worst caning of their electoral lives. It’s like they just haven’t ‘listened’, or ‘learned lessons’ as they so often insist they must. Have they not seen the ginger ninja over the pond and how his popularity grows with ever publicised excoriation?

Vituperative comments about Nigel Farage - Mr Brexy McBrexit-Face himself - are just recruiting slogans for him, especially enticing for the literally millions of people disenfranchised by the open contempt in which they are held by Parliament for daring to vote with their own agency and not as directed by their lord and masters. The blue rosette brigade may claim they are not afraid of Farage but, as much as David Cameron may forever seek to deny it, isn’t this the very reason the referendum was held in the first place?

And what of the non-Farage alternatives? See how both left and right (that is, far left and centre left; Labour and Conservatives) have united to condemn all pro-Brexit parties as fascistic and see how much of a dent that has made. There comes a point while you are being consistently insulted that you realise it is just a bunch of words. And when those words have no basis in reason, no factual validation, David Lamey, Anna Sobriety and Caroline Mucus can call you a Nazi until they are blue in the face and it makes no impact. If ‘they’ are against them, those parties must have a point.

As for a new politics, however, we are firmly back in the usual territory with every side expending all their resources in attacking the others and none actually plotting a course to steer us away from danger. And we are thoroughly fed up of having to vote for the least worse and knowing that our first-past-the-post system and the electoral boundaries condemn us to hamstrung, minority, same-old-parties governance.

So, as much as I know this to be mere wishful thinking, I harbour a hope that Farage and Co can do as much damage as possible to both Labour and the Conservatives and gain enough seats to hold the balance of power. I want to see the Tories recognise that their split over the EU is a genuine and deep one and that they need to burn their current constitution and form two new parties from the ashes. I want Labour to divide into a middle-class luvvies party which every other voter will despise and a genuine workers’ party, which may regain some dignity.

Corbyn comes to May's Rescue

And as for our future relationship with the EU, I want none. Nothing political at least, except recognition that we are not the same and possibly never will be. Listening to various EU leaders and their stooges it is clear they don’t give a fuck about us, so why don’t we reciprocate? I am pretty sure I am with millions of others who will abandon their traditional political allegiances and lend their vote to whatever option at the ballot box will re-send the clear message we signalled in 2016. Get. Us. Out.

Tuesday, 16 April 2019


In the advanced world, in the enlightened west, poverty should be a thing of the past. Nobody should want for shelter, food and warmth and nobody should suffer the relative privations of denial of access to education and the opportunity for advancement. The old Labour Party used to fight on this hill and made great strides... long ago. But rights can be tricky things; once granted, removal is seen as punishment; if ‘he’ gets something why shouldn’t I? And the bar on what is considered essential is continually being raised.

But where does the wealth come from and who deserves what share? And possibly more importantly, who gets to decide? That is, if I make a little bit more than it takes to lift me off the breadline should I surrender my comfort for another’s, or do I deserve some greater reward for my efforts? And at the other end, whose needs are greater, more pressing? Even were we of one mind in this regard – good little socialists, all – the task of providing for all would still prove monumental, but we are human and it is therefore insoluble.

Instead of being pragmatic – cancer trumps gender dysphoria, hunger trumps nicotine craving, etc – we are stubborn in clinging to our illogicalities. We each have our own set of priorities which don’t necessarily chime well with others. White supremacy, climate change, the third world, pollution, potholes and the eternally impossible bloody ‘equality’ are all crusades which clamour for resources. It’s a far cry from the old ‘mustn’t grumble’ attitude which got us through two world wars and many national crises.

But today it is different. Certainly I have never known a time when so many of my countrymen are at each other’s throats over a matter which should have been settled three years ago. In an earlier age Britain would have accepted the result and most would have worked together, grumbles aside, to shape the future. Instead we are stuck in a politically constructed situation whereby the fractured loyalties driving a thousand different self-centred agendas prevents us from holding common cause.

This is what loss of nationhood means. In fact the EU model of a Europe-wide identity means we are further from being one people than ever before; paradoxically the socialist model brings not “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité” but incarceration, inequality and antipathy. Over such confusion the detached, supra-national governance of technocrats need not exercise order but simply watch as we tear our own society down. It was a cunning plan and it damn near worked.

We didn't start the fire

But why does it take the devastating conflagration of Notre Dame Cathedral for the French to become French again, at least for a short while? And what will it take for the English – British is already lost as a uniting identity – to become English again? Our whole society is burning, the social contract torn up, the wolves at the door. And nobody – especially not the special interest lobbyists, especially not government – knows how to fix it. Well, here’s an idea; put aside your banners and your slogans, shut up for a moment and think, for once, about what you can do to save yourself.

Sunday, 14 April 2019

Rock On!

“And where do we go from here?” As David Essex sang in his breakthrough hit ‘Rock On’ all those years ago, when life was so much simpler. And even though Heath was, in that very year, illegally consigning our national sovereignty to the dustbin of history, the actual EU was but a twinkle in a despot’s eye. The lies that took us in, the lies that sustained our continued deeper entanglement and the thoroughly outrageous fear-mongering which accompanied the Remain campaign in 2016 were mere harbingers of the apoplectic threats and approbation being bandied around today.

We have come a long way from 1973. Back then, while there was (and always will be) poverty and hardship, much of the population at least recognised the fruits of success, of empire, of being quite literally world-class in every field. But still more were growing up to experience a lower tier of nationhood. Coming second, third even, against nations with a stronger sense of self, supreme among which was the United States, it seemed logical to some that a European economic counterbalance was necessary.

The next forty years – except for a brief respite in Mrs Thatcher’s decade of hope - were spent in attacking the bastions of privilege, disparaging the notion of free enterprise and carefully rewriting the record to show the British not as a proud, successful, happy breed, but a mongrel nation, utterly dependent on others for its every triumph. This trend was accelerated over the last twenty years, as Tony Blair’s fanatical embrace of all things EU set in train the full surrender all autonomy to the Brussels cartel.

Today, you can’t turn on the television, flip the pages of a magazine, or even pass an advertising hording without being bombarded by a bizarre and unreal depiction of Britain as this weird ultra-cultural, post-national experiment; an amalgamation of  all proclivities as equal participants with every possible departure from the mathematical mode now recognised, illiterately, as ‘normal’. Two daddies, three mummies, every-inch-tattooed-and-pierced circus freaks, paedophiles, degenerates and all possible ethnic and gender self-descriptions accepted as absolutely equal in value to the societal model which drove our evolution for millennia. This can’t be entirely right.

Acceptance and tolerance are good; they are wholly to be encouraged. But normalisation of the abnormal opens gates which may better remain locked... or at least heavily guarded. And nobody knows how this rapid overturning of all that was understood, by things which are not understood, will end up. In a country with a strong sense of self, there would be curbs on dangerous freedoms, constraints on those who went too far. But we have been turned into a non-nation and berated for daring to hold to former standards. When anything goes, you’d better watch where it’s going.

So into this febrile, shape-shifting landscape enters Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party and what an entrance it has been. One poll puts them almost level with the Tories and totting up support for both the BP and Ukip it easily bests both the Tories and Labour. What welcome is received by this new attempt to honour what seventeen million people voted for? Why, to be branded universally as racists by those who peddle race as their entry card into every debate, assume difference as their credentials to speak for the many. David Lammy, in particular, uncannily echoes Joseph Goebbels, in repeatedly demanding that those views should never be heard.

We're going to need a bigger boat...

You see, to Lammy and his camp followers, their own very clear Nazism is good Nazism, the righteous end justifying the means, while ordinary people are held as too stupid to tell the difference. Ordinary people, despondent at the loss of their democracy, fall prey to the bad Nazism of national pride, shared identity and tolerance of others, not seeing (in their ignorance) that to be a 'good' Nazi you must root out tolerance wherever it is found. It is madness and no end is yet in sight. Where do we go from here?

Friday, 5 April 2019

No Compromise

None of the interminable discussions, negotiations, debates or demonstrations was ever going to result in a ‘deal’ acceptable to both sides because each side wants polar opposite outcomes. And make no mistake, there are only two sides here; for all their bluster those seeking to agree a way of getting the Withdrawal Agreement passed are (whatever they may say, or even believe) signing off on a way to remain under the thumb of the unaccountable burghers of Brussels. Those who wish to leave have always known that anything less than a complete exit is not Brexit.

The indicative votes, the amendments the extraordinary refusal of Parliament to recognise that a compromise is never going to happen when every ballot is pretty much split down the middle are all evidence that what we voted on were the only two possible outcomes. Any form of customs union, single market membership and in particular any arrangement which allows a foreign court to have supremacy of British law is far worse than either extreme.

We know that if we stay in our voice is but one against, currently, 27. But pretending to leave – as all compromises will necessarily be – will silence us forever. One argument for remain has been about how our standing in the world would diminish outside, but Leavers don’t point out vociferously enough that the entire purpose of the EU is to diminish individual national influence. The half-arsed, half-out capitulation that May was handed by Merkel extinguishes that influence altogether. Out, we genuinely would have a bigger voice than in.

On trade, the future is a veiled, cloudy affair and we may well make enormous leaps on the outside which would be impossible restrained by the EU. Inside we could expect at least a form of moribund consistency. Surely we are better than that; much better. Some of our fellows would argue that we are all Europeans now, but equal numbers would most vehemently reject that notion with a rousing chorus of Rule Britannia. The two sentiments are profoundly irreconcilable.

Currently the House of  Lords is also pretending to be grown up and maybe their cumulative years has injected a slight check on the unseemly haste with which they were initially tempted to rush through the wrecking bill cooked up by Letwin and Cooper. But make no mistake, although they have stopped to draw breath, pass it they will, come Monday. And where will that put us? Oh yes, back in the hands of the EU – quell surprise.

It is little wonder then that supporters of independence now judge Parliament to be, to all intents and purposes, illegitimate. They want to pretend to honour democracy by ignoring a democratic vote and framing a new offer, but the second referendum they propose will only contain two options: Leave in name only and accept second-class citizenship as EU slaves, or stay and help to shape the laws that will ultimately enslave everybody equally; suffer alone or recruit others to our misery.

There were only two options on the ballot

Even the most Remain of Remainers must be able to see that it would be a Hobson’s choice and our flaccid Parliamentary members are too weak or too venal to walk away from this trap of their own making. The only true choice for Britain has to be between remaining in the EU or leaving the EU. If only such an in/out referendum were possible. If only the British people could somehow indicate to us which they would prefer. Come on, chaps, Parliament is listening...

Thursday, 4 April 2019


It’s not about Brexit any more; Brexit is gone, betrayed, smothered at birth by an avalanche of mealy-mouthed, self-declared bien-pensants who genuinely believe in their own beneficence and that they know better. Along with millions of others I waited – pretty patiently, I think – to have my say, having been a year too young to vote to leave in 1975. I have watched as young people “whose futures have been stolen” did nothing while my past was being misappropriated, dismantled or rewritten.

Since I attained my own majority I have seen my country, my England slandered and libelled and cast as the villain. I have seen our history overturned and I had to stand and watch as Tony Blair’s treacherous administration deliberately altered the face of my fellow countrymen, so that we were no longer recognisable to each other. I listened to the lies. I heard a succession of paid men tell us that sending all that could scrape a few desultory GCSEs to university was some form of progress; they were told that they were too good to wait at table, or pick fruit.

Then I watched as millions were imported to do those character building jobs that my generation and generations before did, jobs that shaped our work ethic and determination to succeed. And as the new graduates settled into a life of unemployment the whole fraud was heralded as some form of economic miracle. A miracle indeed when you can displace perfectly able workers while paying others a wage which attracts no tax yet somehow pays for the pensions of all those complaining ‘old people’. There’s your enemy, kids, your own grandparents, they said.

And I now find myself possibly part of another problem, because having rejected academia, for which they are not suited, thousands are turning to manual trades. So in part I am helping to serve an industry which is not about turning out quality tradesmen but feeding a voracious appetite for qualifications. Qualifications demanded by an ever burgeoning bureaucracy which – like Parliament – prefers credentials over competence. And still our British trainees are regularly overlooked in favour of incomers who push wages even lower.

Brexit was about being British, not European – not some sort of insubstantial allegiance to nothing – it was about reclaiming a sovereignty that was almost unique in the world, an actual sovereignty of the people. Now we see that has become just a sham. Brexit wasn’t meant to be about reclaiming that sovereignty from the grasping hands of party politics; it shouldn’t have been necessary. But now we see the political class for how they truly are... the biggest part of the problem.

The Tories have turned a shade of red I hoped I’d never see. Labour has long abandoned its heartlands for the sunny uplifted faces of the new British, those who have made their homes here because Labour wanted to rub the right’s noses in diversity, unaware of, or not caring that their interpretation of  the right’ included their own bedrock voters; a horrible twisting of political covenants which is mirrored across the continent as more and more Eurosceptic parties emerge, organise and begin to take back control.

Time to kick the EU out of Britain.

This isn’t about Brexit any more, this is about the destruction of the EU. From within, if needs be, but in any case by that attrition as more and more countries rise up against the tyranny of the velvet-gloved tyrants of the new communism. A civilised, orderly parting of the ways was not just a dream, it was eminently achievable and could have paved the way for a reform of the EU’s more extreme ambitions. But now, whether Britain is in or out, this is about ending Verhofstadt’s federal dream and filling his nights full of mares.

Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Feet of Clay

Now we know, beyond any rational doubt, that our elected leaders are venal greasy pole climbers without a shred of decency or competence, isn’t it time for action? Not a general election, not a re-shuffle and certainly not a Parliamentary debate about the way forward – consulting Jeremy Corbyn, for fuck’s sake? We need a Cromwell moment and the whole Palace of Westminster needs to be shut down, its sitting tenants evicted, turned out onto the streets and an entire new order imposed.

What, no government? Well why not? The government clearly has no power, abuses what authority it has and is a primary cause of division in the country. Labour offer no useful opposition, seeming to believe that simply opposing is their primary function and proposing no workable alternatives to the same tired old tropes. Fairness, equality, social justice and all those nebulous, airy-fairy notions are chimera; there is no such thing in human society.

But what we do have is an ability to exploit opportunity and the total shit-storm in our supposed seat of democracy is ripe for exploitation. The party system, as was, has come to its inevitable end. Neither party offers a genuinely acceptable way forward and no matter who is in power it constantly has to battle opposing ideologues to make even the slightest progress. Progressive education and the lunacy of cultural relativism has created a population easier than ever to manipulate, easier than ever to penalise. The police are discredited, the judiciary exposed as frauds. The scene is set for chaos.

And maybe chaos is exactly the tonic we need. Let the civil service and local authorities carry on with running the day-to-day business as best they can and set the dogs on Westminster, political correctness, the university training grounds for political malcontents, common purpose and all the pointless agitators for ultra-minority power. Release the vigilantes, set free the conditioned minds and let’s have one massive societal punch up.

Oh, there will be no clear winners, but – apart from the carnage (and you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs) – a period of utter, desperate, dog-eat-dog, fear and uncertainty might just be the catharsis we need. Find out whose side you are really on, not whose oily words salve your political theology. It’s perhaps not ideal but it’s what seems to be happening anyway; might as well get it over with.

May announces latest genius idea...

Clear out all the old, corrupted crap, usher in the new, the fresh, the untainted. It might still be rubbish, but at least it will be new rubbish and who knows what might emerge from it? In Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskiy has starred for three years in a television comedy (Servant of thePeople) about a man who accidentally becomes president. Right now Mr Zelenskiy is front runner to actually become president. Maybe we could do with a bit of that.

Sunday, 31 March 2019


On what should have been Day 2 of UK Year 0000 PB (Post Brexit) the world is going slightly mad over the case of Dominic Grieve and his losing the confidence of his constituency association. MPs are queueing up to wring their caps and intone solemn eulogies to the career of a political giant. To which the general public are saying, Dominic who? Outside Westminster he is an also-ran, only today grabbing the headlines because of what many see as his sheer treachery in seeking to overturn Brexit. But what went wrong?

We use to scoff at the sight of natives rending their garments on the newsreels, sobbing in public and ululating in grief and despair, but since the canonisation of Saint Diane, the British have become mawkish and have taken to repeating the self-same public displays we once used to find so quaint. When the French marched en grève, burning sheep and blocking roads we used to chuckle, remarking that this wasn’t how the British did things. And having invented sport, as such, we were paragons of fair play – play up and play the game and a friendly ovation for the victors, should we lose. In short, we slightly despised all that foreign emotion.

But now look; the British sense of fair play used to mean that we may not have agreed with you but short of coming round to your way of thinking we could respect your view and respectfully defer to you winning the debate. Agreeing to disagree characterised adult discourse and a certain pragmatic acceptance that sometimes a decision made was better than a decision deferred and spilled milk was something only Johnny Foreigner would cry over. How things have changed.

Had Remain won the referendum – an outcome most of us expected – we would have grumbled a little, maybe even protested a bit, but most of us would – having had our say – retreated to the sidelines and politely clapped you off the pitch. We’d have been British about it. We certainly wouldn’t have seized the ball, declared extra time and carried on playing after sunset, the ref blowing his whistle for all he was worth.

But of course, I’m living in the past. I’m imagining what I believe would have happened had the competition been between only the British, when in reality this was always between Britons and Europeans. Grieve is not behaving like a son of Albion, but displaying the petulance of a Spaniard, the disdain of the haughtiest Frenchman and the arrogance and sense of superiority that comes naturally  to the Teutonic race.

Oh, of course we can trust them...

Grieve and his ilk are no longer British, if ever they were; they are Europeans, first and foremost. It is one thing to infiltrate a foreign power with double agents from outside, but quite something when you can get their own governing class to betray the country without even offering anything in return. Beware of Grieves bearing gifts - our Parliament is nothing more than an EU Trojan horse. Time to burn it down.

Sunday, 24 March 2019


On the day God punished the Africans – thousands were wiped out in Gambia – Abdul Vazçèq was too busy tending to his wilted vegetable plot to notice. He was concerned that the dispute with his neighbour may have brought divine retribution to his door so he was busy. He was not watering the produce, for that was God’s work, but praying devoutly for his intervention from the heavens. But he had to go into town to join the compulsory daily mass demonstration at the behest of the supreme prophet; the holy father of the state religion and God’s representative on Earth.

Before the coming of the Great Silence we were assailed by the clamour of the devil, in the form of newspapers, television and the internet. It was a continuous babble of misinformation and contradictory truths. Nobody knew what to believe and the conflicts between those who voted for one outcome and those for another had become more and more frequent; the normal functions of society were disrupted on a near daily basis as London’s streets were clogged with protesters. But now it was clear that there can be only one truth and at last we have found it.

When they cut down the tree of knowledge (the world-wide-web-of-lies)  life was supposed to get better for the devout and given that Vazçèq’s life was now a power-less, jobless, hungry existence he could only assume that his own lack of unthinking faith was to blame. He couldn’t exactly blame god because, well, that was illegal and god was omnipotent. If it wasn’t in the holy book it wasn’t true and he knew on which side his bread was buttered. Or at least he would if he had any butter. Or bread for that matter. It had been a while now.

As he crossed the town square, looking up at the cloudless sky and worrying about his vegetables he was only vaguely aware of the screens broadcasting god’s retribution on the Africans. Floods; how ironic. In a corner of the former market place – markets were now banned as unholy – a small gathering was busy stoning somebody who had expressed ambivalence for divine government in earshot of the religious police. At least there was now law and order. And everybody had the same opinion, if they wished to stay alive.

But where was the rain? And what must he do to appease the almighty; if only there was a sign. A hundred loudspeakers crackled into life and a booming, voice of authority commanded that all face the screens for their act of devotion. An old still image appeared and the crowd began to bay. The last remaining means of generating electricity now that god’s will was being done was reserved for the generators of state and church. The crowd repeated the mantra and the hated figure – now long dead – became for two minutes the centre of their universal excoriation.

I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Epsilon and the Upsilon...

A siren signalled the end and the crowd began to recover from their trance-like state of angry arousal. The face of Nigel Farage faded from the screen, to be replaced by the calming image of the supreme leader. People began to return to their normal business of finding enough to eat. But none would forget the experience and tomorrow they would worship again, their beliefs reinforced. A small cloud appeared in the sky and as Vazçèq headed for home he saw that his faith was strong; he was on the side of the righteous.

Friday, 22 March 2019

Prepare for Government?

Another day – Day 1002 – in the Brexit psychodrama and more turmoil. There are deep suspicions that the latest move – ExtensionGate – is intended to precipitate a destabilised Parliament into forcing a general election, or a form of coup. Deep conspiracy indeed, yet given the open hostility towards any notion of independence, not so far-fetched as to be disregarded altogether. In the background you can almost hear the collective groan of Leavers as they see what is a clear ploy to deny their celebration.

Then there’s the petition to revoke Article 50. Remainers were thumping the air yesterday as it rapidly passed the two million signatures mark, while some prominent leavers insisted it was being infiltrated by foreign powers, Russian bots or the simplicity of casting multiple votes by the use of different email addresses. But of course there is a far simpler explanation and it is possibly at the heart of why Brexit has been the ugly and embarrassing spectacle it has.

Remainers are happy in the right sort of company. Among them are the kind of people who rejoice in the type of ‘diversity’ that brings misery to the communities on which it is thrust. I can’t be only one to have noticed that pretty much every day now the BBC and others broadcast the islamic call to prayer as a preface to any news stories about any islamic issue. We are becoming habituated to  hearing ‘Allah’s snack bar’ no longer as prelude to slaughter but as a plea for peace and understanding. New Zealand is suddenly looking like Iran, forty years ago this year, during the Ayatollah’s Terror.

The media, politics, the organs of state are flush with the kind of bien pensant goodies who love a bit of politically acceptable acquiescence to the demands of cultures different from our own. It makes them good people and they love being part of the herd,with all the other good people. No wonder they were so shocked in June 2016. In their world nobody would even dream of leaving an even bigger club of even lovelier people with only kindness in their heart. Why, only deviants could be averse to sharing the joy.

So, when it comes to protesting ‘austerity’, NHS funding, climate change and Brexit, there is a ready network of the very best of people who will come together and the call to gather will spread far and wide across social and mainstream media, whose lever-pullers are a part of the same group. Stick up an opinion poll in the Guardian, the [not] Independent, Buzzfeed, Facebook, Twitter et al and of course it returns the ‘right’ result. The result they knew it would – you gorgeous, wonderful, lovely, kind, caring saints.

But where are the voices of dissent? They have been largely silenced; from Gordon Brown’s ‘bigoted woman’ to those who agree with everything Nigel Farage says, the message from the media, from the government and more recently from the police and judiciary, is that your opinion is verboten, practically a crime. As a result you don’t possess an acceptable group identity, which means when you look around for support you see bowed heads, mumbling quietly, mostly to themselves. No wonder the referendum was such a shock to the system.

The will to leave is there. The numbers are not only still there, but I suspect, growing. Many who wanted to leave probably didn’t vote because the media told them that remain would win. If we did have a second (actually third) referendum there is a chance the leave majority would increase; it’s a risk remainers really don’t want to take. But Parliament hasn’t had the balls to do what their electors want them to do, so the EU has stepped in to tell them how to proceed with remaining – get rid of May and put up a puppet.

But it won’t solve any problems. Brussels unveiled has a far uglier face than its worshippers imagined and Brexit averted would be a victory for the globalists, so the opposition will not simply fade. The Champagne – or, rather, the English sparkling wine – may stay on ice for another few weeks, months... or even years, but the fight for Brexit will continue.

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

This England

You used to know where you stood, often quite literally. Entering a busy fish and chip shop, where people waited for various nowadays incomprehensible orders, there was a certain Englishness in the calm order in which matters were dealt with; first come, first served, elders to the front of the queue. Ah the queue, for which we were once famous throughout the world, the very epitome of fairness and egalitarianism.

We didn’t need an identity in the modern sense, for we all had one already and one with far stronger bonds than the myriad fractured hierarchies of grievance to be found today in the relative pain rankings of gender, sexuality, race, learning needs and disability. It was once considered impolite to talk about politics or religion but nowadays we have little else – and some religions are legally off-limits. So all we have left is politics... and the weather, although even the weather is now fraught with difficulty depending on how far down the climate change rabbit hole you have ventured.

But the biggest division today is, of course, Brexit. And it is a division which shows so much about how far we have travelled since the chip shop days. If you are older and still have a sense of the common bond of Englishness (and I do mean English as opposed to British; British is no longer an easy and reassuring identifier) you will likely have voted to try and regain that enviable status. If you are young and have been brought up to believe that the source of all that is good is somewhere else, you are probably a remainer.

If you are an older Brexiteer you are probably a little confused and certainly dismayed at the disdain the young show for a thousand years of modern history. If you are young you are probably furious at the nasty, crusty old leavers who have, in the current parlance, ‘stolen your future’. If you are young, of course, you also know nothing that others haven’t told you... you don’t even realise this fully because, as young people, you still need to be protected from your illogical and self-destructive urges.

We used to do that, we ‘old people’. Nobody voted to make your lives poorer, we voted to make all our lives more meaningful. You may not see a problem in globalism, blasphemy laws, unlimited, unchecked migration, Ponzi welfare systems and the culture of self above all else, but we do. You will still be able to spread your wings, travel the world, see wonders and better yourselves. Having, maybe, to put the tiniest bit more effort into it might be the making of you. But in or out, what you become has always been in your hands; nobody has taken that from you.

And when you’ve made something worthy of yourself, when you are yourself sitting back and taking stock of your life, we hope that one day you will appreciate: “This royal throne of kings, this sceptred isle, This earth of majesty, this seat of Mars, This other Eden, demi-paradise, This fortress built by Nature for herself Against infection and the hand of war, This happy breed of men, this little world, This precious stone set in the silver sea, Which serves it in the office of a wall Or as a moat defensive to a house, Against the envy of less happier lands,--This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England.”

No need to thank us.

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Swamp Creatures

Interesting times, indeed. If anybody was in any doubt about whether electing Donald Trump, or voting for Brexit was the right choice Parliament appears to be bending over backwards to provide example after example of how it exists to serve itself and defy the unfortunate chance of protocol which has saddled it with an electorate to bamboozle. In a proper system of government, they seem to indicate, we would have no need to appease the untermenschen who have somehow been given airs and graces beyond their entitlement. You can imagine the conversations behind closed doors:

“Look here, little people, every five years we let you pretend to have a say and then we let you get back to grubbing about for scraps, or whatever frightful collection of activities passes for a meaningful existence in your world. Honestly, some of you have neither title nor political dynasty to speak of yet you think you know best?

“Sometimes we blame ourselves, you know, if more of you were living on the breadline you’d have better things to worry about than whether or not we had national identity, dignity and pride. What is the point of pride, for heaven’s sake. I mean look what that oik Churchill did with it. He managed to rouse a rabble of common rough people to take up arms and thwart our dear friends’ plans for European Unity.

“Well, we’re not allowing that to happen again. Tony Blair did his bit to swamp the country with so much islamic monocultural ‘diversity’ we’d rather hoped you would have been outbred by now. But no; that’s the problem with low intellect – you have a stubbornness which defies logic. Our logic. We in the EU – of course we are fully signed up to perpetual union, you idiots - were busy trying to plan a secret army to cope with any uprisings and what do you bloody well do? You go and commit Brexit, that’s what. Well, it is sodding well not going to happen on our watch and if necessary we will take the entire country down with us.

“As opposed to what Anna Soubry said about her overblown 'Nazi' incident, where we are now is not just a few horrible people being nasty to MPs, it is millions of you. You can’t imagine quite how horrible it is, seeing your ugly, lower caste, gurning faces massing at the gates of Westminster Palace, imagining that your vote is as valid as ours...”

How Westminster see voters...

It still beggars belief that MPs don’t seem to fully understand the levels of frustration, anger and downright mistrust that exist in the population at large. Voiceless, powerless and now that we know how much we are despised, utterly disgusted at the system that has brought us here. Donald Trump likes to talk about draining the swamp in Washington; well Westminster is no different. A referendum didn’t help one bit; we’re going to need a bigger plunger.

Monday, 11 March 2019


A Sky poll has revealed 98% of people who voted to remain in the EU are stockpiling in preparation for a no-deal departure. In contrast, the morons who voted to leave are sleepwalking blindly to the cliff edge abyss of a chaotic, catastrophic, cataclysmic, no-meal Brexit, says the impartial establishment.

In Cornwall, Hysteria Panic-Attack and her family have been buying extra food and supplies since last summer to make sure she is prepared. She tells Sky News why she is doing it.

“A no-deal Brexit will result in a complete end of access to a whole range of products and services, some, maybe for a short time, but most will be gone forever. As a parent, I make no apology for protecting my children from the stupidity of the bovine leave-voting saboteurs who voted to abandon our precious nirvana on Earth.

When we realised that Brexit was to happen we were fucking outraged. When we realised that a no-deal scenario was not only possible but likely we knew we were seeing the beginning of World War Three. The first thing we did was some light research and everywhere we looked all we could see was the rise of the far right. After seeing just the tip of the iceberg, and only in layman's terms, we decided that Brexit was, literally, Hitler.

The realisation that the neo-Nazis of the hard right were mobilising became clearer in the autumn of 2017. At the time my husband and I had already been discussing the ramifications of Brexit. We knew that we needed to fight back and organise a resistance, to which end we decided make some small preparations as a family. We moved house last summer, away from the city to a small gated compound where we could stockpile food and ammunition against the deprivations to come.

Realising that almost everything we regarded as essentials would become luxury goods after Brexit we started hoarding common household medicines, toiletries (because so many of us have sensitive skin and require special types of shampoo and shower gel) cigarettes and alcohol to use as currency in the coming black market. French wine, for one, will be worth its weight in gold come the summer. And Prosecco; in fact we have dug and stocked a 100 cubic metre cellar from floor to ceiling with the precious stuff.

We installed solar panels, a methane digester and reverse osmosis water purifier because we know that after Brexit there will be no more electricity or clean water. And we decided to become completely self-sufficient, like Tom and Barbara in The Good Life, which is especially auspicious because our next-door neighbours are called Jeremy and Margaret, which is close enough. We have also begun digging the foundations of our machine gun emplacement.

Because, as time went on and no-deal Brexit became more and more of a possibility and we learnt more and more about the real life implications, we realised that we would need to defend our compound against marauding hordes of filthy Brexiteers who, we knew, would turn into ravenous zombies instantly on the 30th March 2019. We have dug several ditches lined with sharpened and poisoned spikes and laid trip wires everywhere. Come Brexit Day nobody will be able to enter or leave our community of brave freedom fighters without risking death or horrible injury.

We will be ready when they come...

People routinely spend money on home insurance they hope never to have to use, but they have it for peace of mind, to protect themselves and their families just in case. Our preparations for a no-deal Brexit are no different. We have taught our children how to dead-rope a zombie, catch and skin and butcher wild animals for clothes and food and to shun as a deadly enemy anybody they suspect may have the slightest sympathy with leavers. It is what any sane, rational survivor would do."

Wednesday, 6 March 2019


Once again the empty vessels ring out as they revisit knife crime, police numbers and demonstrate their inability –deliberate or otherwise – to  differentiate between causation and correlation. For instance, it is a demonstrable fact that everybody who ever died of cancer was once born thus there is a 100% correlation between getting cancer and being born; the clear fallacy which follows is, of course that cancer is caused by being born, a proposition you can often refute by trying to apply the causation in reverse.

If the sun rises every day and every day there are far more accidents as people drive to work than there are accidents in the dead of night, does this mean that daylight is the chief cause of road traffic accidents? This echoes the old saw that if 20% of road accident fatalities are caused by drunken drivers, the other 80% must be the fault of the sober, so let’s all get pissed and save lives. This isn’t to say that the reduction in police numbers is not somehow linked to knife crime but, as always, a simplistic view makes for far better headlines than doing some solid research.

Everywhere you look people who should (and often do) know better are causing mischief by misusing statistics to tell a story often only peripherally related to those statistics. And depending on from whose mouth the accusations fly the indignation of various groups are triggered. Thus, when Hate-not-Hope[sic] target and intimidate Tommy Robinson’s wife and kids the left, from their lofty moral steeds, insist that all’s fair, yet when it happens to one of their own – Mike Stuchbery, Rachael Cousins – it is somehow due to the rise of the far right.

Oh yes, we’re back to all that. Latest in the attempts to smear ordinary, everyday, majority concerns as extremist is Sayeeda (Baroness, no less) Warsi who states, as evidence of deep embedded islamophobia, that Conservatives have retweeted messages in support of Tommy (not his real...) Robinson. Now I’m not one to start a conspiracy theory, but how convenient would it be for them if attention were to be distracted away from Labour’s anti-Semitism row? Seriously, though, are we to believe that our major political divide is now between islam and judaism? So much for the christian soldiers.

But back to islamophobia. Phobia; fear. When, across the globe, people are being regularly beheaded, lashed, stoned, burned and thrown from buildings and this is earnestly claimed to be the will of allah, is it not prudent to fear such events becoming commonplace? And given the inability of moderate muslims to bring about any cessation of such hostilities, openly declare their allegiance to the umma above all, isn’t it a pretty reasonable reaction to exercise caution in trusting people who identify by religion – any religion - first?

Above all, don't believe it 
because it was on Facebook!

How do we deal with all the bullshit, which is woven through all media everywhere? It’s simple, really. Next time somebody trots out a lazy factoid – like a fact, but only superficially so – challenge it. Assume every news story is simply a version of the truth and that all out of context words, actions, numbers and even images can be and often are employed to tell a story quite different from the actual events. Keep an open mind but question everything, but most of all ask yourself, what really happened here... and who benefits from the version being told?