Tuesday 25 May 2021

Welcome to England

I heard a Tory Party spokesperson on LBC saying she ‘welcomed’ the report suggesting that the Conservatives may be insensitive to muslim communities. She welcomed it because it gave the party an opportunity to address the issues. For my part I am absolutely delighted, but I doubt very much that the party will have the guts to properly address the issues, as big a vote winner as that might be.

For communities in the working class areas aggressively colonised by the islamic assault on our values, the option of voting for a party ‘insensitive’ to the invaders would be a welcome change for the better. Even better yet, were the Conservatives to come out as explicitly and robustly anti-islam, they may never fear losing power again.

One of the reasons the so-called Red Wall is collapsing is precisely because Labour has wholeheartedly embraced the Trojan horse of islam and brought it into the citadel, where it is already engaged in sprees of rape, threats of violence and terror, and demands for special treatment. Labour councils have been all too willing to welcome the graft and corruption that islam brings and the fraudsters have been given the keys to the town treasuries without a fight.

Boris has apologised for ‘offence taken’, a mealy-mouthed platitude, but why apologise at all? And as for Sajid Javid, who called for this ridiculous navel gazing exercise, far from being any sort of victim he is himself an example of muslims being promoted beyond their competence precisely because of his background. Meritocracy, my arse; show the brown card and stand in line for your honours.

Call me what you like, but I believe that the Conservatives should rebrand as the unabashed party of the English. Fair and even-handed, stoic but determined, and resolutely against all who seek to subjugate us. If muslims want to adhere strictly to their faith, this is a distinctly un-British thing to do and it does not belong here. Why should we tolerate the intolerable?

On the other hand if secular islam is indeed possible, then abandon your stupid clothes, translate your holy book into a modern language, get your grasping hands out of our pockets and off our daughters and embrace the twenty-first century. British muslims? No such thing. The British are not religious but observe the harmless values and traditions of low Christianity.

A muslim spokeswoman responds...

If muslims really want to belong here they should leave the desert behind, demolish their super-mosque fortresses, convert to Anglicanism – a religion where a belief in a non-existent supernatural entity is far from a requirement – then turn their back on that church in turn and get down the pub, like everybody else. Fit in, or fuck off. Whatever else they may have screwed up, the Conservatives have nothing to apologise for when it comes to muslims. 

Monday 10 May 2021

Hobson's Choice

Following the Hartlepool rout and the collapse of Labour support outside London – and even London wasn’t quite the walk in the park that people imagined – the media has been awash with commentary from ‘the usual suspects’. Why the likes of Femi Arsewole, Owen Lenin-Jones, Ash Sarkarstic and various other Junior Common Room gobshites should even be heard, let alone courted by serious media outlets, is something of a mystery.

There is a lot wrong with a world in which people who have no understanding of the common man get paid to pontificate on society and its ills. Are the bookers at the BBC, LBC, TalkRadio and other organs so restricted in their imagination that they can’t get out and ask people who are not paid-up members of ‘part-of-the-problem’? Diane Abbott’s take, for example, was that Starmer should have pushed the very Corbynist manifesto which brought about Labour’s biggest defeat in a lifetime.

It would be astonishing if it wasn’t now a daily occurrence. There seems to be a resolute determination to absolutely drown out the popular voice. Social media, in particular, seems to consist of echo chambers, bubbles of groupthink which occasionally rub up against each other, the ensuing debate being far from healthy. The rigid adherence to party lines, repeating dogma regardless of context, is more akin to religion than reason.

But what is Labour’s response? They are going to hold further navel gazing events in which they will ask the voters what they want then selectively screen the replies to create policies with only party appeal. When voters say they want to restrict illegal immigration, Labour will hear that they want all immigration to be legally recognised. When somebody suggests that islamic rape gangs should be hunted down and shot, Labour will take on board the message that there needs to be more diversity in the makeup of rape gangs.

Ask the people and they will tell you, overwhelmingly, that they abhor almost everything that comes out of Westminster. They will tell you to back policies which put the indigenous British at the forefront, in employment, benefits, medicine and education. They will appeal for swift and decisive justice, with a one law for all approach, not the apparent two-tier policing which appears to accord higher rights to certain ethnicities for fear of causing offence.

When it comes to the movements du jour of the left - Black Lives Matter, Extinction Rebellion, Antifa and all the other openly anti-white organisations – the public at large will not hold back in telling you what they think. On these and a plethora of other unhelpful issues, such as the steady infiltration of left wing thought in schools, the civil service, local authorities, the police… the public have had enough.

But will the Labour Party listen? Of course not; they will hear what they have decided to hear and drown out the reality. Safe inside their own heads they will imagine they are warriors for truth and justice. They will keep on pushing the kind of policy which sets neighbour against neighbour, creates ethnic ghettoes and results in a society in which a dwindling number of net taxpayers fund comfort for the idle.

And the Conservatives will, without any credible opposition, be able to continue to pretend that their tame, lacklustre offerings appeal to the masses. This isn’t good enough. We don’t want two parties offering about the same, just using different words, we want a real choice between a proper Conservative manifesto and a proper Labour one, and right now we are getting neither.

Friday 7 May 2021


The Labour stronghold of Hartlepool has, as expected, fallen to the Conservative and Unionist Party. The ‘hated’ Tories took 180% more votes than the incumbent socialists, who only narrowly hung on last time round because of the Brexit Party taking blue votes. I say this because it isn’t as if Labour hasn’t had an opportunity to wonder why.

The usual platitudes have been uttered about how they ran a great campaign but, sadly, didn’t manage to ‘cut-through’ on the day. As if they think that they promoted a winning argument but people just woke up yesterday and thought “You know what, I’ll give the other lot a go.” Now come the regular bouts of handwringing, of introspection, of asking each other what went wrong.

Panels will be convened, debates will be had, and ultimately ‘lessons will be learned’. But they won’t, will they? Because, for years, decades now, the working people of this country have been dismissed by the party which was originally formed for them and from them. They have been vilified as bigots and racists – more so every year – for daring to think the way they do. For daring to hope for better. For daring to say out loud the things that Labour do not want to hear.

No working man gives a toss about Palestine, about ‘equality & diversity’ or gender issues. They don’t care about black lives any more than white and they really don’t care for mass muslim immigration, expansion and treatment as a favoured class. For as long as I can remember, the Conservatives have far better espoused the basic principles of ordinary people.

Why have patriotism, fair play and simple decency become anathema to any political party, let alone one founded on the solidarity of the common man? As has been observed by plenty of commentators, including some staunch Labour flag-flyers, the party has become hostage to right-on, but decidedly niche thinking. Standing up for equality is a good thing, but putting the rights of noisy, demanding ultra-minorities above those of everybody else is actually just plain stupid.

And so the stupid, stupid Labour leadership – whoever that might be tomorrow – will continue to listen to every voice except those who could bring them victory. It’s as if they have opened up a pork butcher in the middle of Bradford and still can’t fathom that no matter how loudly they bark their wares they can’t sell a single sausage. It’s as if winning power is entirely secondary to their pathetic, back-slapping, circle jerkery.

Inflated votes for Boris...

Even as I write this I am listening to a Labour spokesman spouting out the same old tin-eared phrases. “We need to listen to our base; we need to focus on aspiration; Labour needs to reconnect with its lost voters… yada, yada, yada.” I have been hearing this bollocks for years and every time I hear it I know I can breathe easy in the knowledge that Labour is, once again, eating itself. Gobble it up, fellas, there’s a lot of gristle to get through.

Tuesday 4 May 2021

Publish and be damned

 The Duchess of Sussex, who has possibly no idea where Sussex even is (and apparently has no desire to ever set foot there) is to have a children’s book published. I can’t imagine how utterly dreadful it is likely to be, so it's just as well that a couple of pages have been released on preview… and now we can all see how utterly dreadful it actually is.

The worst of it is, though, that instead of shunning this blatant piece of characteristic self-publicity, certain wrong-brained sectors of society will lap it up. Books written by the fame-seeking classes are invariably consumed by semi-literate non-achievers. It’s a classic pairing and one which has gone from strength to strength as world intellect has been diluted and the planet grows ever dumber.

It is no wonder that western societies insist on voting for ever more dysfunctional governance when they can’t tell charlatan from scholar, poseur from potentate, arsewipe from artist. The right to vote ought to be based on certain such decisions; your choice of celebrities at whose feet to worship should at the very least limit the weight of your opinion. Let’s say your ballot lose 10% of its validity for every vapid fad you follow.

According to ‘climate scientists’ we are up shit creek without a paddle in sight. The planet is going to burn and take all your children’s children with it. Your modern conveniences must be curtailed towards negligible, and you will be reduced to scratching for an existence, let alone a living. The lights are going to go out and the third world is going to be poisoned with cobalt and forced to live atop rising mountains of our waste products simply for being born in the wrong place…

But you want to idolise Me-Again and Prince Whiny? I’m trying here but finding the words to express how much this appals me is proving an impossible task. There are authors in the world who agonise over their craft, spending years in creating art from alphabet and weaving tapestries of light and enchantment, who barely make their mortgage payments. How must they feel when all a gobby ingrate needs to do is cobble a few dull words together and a book deal miraculously appears?

There are many events, occurring daily, which show the extent to which the formerly civilised world is conspiring in its own demise but this sort of shit takes the biscuit. Retreating from public life and duty, only to use that profile with impunity to further your own ends is the kind of breath-taking hypocrisy we have come to see as commonplace. It demonstrates not only a venal personality but also sheer, uncompromising arrogance.

The work of a towering intellect.

How one person can be so blind as to how they are perceived by the majority of decent, honest, working people at whom she snubs her nose is, frankly, astonishing. But if you look around it is everywhere. Expenses scandals, sexual shenanigans, fraud, corruption and graft; the worst excesses of a worsening world are openly flaunted and no shame shown, no accounts held. We really are going to hell, aren’t we?