Tuesday 28 February 2023

Britannia RIP

Everybody is going gaga over the Windsor Framework, which is a sure fire way of knowing that it is a crock. MPs on all sides are praising Sunak and Fond O’Lying’s ground-breaking deal, and such a level of agreement among politicians should sound alarums throughout the land. The very fact that  EU spokes-types are briefing that this is the best of all possible arrangements leads me to believe they assume they’ve won.

In effect, Northern Ireland remains a part of the EU, in much the same way that Crimea belongs to Russia but without a boot on the ground. If the DUP believes that the UK has abandoned its province to the enemy it may well be seen by historians as the falling of one of the last barriers to the unification of Ireland. The IRA has also won. Wales, by all accounts would be happy to split from the union, alongside Scotland, so what’s the point of clinging on to Nor’n Ir’n many will say.

And I am one of them. I see it as a gross hypocrisy to support Brexit but reject separatist arguments from within the UK. If they feel like annexed lands, then why not let them self-determine? Defence, you may suggest, except we haven’t demonstrated any will to defend ourselves in the last quarter century and the Exchequer has no cash left to support any of our services, let alone the military.

We have given away our manufacturing, our food and energy security, allowed our education system to rot at the hands of extremists who believe in everything but the sovereignty of the nation state and in all of this the judiciary have proudly help up the rights of all who would act against us. If we can’t even make our own laws – and we still can’t, in any meaningful way – how can we even begin to claim we are a sovereign nation?

The Remainers were right, there was never any plan for Brexit. Except… there was, and it was simple. Leave the constraints of the EU and govern ourselves. But our politicians have proven themselves incompetent and too cowardly to face up to the overbearing ranks of ‘international’ lawyers. It was always portrayed as a divorce but instead of decently separating and going their own ways, the departing party has hung around, stalking his ex, like a needy loser.

It was always a trap

I am still 100% in favour of England, at least, becoming a wholly sovereign nation, but that is in theory only. Stripped of the union we will have enemies instead of allies on our physical borders. The island fortress that we once were is now too easily besieged by foreign troops on our flanks. And the English have become second-class citizens in their ancestral lands. I see no way ahead except the inevitable slow retreat from Brexit and complete subsummation into the European project. What a waste.

Wednesday 15 February 2023

Imposter Syndrome

Do you remember when you knew things? You know, when you understood how to use the English language, how to play nicely with others, and when science seemed to have some real answers that had stood the test of time? Time itself had meaning, implying order, punctuality and a sense that you had to get things done. Do you remember when, as you matured, you gained a certain sense of certainty and even wisdom?

Well, don’t you just feel like a fraud these days? No sir, that’s a ma’am, bad means better than good, and grammar? Dey fo’ de ol’ folk, boomer. Everything is inverted; science is upended to be less meaningful than belief. Money is magic; it has its own life cycle, almost always ending up in the bank accounts of those who have no need for it. The law protects the criminal more than it protects the victims, and those girls in Rotherham, why they pretty much raped themselves.

Language, probably more than any other human construct, has been subverted and now words are routinely twisted to mean the opposite of what any speaker intended. No wonder government is so powerless – anything they say will be taken down and used in evidence against them. Long before the announcement of new funding for industry can be welcomed somebody will have applied the perverse logic of the age to denounce it as racist.

Being voluntarily unemployed and living on the largesse of the state is today the moral equivalent of being in productive employment and paying your own way. Are you a lazy fucker? No problem, we will dose you up with pills, give your condition a name to absolve you of all responsibility and if we could just harvest your vote, that would be lovely. Annoying little brat? Good, a client for life; ADHD and autism and you need never apply an ounce of effort ever again. Welcome to the Brave New World.

It is getting so that if you apply the logic of your upbringing – if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck – you will be denounced as some genre-specific bigot, labelled as such on social media, be doxed and end up losing your job. And then become a social pariah, shunned by your community, forced to sell up and leave home and end up going to the bottom of the snakes and ladders game of life to begin at square one.

On the one hand all of this is hilariously funny, if it was on screen as a satirical comedy of the times, but it’s real (unreal) enough. And for every glimmer of common sense, every sense that there is resistance, hope is quashed when the authorities support the same types of insanity which drive an increasing minority to insist we acquiesce to their noisy demands.

"But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother."

It is little wonder, then, that many older workers – the ones who have all the knowledge and experience – have decided to leave workplaces that no longer recognise what they bring to the job. Literacy, numeracy and plain common decency then become lost skills and what rises up are the entitlement cultures and the wars between their competing needs. And the new truth emerges: War is peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance, finally, is strength… comrades.

Saturday 11 February 2023

Hang ‘Em High!

It is both hilarious and entirely predictable to see the reactions to Lee Anderson’s thoughts on the death penalty and the publication of the Shawcross review of Prevent. “Bringing back the death penalty is barbaric. It makes us no better than animals!” Really? Animals like the islamists you defend, who would introduce summary execution at a stroke for the mere possession of alternative beliefs? Watching the left eat itself has lost none of its cold war fascination.

At every turn democracy must be vocally supported, yet vigorously resisted. Give the people a vote, they cry! Yes, but don’t, whatever you do, act on what the people vote for. Brexit put paid to the chance of any more direct democracy; the people voted wrong, just as they will on justice, energy, education, national security… And talking of national security, have you noticed how armed forces recruitment advertisements in the past decade have focused less and less on force than feelings?  

The war on democracy shows no sign of receding, with fronts being fought everywhere you look. The race, gender and migration shock troops continue to push their advantage with officials everywhere afraid to utter a peep in defence or defiance. And thus, with the few exceptions of Anderson, Shawcross and the like, the resistance falls to the commentariat… except that much of the commentariat has the same brain-dead knee-jerk response as the wets of Westminster.

Shawcross could have gone much further, but already he is being condemned by such outfits as the muslim Council. (muslim deliberately left without a capital because I long ago deemed it not to be a proper noun.) Notwithstanding the stupidity of Blair and Bush’s offensive in the Oil Lands (how pointless does that seem now?) islam has no place in modernity. Christianity and Judaism, in my opinion, are superstitions with far too much sway over their dwindling adherents, but at least they are not on the streets demanding slaughter at the drop of a mo-ham-head cartoon.

I suppose, on the one hand, a lot of the ragheaded terror tribe do perform their own executions – close-coupled crime and punishment at the flick of a trigger switch - so a form of justice is seen to be done. But, as Shawcross has made clear they don’t act alone and they are encouraged rather than challenged by the wider umma. No, there is no way to dress it up, islam belongs in the desert, a thousand years ago. Let’s help it find its way home.

And now we’re on the subject of repatriation, why not find a way back for the other ills and ideologies that assail us? Communism, for instance, should be encouraged to exist in actual communes and not impose itself on wider societies which reject their principles. Perhaps former gulags could be set aside for them, then Ash Sarkar and Owen Jones and all the other braying donkeys could exercise their rights to make twats of themselves in front of their fawning fans.

Shola Mugabe Umbongo might be persuaded to take her Black Lives Matter More Than Your Lives crusade back to Nigeria. And others who come here then demand that ‘here’ be made in the image of ‘there’ could be firmly but fairly be convinced, at bayonet point if necessary, that Britain will never live up their ideal of black supremacy and should therefore be abandoned to its pale, white fate.

Too good for them?

Then we have the climate lunatics, the gender fantasists, David Icke fans and followers of wild and stupid conspiracy theories around the shape of the planet, the shadowy forces which pull the levers, believers in Tarot and crystals, and homeopathy, and Nostradamus. We could perhaps round up the millions of such biddable dolts and persuade them there is a place where they can live free of persecution. Back on their home planet, perhaps.

Then, when we have rid ourselves of these febrile, infantile activists we may finally be in a position to rebuild this country in our own image. How does that sound?

Friday 10 February 2023

Thought Experiment

What a ridiculous phrase that title is. Why not just call it a discussion, a debate, an examination of, exploration of… or just a good chat about something? Giving it the dignity of that stylised monicker seeks to elevate anybody’s random question into some sort of enlightened scientific enquiry. Anyway, last night Gaia Vince, on BBC’s Inside Science, chaired such a so-called experiment on the possibility of abundant cheap energy, with various contributors coming up with Utopian visions of pastoral bliss, free from toil, and oil.

It is almost as if the people consulted about such matters have little grasp of human nature, a failing which seems to affect most policy makers across all aspects of governance. Not only is cheap and abundant energy – for the whole world, by the way - a highly unrealistic scenario, they seem to forget how the human economy apportions resources. And how the human masses react to the meagre shares they are awarded. There are non so equal as those who control the means of production and distribution.

It was quite good timing though, just after Grants Shapps’ appointment as Minister for Energy Security and Net-Zero. And what a title that is! A bit like having a Minister of War AND Peace… or, indeed, the Ministry of Truth. Energy Security AND Net-Zero? We could have energy security almost immediately if we abandoned Net-Loser today and got on with oil and gas while building plenty of nuclear capacity. Sure, keep the windfarms, at least until the maintenance cost renders them uneconomic. If we get nuclearising right now, we should have stations on-stream before the windies collapse… around 2050 I reckon.

It strikes me that we can have either, but not both. But even if we all got behind the green catastrophe it is doubtful that baleful Britain has the ability to deliver. It should be clear by now that we are hopeless at infrastructure. The Victorian legacy systems are straining at the seams and we have done precious little to prepare for the serial failures we now see on a regular basis. 

Water, sewage, rail… all in tatters. Our roads are fucked and as for HS2, it is clear that while a small number of consultants will make fortunes from the white elephant, the project will never be completed, much as the M25 (proposed in 1944, given the go-ahead in 1975) which is still not finished and costs £billions in maintenance and disruption. The latest, HS2 Plan B, should be called HS2B or not 2B.

The engineers and inventors and pioneers of our past must look down from their celestial rest in despair. They must wonder how we can have so many people sitting idle, or else doing nothing productive, while a diminishing work force is taxed to the hilt to pay for it all, yet nobody dares propose the simple solution of getting everybody back to the real grind of building a society and an infrastructure fit for the future. And there is no sign of anything getting better.

So here’s a little question for you all: do you think we will ever achieve either energy security or net-zero, or will we simply fail at both? Answers in a thought experiment.

Wednesday 1 February 2023

It Don’t Matter

 The abject morons at Black Lives Matter have managed to lay the blame for the death of the young black man Tyre Nichols, at the hands of five black policeman, in black majority Memphis, on white supremacy. A BLM spokesperson said “‘He mattered to everyone, except those upholding state-sanctioned violence and a dangerous cycle of white supremacy.’ Exactly where is all this white supremacy and where can I get my share?

Councils ‘decolonising’ street names, universities rewriting their own, entirely white, history as black history, principally featuring oppression and slavery, government departments pre-emptively banning words for fear of offence. Putting statues on trial! These are yet more ways in which basket-case Britain slips further from relevance on the world stage. This is not a serious country; a democracy in which the will of the people is not consulted and the tyranny of the ultra-minorities holds sway.

But maybe we are seeing some small signs of pushback. The renaming of Black Boy Lane in Tottenham, even after investigation found no racial connotations in its history, was met by residents displaying the former – correct – name in their windows and on graffiti. Student idiocy over race is now routinely received with rolled eyes and mocking grins. And governments, such as the pretend one in Scotland, are learning that to kow-tow too low to the insane trans demands is not a vote winner.

But it’s going to be an uphill struggle as the teachers, having been infiltrated by Marxist equality of failure since at least the nineteen-sixties, are now on their fourth generation of indoctrination. It is one thing to detach a child from its parents’ malign influence, quite another when the teachers’ teachers’ teachers’ teacher was an all-out, card-carrying red. And it is the same in the police, the judiciary, the civil service and government. Politically correct inanity as far as the eye can see and the ear can hear.

Burning it to the ground appears an attractive proposition, but with many seeing a vote for the hapless and inept Reform as the way ahead, the razing is going to have to wait. The change, if it comes at all, will not come from above but from below. Teach your children well, find schools with teachers who can be trusted – here’s a hint; maybe not the ones who are striking today. Do what working class parents used to do and instil a sense of ambition and pride in success through your own efforts.

For what it’s worth, lives are not equal and don’t matter equally; we all know this. The entire equality nostrum is a crock which has brought far more harm than good. So stand up for the principle that you should be judged for your actions, not for your skin colour. Be judged by your achievements, not by your beliefs. Take the rap for your failings and admit your mistakes. Stick to what you know is true, not what the idiots tell you, or else the idiots win. Try harder, that’s the only thing that matters.