Wednesday, 1 February 2023

It Don’t Matter

 The abject morons at Black Lives Matter have managed to lay the blame for the death of the young black man Tyre Nichols, at the hands of five black policeman, in black majority Memphis, on white supremacy. A BLM spokesperson said “‘He mattered to everyone, except those upholding state-sanctioned violence and a dangerous cycle of white supremacy.’ Exactly where is all this white supremacy and where can I get my share?

Councils ‘decolonising’ street names, universities rewriting their own, entirely white, history as black history, principally featuring oppression and slavery, government departments pre-emptively banning words for fear of offence. Putting statues on trial! These are yet more ways in which basket-case Britain slips further from relevance on the world stage. This is not a serious country; a democracy in which the will of the people is not consulted and the tyranny of the ultra-minorities holds sway.

But maybe we are seeing some small signs of pushback. The renaming of Black Boy Lane in Tottenham, even after investigation found no racial connotations in its history, was met by residents displaying the former – correct – name in their windows and on graffiti. Student idiocy over race is now routinely received with rolled eyes and mocking grins. And governments, such as the pretend one in Scotland, are learning that to kow-tow too low to the insane trans demands is not a vote winner.

But it’s going to be an uphill struggle as the teachers, having been infiltrated by Marxist equality of failure since at least the nineteen-sixties, are now on their fourth generation of indoctrination. It is one thing to detach a child from its parents’ malign influence, quite another when the teachers’ teachers’ teachers’ teacher was an all-out, card-carrying red. And it is the same in the police, the judiciary, the civil service and government. Politically correct inanity as far as the eye can see and the ear can hear.

Burning it to the ground appears an attractive proposition, but with many seeing a vote for the hapless and inept Reform as the way ahead, the razing is going to have to wait. The change, if it comes at all, will not come from above but from below. Teach your children well, find schools with teachers who can be trusted – here’s a hint; maybe not the ones who are striking today. Do what working class parents used to do and instil a sense of ambition and pride in success through your own efforts.

For what it’s worth, lives are not equal and don’t matter equally; we all know this. The entire equality nostrum is a crock which has brought far more harm than good. So stand up for the principle that you should be judged for your actions, not for your skin colour. Be judged by your achievements, not by your beliefs. Take the rap for your failings and admit your mistakes. Stick to what you know is true, not what the idiots tell you, or else the idiots win. Try harder, that’s the only thing that matters.


  1. Yes, yes, oh yes, indeed yes. And yes. I asked on my blog the other day
    WHERE ARE ALL THE DECENT FOLK? can’t post a long comment as I’m off t’werk. Pampered, entitled childers to fix yanno