Monday, 28 November 2022

It's All Gone

News of the 504,000 net migration figure comes along with a host of excuses. Oh, that’s post Covid re-entry; it’s overseas students; it’s genuine refugees and entitled visa holders from Afghanistan, Ukraine and Hong Kong… and anyway, it’s good for the economy. But wait just a goddamned minute there; how can it be ‘good’ to employ overseas visitors (who will almost certainly become permanent residents) when we have record numbers of British born people economically inactive? (There are currently over 5 million people on out-of work benefits. Yes, really!)

Amid a decades-long housing crisis, how can it be good to need to provide a brand new mid-sized city’s worth of housing every year, especially when we are not building at anywhere near such a scale? When the economy is already tanked how can we afford to pay for perfectly able people to remain idle out of the taxes of incomers on minimum wage? In fact, a minimum wage employee is a net recipient of welfare and only those paying over at least £6000 a year in taxes can be said to break even, so where are all these £30,000+ cleaners, delivery drivers and ethnic restaurant staff?

Communities tend to look after their own, and the more family oriented the ethnic origin, the more solidly stands that principle. In the UK we have, for many years been doing our collective damnedest to break up the nuclear family and replace it with a moral equivalence framework in which however you wish to live your life has exactly the same value. So if you sit on your arse and breed indiscriminately you are just as valued a member of society as somebody who lives within his means and remains faithful to his brood.

I am beginning to think that maybe Jack Straw was right and that the English (and the Scots, the Welsh, and Northern Irish) are finished as a race; it certainly looks that way. Pay a visit to any of our mass-market stores and watch the human dregs schlepp around in baggy sportswear that has never seen a track or a gym. And what is it with the current trend for flip-flops and socks? Once, if you were to be seen in public you would make an effort; now it has become acceptable to wear your sloth on your sleeves.

And just what is the current population, anyway? A decade ago we were told it was 68 million, today it remains the same despite annual net incoming figures at around a third of a million. Can nobody in the government do the maths any more, or – which is more likely – have they just given up? Because that’s what it feels like. We have given up on immigration, law and order, education and society in general. Nobody has the will to carry on.

Britain today, in one picture...

When the government itself won’t recognise, or can’t see, the problems it is little wonder that they don’t act. When every move they make is opposed by forces entirely antipathetic to the survival of Britishness you can see why they are nervous. It really feels that this is now very much an existential crisis, and I fear for the good citizens of the UK whose rights to self-determination are being stripped away in front of their eyes. I am no Little Englander, I have long been critical of the worst of our own, but for pity’s sake will nobody speak up for our island race?

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