Monday 6 May 2024

Nothing New Here

 You don’t hear much from the Nazi Party these days, do you? And the use of their symbology is a criminal matter in Germany. But once they were the dominant force in German politics. In fact Nazism was embraced early by students with the support of their tutors and in 1926, seven years before Hitler’s election, the ‘National Socialist German Students’ Union was formed. And we all know how that went on to play out.

Today, we hear commentators talk about the rise of the far right and invoke visions of a new Kristallnacht as the neo-Nazis try to impose their will on the unbelievers. But, as everybody knows, the ‘far right’, as invoked regularly by leftists is a wraith, a virtual fiction these days, the label really being appropriated to condemn the least desirable in society, not as it did in 1930s Germany describe captains of industry, the patriotic working man and, community leaders.

Today, of course, the term ‘community leaders’ attaches to only one ‘community’, united in a common cause and hell-bent on domination. Assisted by the useful idiots of the left (it’s always the left, isn’t it?) the current mob-rule is driven by one thing; islam. Do you see any other group acting as a mob, wearing a clearly identifiable uniform, waving flags and symbols and aggressively demanding the extermination of any particular culture?

In a bid to make islam mainstream one Dr Taj Hargey of the Oxford Institute for British islam said that there had been an awakening among British muslims that just as not all Germans were Nazis, not all Jews are Zionists. But Zionism isn’t a crime, far from it, and a recent survey found that around 80% of British Jews consider themselves to be Zionists. That is, they believe in Israel as a home for all Jews who wish to make it so.

But in any case, just as ‘the far right’ is not rioting and smashing up businesses – we leave all of that to Black Lives Matter and their friends – there is precious little evidence for Zionsists doing the same. Yet all around the world a pervasive, creeping political force, founded on mythology and superstition seeks to promote a superior race and culture, even though its practice of cousin-marriage hilariously does the very opposite.

The supposed ‘Green’ councillor elected in Gipton and Harehills in Leeds let the mask slip when he yelled out “allah’s snackbar!” on his victory and began gabbling on about Gaza. And, yes, there he was in the full regimental regalia of the soldiers of allah, pyjamas and all. Let’s see: uniform, symbols, a fanatical devotion to a whole lot of made-up stuff… Jew hatred. It’s all there; the new Nazis are in full view and about to goosestep down your streets.

muslims for Hitler: SS Handzar Division 1943

Hopefully, they have played their hand a little too soon, and equally hopefully, people are beginning to wake up. Just as with the first Nazis their insurgence began small and grew as hatred was spread against ‘the other’. But here, today, they are the other and the are visibly not a part of this country’s heritage or traditions. Our tradition has been our tolerance, but surely that must be at breaking point now. Just as it is illegal in Germany to be a Nazi, one day, we can hope, it will be illegal here to be a muslim.


  1. I'm just waiting till Council Tax is renamed Jizya for selected members of the community.

  2. Here in Bradistan we woke up after Honeyford/Rushdie/1995 Riots/2001 Riots...

    Nobody effing listened...

    1. Indeed. EVERYBODY outside of those responsible for policing and community safety and education and local government knew - and knows - exactly what is going on. They need to be stopped, and by stopped I do mean permanently.

  3. I don't understand this showing their hand too soon. The playbook they are using is centuries old. It works because we are too tolerant to see until it is too late and they are in place. History repeats itself and we are simply too dumb to see.