Monday, 14 November 2016


The rise of the right, they’re saying and when they say it they believe and expect you to believe they mean Hitler, who was of course a big state socialist; the clue was in the name that became Nazi - National Socialist German Workers' Party – and yes, they were proper socialists. They may have fought against the Russian Communists, courted populist nationalism and rejected Marxism, but look at what they represented: Anti-bourgeois, anti-capitalist, government control of everything and the subordination of individual rights for the good of the state. Oh and the anti-Semitism to which the left-wing still gives succour today.

Yes, there was the racial purity obsession, which probably explains why today’s leftist ideologues put miscegenation ahead of almost everything, but when was going from one extreme to the other the only conceivable option? Of course, Tony Blair’s ‘Third Way’ wasn’t the middle road along which we could all prosper and get along but simply a beard for personal ambition and the dismantling of Britishness... which was no third way at all. Nope, the Nazis were lefties, just Aryan ones. It’s much like religion; all those groups fighting each other through millennia over the right to define worship of their imaginary friend as superior to all other creeds, yet all believing the same illogical nonsense.

The BNP? Socialists. EDL? A football firm with a hard-on for muslims but no discernible political agenda and absolutely tiny in comparison with the numbers of troublemakers who regularly defile national solemnity over Armistice Day. The bloke who killed Jo Cox? Singular; A. Bloke. Try as you might you just can’t point to a violent, organised, political right-wing as such, because there isn’t one. The opposite of statism isn’t fascism, it’s anarchy and as we know anarchists don’t play well with others. This leaves us with, at one end, extreme and brutal communism and at the other extreme and brutal dictatorships, of which there are precisely none in the developed world.

The right wing, which for outrage purposes is merely anybody who disagrees with the left wing’s authoritative, controlling stance is ‘rising’ not as an ideology in itself, but as a necessity, after years and years and years of self-righteous (pun intended) lefties shitting over everybody’s freedoms. The right wing of their imagination comprises legions of jack-booted, ill-educated lynch mobs, singling out ‘the other’ for harassment when in fact the jack boot has always been the preferred footwear of those who would arrest you for using banned words, or expressing opinion which has been decreed verboten.

The more stridently they scream about rights the more contradictory they become; rights for others, but not for you. The more hysterically they make their demands and the more violent their protests become the more ordinary, non-politically active people feel uneasy about the motives of the mobs in their streets and the commentators on their screens. The more ‘they’ try to represent themselves as the majority and claim they are the public mood, the more those who quietly get on with their lives are inclined to refute their representation... and quietly exercise their rights by voting.

When the left get organised...

The left simply cannot accept that anything is their fault. After all, they have swallowed wholesale the holy scriptures which tell them that they are good and true and the fabled Nazis – who they hate with every fibre of their being – are the hatemongers. When you stand in the middle of a crowd, all chanting the same slogans, it must be almost impossible not to believe it. Wouldn’t you drink the Kool Aid too? Jeremy Corbyn says it is all the fault of the mythical right; that the Trump victory is a wakeup call to the world. In a way he’s right, but his timing is out. The election outcome isn’t the call, it is the response. 


  1. I have just been making exactly the same points in a comment I made on another blog site. I wish I had read your article first as you make them far more eloquently and eruditely than me. I could just have unashamedly copied and pasted bits of your article saving me the trouble of wracking my brains for the right words.