Thursday, 27 April 2017

Gina Corbyn

Gina Miller, whose attempt to thwart Brexit by delaying and frustrating the invocation of Article 50 has not yet produced her desired effect, is now heading what she calls a ‘grass roots’ movement to thwart it via tactical voting. Silly cow; does she not realise that those who finally got the chance to express a long and deeply held ambition to extricate ourselves from the  grasp of that socialist wet dream can and will vote just as tactically. Thanks though, Gina, for reminding us that the vested global interests against whom we rebelled have not accepted the verdict. Be sure to give George Soros and Richard Branson our best, now.

As if on cue, Jeremy Corbyn, for decades a staunch UK separatist and now cornered by party policy into pretending he meant the opposite for all those years, appears to be out on manoeuvres himself. In PMQs the mutton-headed mugwump was able easily to disguise his alliance with Brexiteers by railing against the perceived injustices of Tory rule, an act he has perfected over many years from his Islington stronghold. He has even got his own party fooled, but as far as I can see he appears to have promised to give everybody whatever they want and do it by picking the pockets of everybody else.

While Ms Miller has become the publicly recognised and oft-reviled face of Remain – surely the proper job of remoan MPs - Jeremy is busily bringing the Labour Party into disrepute by the time-honoured method of blurting out unrealistic promises he can’t possibly keep. And even Labour stalwarts are reeling at the audacity of pronouncing plans to spend the meagre sums he might raise from increasing taxes on ‘the rich’ (e.g. anybody with a job paying above minimum wage) ten, eleven, twelve times over, by some estimates.  The Jerry and Gina show couldn’t be funnier; he reminding us how ridiculous big state socialism is and she campaigning to preserve big state socialism.

For the EU is just an extended version of the policies Corbyn and his cabal espouse – not, as he says and no doubt believes, working for the many but actually just working for the few; the very charge he lays at Tory feet. Except the Tory ‘few’ are those who actually create the wealth this country enjoys and could spend better were it not for Corbyn’s few, who are actually a many for whom indolence and squalor, moral turpitude, wanton breeding and the production of feral kids to swell the prison populations is almost a given

Jeremy’s few couldn’t care less about politics and parties as long as they can afford booze and fags. Why would they want to pull themselves up and enter the massed ranks of workers when they see working and paying tax on the proceeds as a game for mugs? No society prospers on charity, but they don’t see undeserved welfare as the charity it is; after all, they’re entitled, right? Labour isn’t working – remember that? Well now Labour isn’t thinking, listening or giving a damn either; ring any bells across the channel?

Gina Corbyn... is this what you want?

So go ahead Jezza and Gina, do us a solid and keep on reminding us why we voted against you. Keep on demonstrating how saying ‘democracy’ then acting like autocrats is the very opposite of democratic freedoms. Bang that drum for all you are worth; enough of that noise might eventually drive your supporters to wake up. Gina Miller told a news programme that “This election is a second referendum." Excellent. Let’s hope she remembers that when the results come in.


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  2. The Remoaners (Labour, LibDems, Greens, etc.) are fighting to stay in the EU as that's the only way they can get their socialist idiocy implemented. They failed at the last General and EU elections, so this is their only remaining option. When they fail at this GE, it will take decades for them to re-group.