Thursday, 1 June 2017


Did you see the chimps’ tea party last night? The unedifying spectacle of seven party leaders and representatives squabbling over the sandwiches and general flinging their shit about? I believe it was billed as a debate, but as usual it was nothing more than Britain’s Not Got Talent for a bunch of deluded losers who all think they have something to offer. Hoot-panting as each spoke over the other, the IQ of the audience, already not the most gifted part of the ensemble, progressively lowered as the night went on.

Let’s talk about that audience. Balanced, the BBC said, rigorously selected to represent a true cross-section of the population. I assume then, that there were no more than a dozen deranged mentalists in there to mirror the support for Plaid Cymru, The Greens and  the SNP combined. Perhaps the same again for Ukip and the LimpDems, leaving the bulk to represent the Tories and Labour. Naturally the Conservative Party supporters would have sat back, listened and considered what was being said, while the others wore their colours more openly.

The repeated and often hysterical attacks launched at Amber Rudd and her calm response pretty much summed up the mood for me. It is hard to be in the government of such a benign realm as this. Notwithstanding Diane Abbott’s ridiculous assertion to the contrary this is one of the most tolerant countries in the world but the one part of society which is openly not tolerated by the baying mob for ‘social justice’, is the white, working, tax-paying, patriotic backbone of middle class England.

Welsh, Scottish and Irish accents seem to confer a sort of honorary BME status on even damned whitey, giving them a leeway not accorded the hated Tories. And herein lies the main curiosity of the whole shooting match; the quiet party, the getting-on-with-it, mustn’t-grumble, doing-our-bit party; the party which most represents the British national character, is constantly hectored and bullied by the ingrates they feed with their constant cries for more. The strident demands of those who do the least persistently drowns out the calls for a sober discussion of solutions.

Always with the problems, your leftists, always wagging the blame finger. Like arrogant teenagers, yet to make a meaningful contribution to family life they stamp their feet and clench their fists and spew out irrational hate for their parents and yet at the same time whine for more pocket money. The whole event was one of each in turn and often all together railing against the calm and reasoned voce of the only one there who has ever held high office. Amber Rudd stood up to her assailants with dignity.

The Coalition of Chaos convenes its first cabinet

But make no mistake, it was a mugging which Theresa May, for all the opprobrium she is getting for failing to show up, was wise to avoid. In any case, which other party could you possibly choose to run the country? The bullying communism of the Greens, the Charlie Drake party of Tim Farron with his knockabout quips about Bake Off, the insignificant Welsh and Scottish separatists, Paul ‘Hillsborough’ Nuttall, or the far left commissariat of the newly Marxist, not just old, but superannuated Labour Party? Give me Grey May any day.


  1. It is not clear from this which way you are inclined to vote!! ;-)

    1. I know. Bloody fence-sitters!

    2. Can I go 'undecided'?

  2. You are as I, Batsby. Totally and completely seduced by the joys of a leftard, competent and brilliant Utopia. Such as the 13 years now so sadly missed, of Bliar and Snottty. The utter decency of the leftard euphoria with the cries of "the witch is dead" and death to all wealth creating, privileged and striving earners of the benefit culture beloved by all idlers and grasping newcomers.

  3. We are seeing the battle against Brexit being fought on a different stage. Quite clever really. When the vote was won, I still stood by my assertion that Brexit will not be allowed to happen. Hence why this election has been called, and hence why May is intent on scoring own goals against her own campaign (instantly winding up the older voting base on which the Torys depend?!) along with numerous other gaffes. This is just part of this long term plan to stop it. Let's face it, misdirection is the name of the game, and this election and it's ultimate goal will deliver it in spades.

    Well played indeed.

    1. *cough*CONSPIRACY*cough*

      Occam's Razor is your best weapon of analysis here. People are fallible, politicians fuck up, the stakes are high, the fuck-ups more frequent.

      Your theory is far too complex, indulgent, fantastic and relies on a far greater ability to coordinate than political kind has ever shown hitherto.